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I know I know work on Rising Darkness, well sorry but I'm in the new fic mood and since Mai/Joey goes over well I'm going to use that! ("The Cause of Original Sin" is a really good Mai/Joey one too… so check it out!)

Well… I'll do my best… this will be the second part (or something like it) to Touching Unicorns (by me!) so if you haven't read that, read it first! This takes place after Joey saved Mai from Kaiba.

Sapphire and Amber

First: The Invitation

"Hey Mai!" Joey called out to the blonde-haired girl.

"Oh, hi Joey." Mai said glumly.

"Well, that sounded happy. What's wrong wit you? Bad day?"

"The worst. You have no idea."

"Oh yes I do. Remember, I 'ad McCullahay for English once too. She's awful." He grimaced.

"Oh, and I thought your accent was self-intended." She replied. They laughed. "No, really," Mai continued. "I need to get away… we have an assignment for a romantic story, due after the long weekend."

"Ba Mai, you're suucch a good author!"

"Yeah, not a romanticist." She said, wringing her face in disgust. "All the kids are going to write the same thing over and over, some damsel saved by some knight or prince or whatever. I have no IDEA what to write."

"Well," Joey said, smiling smugly. "I have just the idear for a setting. We're, or, I'm goin' to my uncle's cabin this weekend. Totally rustic. And my uncle's going to town, so's I've got the run of the place." He grinned. "Wanna come?"

"Promise me you won't act…"

"I promise." Joey said, a mock solemn look on his face and his hands in a mock Boy Scout salute. "No really," he said, bursting into laughter. "I will be good, Mai."

"Okay. My parents are gone, so you can pick me up…"

"At eight tomorrow morning." Joey said, grinning madly.

"EIGHT AM!? You have got to be kidding me! I need my beauty sleep!" Joey gave a half smile and put his arm around Mai's shoulder.

"Yes, eight AM. Not kidding. You don't need any beauty sleep." He said, grinning.

Mai blushed. "Thank you Joseph but I still need sleep… but sure, I'll come."

"Great." Joey said. "See ya tomorrow." He turned around and began to walk away, then stopped and turned around. "and Mai," he began. "try going to bed a littl' earlier."


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