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Summery: Buffy disappeared after graduation, now she is a spy and protector. Angel and the gang need protection and she is going to be the one to give it. This is a B/A fic and a little bit of C/A, I know that so many people are into B/S and C/A but I'm sticking to the original.

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Title: Buffy the Slayer to Shadow

Chapter: The Job


Buffy Summers that name rings through my mind, the name of the girl that I had once been. Not any longer though, now I am Shadow. I had been offered this job by a man nicknamed Silver, right after my collage graduation. I had been so thankful, I would disappear, no longer be the slayer who had died twice or Buffy the perky friend.

The job that I had been offered was to be a spy and protector for the United States government. Interesting, I still have no idea why they picked me of all people. They never really explained although I think that it may have to do with my living and protecting Sunnydale. I don't normally think about my past too much, seeing the fact that I most likely seen as dead there.

There is only one thing about my past that I think about, and that's Angel. God he never leaves me alone. Why won't he ever leave, it's not like he's even really been apart of my life ever since he broke up with me. God it still hurts as much now to think about that as when it first happened.

Sometimes I wonder what he would think of me now, defiantly not innocent. I've killed and not just monsters but humans. I've seen the worst of humanity and the planet, I've had to act like them. I've got to stop, deciding to stop moping I stand up and decide to go work on fighting. I had surprised everyone here about how well I could fight. No one could best me, the thing that I was proud of over everything else.

Black normally such a depressing color, and yet I had grown to love it. Seeing as how my room was decorated in black and silver, all my clothes are black, and everything in this building was black. My hair was black with darker black highlights. The black was supposed to help with our blending into the shadows and hiding.

Walking down I run into Silver. Silver is gorgeous, looks way too much like Angel. He has the same spiky black hair although it is died, and the chocolate eyes that show his soul. Of course his eyes show his love of life and laughs. His personality reminds me a lot of Xander actually. His colors are black and silver. Well actually everyone has the color of black but the second color is different. Mine darker black, Silver's is silver, Midnight's is a dark blue, and Lighting's is Gold.

"Hey Shadow, Lightening is looking for you, you have a new job. I think that it's actually a protection job." Silver said. A protection job, something that I hadn't had in a while. They were my favorite, I didn't feel quite as guilty about using my slayer powers on protection jobs. Actually everyone enjoyed protection jobs, you didn't have to lie quite as much.

Lightening was the leader our group, he was the one that handed out our assignments. He could be cool, was defiantly good with dealing with people. When I talk about dealing I mean lying, manipulating, and understanding people. What a lovely thought but sadly its true.

Lightening's office is one of the oddest places that I have ever been. Black and gold all over it, with some of the greatest guns that money can make. The desk itself has a black top with two black legs and two gold one. Sitting at the desk was Lightening, with his black and gold hair and gold eyes Lightening fit completely in the room.

I never liked being in this office, gave me the willies. This room was where I had gotten my worst orders. I had been ordered to kill people in this room. As always Lightening was calm and collected, of course I had never seen anyone lose their cool that worked here. If was suicidal to even think it. Any weaknesses can be found and used against you. That's why there are no friends or lovers or any form of relationship between the people who work here and anyone else. And when I mean anyone else I'm talking about both inside and outside this building.

I know better then anyone the dangers of having friends can do when you have a dangerous job. That's why names are changed, its too dangerous having someone against you know who your family was. It made life kind of grey, but much safer.

"Ah, Shadow good. I have a new job for you. It's a protection job so don't worry. There a job in LA with a detective agency drawing some dangerous attention. Now the US needs this agency open. They have been solving cases left and right. These are the ones that the police have no idea on. Here is the file on the people that work there." Lightening said handing over a thick file. Opening it I got the surprise of my life. Angel's face was staring back up at me.

Great protecting the man that I love and his girl friend, my ex- watcher, and some others. My face stays carefully blank of course not showing that I once knew these people. I have no choice but to take this job, after all nobody can know who I once was and its orders not a choice.

"When is my flight?" I ask shortly trying not to think about having to face my past.

"Tonight, go get packed, they don't know that someone is coming and they aren't to know that you were sent. Just find a way to get into the team and then help them and keep them out of trouble. Good luck Shadow." With those words from Lightening I was dismissed. Thank God that I actually get to pack, I hate having to buy new clothes. There was a time that I loved to shop but now it's the darkest clothes that you can find and fight it. That took the fun out of shopping real quick.

At least I know how to get into Angel's group and as long as I make sure that they don't recognize me I should do fine. First a name, can't be Anne, that might make Angel suspicious. Defiantly not Buffy or any other name that would be directly related to Buffy. I've got it. Katherine O'Conner, it was a fairly regular name, and the last name was one that I had dreamed of taking. Well I actually still sometimes dreamed of it considering it was Angel's last name and I always wished to be his wife. I can't have that of course seeing as how Katherine isn't my real name. The change in hair color should also help in my disguise. Also the fact that I never show emotion which surprisingly enough actually does make me look like a totally different person. I just hope that Angel will be to busy with Cordelia to connect me with who I used to be.

God that's going to be hard, my worst nightmare. Angel and Cordelia are dating or at least I think that they are seeing how lovey dovey they were when I saw them at my graduation. I doubt that they would break up, after all Cordelia was drooling for him for a long time. And Angel well he couldn't have changed that much and Angel doesn't date unless he's at least almost sure that this person he can spend as long as he can with them. I'll just have to keep reminding myself that Angel is off limits. Totally and completely.