Chapter Eight

The Witch: Part 1

*Narcissa POV*

I sat in the library touching up my make-up and listening amused as Giles ranted

"This is madness! What can you have been thinking? You are the Slayer! Lives depend upon you!" he began to pace "I make allowances for your youth, but I expect a certain amount of responsibility, and instead of which you enslave yourself to this, this..." he stopped pacing "Cult?" I looked up at Buffy who was wearing the school cheerleading uniform

"You don't like the colour?" she asked pouting, holding up the pompoms

"I d..." he sighed in exasperation "Do you, um..." Giles put some books on a cart "Do you ignore everything I say as a, as a rule?"

"No, I believe that's your trick."

Giles pushed the cart to the counter. Buffy skipped in front of him and posed.

"I told you, I'm trying out for the cheerleading squad!" she smiled brightly, making me roll my eyes, I hated cheerleading...although the outfits are pretty sexy...depending on the outfit of course.
"You have a sacred birthright, Buffy. You were chosen to destroy vampires, not to... wave pompoms at people. And as the Watcher I forbid it." Giles walked back over to me and I winked at him making him flush, he's been flushing more since our encounter in the library two weeks ago
"And you'll be stopping me how?" Buffy asked smirking
"Well, I..." he sat on table beside me and crossed his arms "By appealing to your common sense, if such a creature exists." I giggled, earning a dirty look from Buffy
"I will still have time to fight the forces of evil, okay? I just wanna have a life, I wanna do something normal. Something safe." Buffy told him.
She turned and left presumably going to the tryouts.
I looked at Giles and smiled
"Well, I should get going as well" I put my make-up away and stood up facing him "I don't want to miss this" I bit my lip cutely and walked to the doors. I looked back at my handsome librarian and blew him a kiss making him look down shyly. I giggled and left meeting up with the others outside the gym.

Buffy, Willow, Xander and I walked through the door to the gym.
"Giles didn't approve, huh?" Willow asked sympathetically
"He totally lost his water. We haven't seen a vampire in over a week. I'd say he should get a girlfriend if he wasn't so old." Buffy said
"He's not old" I glared "He's experienced." I smirked to myself "And I would just love to find out just how experienced he is"
Buffy looked at me disgusted while Willow blushed brightly as she always did whenever I talked about things of a sexual nature
"Well, we're behind you." Willow told Buffy going back to our conversion "People scoff at things like school spirit, but look at these girls giving their all like this!" Xander noticed Amber doing the splits between two chairs and started to door a little "Ooo, stretchy! Where was I?"
"You were pretending that seeing scantily clad girls in revealing postures was a spiritual experience." Willow looked slightly saddened by Xander's gaze
"Who said I was pretending?" he turned to Buffy "Oh, hey! Here's a good luck thing for tryouts." he handed her a bracelet
"What's this?" Buffy took it with a kind smile
"What's that?" Willow asked worried
"Aww, how sweet!" Buffy read the inscription "'Yours Always.'"
Willow and I looked at Xander with completely different looks. Willow's gaze was sad, but mine was filled with amusement and anger for Willow
"I-i-it came that way, really, they all said that!" Xander flushed I heard Willow exhale with relief beside me and frowned, she should really find someone else who will pay her the attention she needs
"Just look at that Amber." sneered Cordelia who had just walked up "Who does she think she is, a Laker Girl?"
"I heard she turned them down." I said smirking Joy, the cheerleading squad leader, stepped up with her clipboard and called for everyone's attention. "Okay, listen up! Let's begin with" Joy checked her list "Amber Grove. If you're not auditioning, move off the floor."

Willow looked past us "Amy! Hi!" she chirped

We turned to a blonde girl;Amy walking towards us. Amy was really shy, but she was a good friend
"Hi!" Amy waved nervously
"I didn't know you wanted to be a cheerleader! You lost a lot of weight." Willow told her
"Had to." Amy's eyes shifted to he feet making me look at her with pity. I must suck ass to have a mother like hers.
"Do you know Buffy?" Willow introduced
"Hi." Amy looked at Buffy
"Hi." Buffy smiled
Amy turned back to the try out "Oh, how I hate this, let me count the ways."
Amber began her routine. It was very athletic. She started off with a needle-split lift followed by a double spin and a jumping double spin. Once she landed, Amber launched herself into an aerial and a cartwheel. Jazz slides are then followed by a single spin. Everyone in the gym was intent on watching her. "She trained with Benson. He's one of the best coaches money can buy." Amy whispered to Buffy
"They have cheerleading coaches?" Buffy's eyes widened
"Oh, yeah! Don't you have? I train with my mom, three hours in the morning, three at night." Amy boasted slightly
"Hmm, that much quality time with my mom would probably lead to some quality matricide."
"Oh, I know it's hokey. But she's really great." Amy smiled but I could see through it. Cordelia turned her back to Amber with a look of contempt on her face.
"Hmm!" she huffed
Buffy and Xander watched Amber in amazement. Amy and Willow were impressed, too. I just looked bored, but my expression changed when Amber's hands began to smoke.
"What the...?" Buffy started
"That girl's on fire!" Willow exclaimed
"Enough of the hyperbole!" Cordelia who was still facing away snarled Amber's hands caught fire, she dropped her pompoms and screamed. I gaped at Amber while Buffy jumped onto the stands and pulled down a banner before jumping back down and rushing over to Amber who was flailing her arms in the air. Buffy knocked Amber over and patted her down with the banner while the rest of us sat in shock
"It's okay, it's okay, you're gonna be... okay." we heard Buffy try to comfort Amber who was now whimpering loudly "God!" Buffy whispered to herself