Total Drama: Main Attraction

The camera fades in to show, in the middle of the day, something very unusual for a Total Drama series- a large theme park, complete with roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, a fun house, and numerous kinds of attractions. However, one very important part was missing- there were no employees or customers in sight. Nothing on camera, but a perfectly good, and perfectly working theme park.

No people there- until the camera zooms in on the closed, iron, gate at the front, which a tall man is standing in front of. However, one can instantly tell that this isn't Chris McLain, the usual host. This hosts appears to have the same muscle mass, skin color, and height, but had shorter black hair that was gelled back so that it stuck up in the front, as well as round, brown eyes. The man wore a black button-up over a red t-shirt, along with slightly tattered blue jeans paired with a black leather belt, and large brown boots.

"Greeting, Total Drama junkies! This is Ritchie Tylers- your NEW host- here with an all-new season of Total Drama," he says in his usual show-offy hosting voice. "18 brand-spankin'-new players, another million bucks at stake and even a new setting," he announces while gesturing to the camera, which pans out as Ritchie describes said location. "A theme park right in the middle of Vancouver! Coasters, ripoff games, hurling rides- you name it, this place has GOT it! And, we even bought it for the whole length of the season! So hang on to your seats, or you'll fall off the edge of them! This... is Total! Drama! Main Attraction!" A few seconds go by before Ritchie whispers "We did get the rights to this place, didn't we?"

(cue intro)

The intro opens with a scene of the park at night, and as before, starts out with clips of cameras popping out from scenes around the Theme Park- specifically, from a cart in the bumper carts, a popcorn machine in a concession stand, and a trash can, accidentally throwing a frightened raccoon out of it. A scene clapper, similar to the ones seen in DVD outtakes of movies pops up being held by someone off-screen and claps down.

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doin' fine

The camera speedily zooms through the entrance and front areas of the park, as Ritchie is seen jumping out of its way.

You guys are on my mind

As the same camera continues to zoom, it seems to go up the peak of a nearby roller coaster, before zooming down in the direction of the tracks.

You asked me what I wanted to be, and now I think the answer is plain to see

The camera stops at the bottom of the tracks, where Lance is curled up underneath, taking a nap, only to be woken up by Addie, who yells at him to "get the hell up." As this happens, Krystal works on a backwards bend- only to uncurl and fall to the floor after being startled by Addie.

I wanna be famous

The camera pans to the left to show Marlon leaning up against the tracks as he looks around awkwardly- only for Jack to run in from behind with a look of fear on his face, run towards the camera, and try to grab it as he shoves Marlon to the ground. Jack grabs a hold of the camera, but gets it shaken out of his hands by the cameraman.

I wanna live close to the sun

The camera then quickly zooms all the way over to the rotating carousel, where Ophelia is posing in one of the carousel's mirrors. As she poses, Triston rides on a carousel horse, sketching a scene of the park.

Well, pack your bags, 'cause I already won

The camera pulls yet another speed-zoom to show the entrance to a fun house, where Zelda is frantically writing something in her notebook. Daisy stands beside her, holding up a protest sign saying "No more construction!" Niko sneaks up behind Zelda and spins his finger beside his head, indicating his view of Zelda and Daisy being completely nuts.

Everything to prove, nothin' in my way, I'll get there one day

The camera then pans to the right to show a balloon and dart game booth, where Xavier is trying to flirt with Paulina- only to get a good kick to the crotch from her. Rachel then literally runs into the scene. As the camera follows her, she pulls of an impressive front flip over a trashcan- only to slam into a wood pole right in front of it.

'Cause I wanna be famous

The camera zooms a little over to the right to show Randall laughing hysterically at Rachel's miscalculation. Off screen, a lasso flies over his head and tightens around his stomach, restricting his arms. He's pulled over to a concession stand by Georgie, who- after pulling him all the way there- just shakes her head at him with a look of disappointment.

Na na na na na naaaa na na na na naaaa na na na na na naaaaaa

The camera once again speed zooms to a small concert stage in the middle of the park, where Vincenzo is practicing his opera singing rather dramatically.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

Vincenzo continues to flaunt and practice- until a line of spotlights fall to the ground in front of him, causing a small fire. Vincenzo screams in distress before fainting onstage. The camera, strangely, zooms in on the fire.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

The camera then zooms back out from the fire to show a campfire in a surprisingly woodsy area, where we see Seth and Hayley, sitting next to each other, smiling and blushing. The moment is ruined though when Seth sneezes- on Hayley. She puts on a look of disgust and twitches as Seth simultaneously puts on a look of fright.


The camera finally zooms out on the whole campfire scene, with all the contestants sitting around the fire in a circle, whistling the last notes of the theme tune. As the camera zooms out further, a sign similar to those of past seasons can be seen. The only difference with this one is the saying on the sign itself- Total Drama: Main Attraction.

And, for a little less confusion, here are our victims- I mean, characters:

Krystal, The Optimistic Contortionist
Lance, The Dumpster-Diving Dreamer
Zelda, The Conspiracy Theorist
Vincenzo, The Foreign Opera Enthusiast
Addie, The Aggressive Soccer Player
Xavier, The Flirtatious Dancer
Hayley, The Psychological Genius
Seth, The Sincere Brainiac
Paulina, The Overreacting Theater Buff
Randall, The Self-Proclaimed MLG
Ophelia, The Posh Beauty Queen
Marlon, The Socially Awkward Solitude
Rachel, The Wannabe Stuntwoman
Triston, The Suave Sketch Artist
Daisy, The Extreme Environmentalist
Jack, The Panicky Gamer
Georgie, The Curious Country Girl
Niko, The Comedic Mime

In all honesty, I just came up with this one out of absolutely no where. I wanted to try something like this, and I think it also may help with my extreme writer's block, and maybe I can get back to Total Drama Theater, and possibly a new Ridonculous Race story on the way (wink wink). Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the intro, the characters will be fully introduced later, and I am fully open to criticism- as long as it's actual criticism, and not just some poorly thought out complaint.

Stay Awesome!