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Summery: Buffy disappeared after graduation, now she is a spy and protector. Angel and the gang need protection and she is going to be the one to give it. This is a B/A fic and a little bit of C/A, I know that so many people are into B/S and C/A but I'm sticking to the original.

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Title: Buffy the Slayer to Shadow

Chapter: LA From an Angel's perspective


I feel her, but that's insane. Buffy hasn't been seen since a couple days after her college graduation, and is suspected dead and yet I feel her presence clawing inside of me saying that she's only a mile away. Walking quickly in that direction I hear the others yell at me to stop and asking where I thought I was going. I couldn't answer my heart was leading and my body following. They wouldn't understand they didn't even know that we were able to sense each other. That was one of the reasons that I had broken up with Cordelia all that long time ago. I wasn't able to love her like anything other then a sister or a young schoolboy after a crush. I sometimes wonder if Buffy ever knew about my short relationship with her old school mate and if so what her reaction had been when she found out.

Then I hear it, her scream. I wonder why she would scream there's nothing out here that I now she hasn't faced before. Although the thoughts of why she's screaming brings me back to thoughts of why she's here now and where she has been for so long. I push those thoughts into the back of my head and leave them there, instead running to where Buffy is her screams both inside and outside my guide. I hear the others following close behind me knowing that I am now going to fight although they still do not know that it is Buffy that is screaming. I find ten of them surrounding her, but she is not fighting which is really surprising. They're newbie's she should be able to take them out with no problem and yet she has a look of fear on her face. I wonder if she even remembers being the slayer. I hope that maybe the reason that she never came back to us (me) was just that she didn't remember.

Jumping into the fight I know that Fred will get Buffy out of there and that the others will join in the fight with me. The fight is quick and before I know it I am kneeling and looking into Buffy's eyes checking to make sure that it really is her and that I am not hallucinating and that she's not hurt. I keep her near, there is no way in hell that I am letting her out of my sight ever again. She fed me a sob story and it made it so much easier, so I offered her a job and place to stay after all I had somewhat done the same for Fred and maybe I would be able to find out a little bit about where she had been and if she knew who she really was. Then she gave me her name Katherine O'Conner, my little sister's last name. She was the only one that I had ever told about her. It had been Katherine who had given me my name, she had thought that I had turned into an angel and come back to protect them. Instead I had been the exact opposite and had killed them.

We walked quickly back to the hotel with Fred babbling on and on about how much fun it would be to have another girl around and Buffy wearing a timid face that I haven't seen since she was first called. It was slightly scary because even when she had been told she was going to die she was angry and sad and scared. She had lost being able to be timid when she killed her first vampire. Being timid would have gotten her killed and that was something that all slayers learned quickly. I was surprised at how quiet she had become and how her speech no longer held the words and sounds of that of the California girl she had been and still somewhat was to some extent.

We got her settled in and let her get to sleep. Before moving downstairs to talk to everyone. Upon arriving, Cordy and Wes were upon him talking about the uncanny resemblance that Katherine had with Buffy and wondering if it really was her. Gunn and Fred stood in the background and asked why he had automatically trusted her to live in the same building especially with W and H continually trying to kill him.

"Katherine is Buffy, I don't know if she remembers who she truly is or why she is here. That's why I am letting her live here, to keep an eye on her and to find out where she has been. She wouldn't be working with W and H because she's the slayer and also then they would have already used her to hurt us." I said wishing that I didn't have to answer these questions and yet knowing that he had too. There was no way around it, he should also probably call the Scooby's to let them know that Buffy was alive at the very least. So many thoughts all focused on the one girl that was his heart.

"Angel how do you know that that's defiantly Buffy, I know that you want to believe that she's alive and here but what if it is just a trick with a girl that looks remarkably like Buffy played by W and H?" Weasley questioned.

"I can feel her, and I would know her scent anywhere. It's her." I said with a slight smile knowing that it was true and that she was here and I wouldn't be letting her go until I found out why she left in the first place. There would be no more hiding anymore for Elizabeth Anne Summers, he was done denying that he loved her. He was done being without her, if she would allow him at any rate.

"You know her scent, that's just, eww!!" Cordy said sitting up, and then continued asking, "Do you know our scents?" I wondered how she felt about all this, I know that even after I broke up with her she still had some residual feelings at least because she would always get jealous when another woman so much as looked at me.

"The only one I would know and be able to distinguish off hand is Buffy, but I can smell your scents. Smell is incredibly powerful for a vampire especially their emotions." I said explaining somewhat how smell interacted with a vampire but not everything. I knew that they would defiantly not want to know about how the smell of fear was something of a turn on for vampires especially mixed with blood. Vampires as they got older would start having sex with their victims and at the very climax revert scaring them and at that point it was when they bit. I had done that too many times to count. It was something like Champaign for vampires, the best of the best.

After getting some weird looks for that tidbit of information the others left, leaving me alone with Buffy. Buffy sleeping. This was going to be a long night and however long she stayed.


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