Okay, this is only my second fic. I hope it doesn't suck too much. This is kind of.... well, it IS my life. The first chapter or so, anyway. This is some extensive therapy for me. I'll be giving this a more happyful ending than my version actually turned out. This will eventually be a ZAGR (I can't believe myself), but I don't know how risque I'll get with it.

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Her heartache was beyond repair. Yes, fire-and-brimstone Gaz had a broken heart. After living for 18 years in a world as harsh and stupid as this, how had she allowed herself to trust enough to bear her heart to someone?

'Because Jok is perfect,' she thought between throat-burning sobs. After liking him more and more over the past eight and a half months, a coworker at Slave Haven had told her that Jok knew that which she had tried so desperately to conceal. After a fifteen minute phone call, her life had come unraveled. He'd known, without saying a word, for seven months. He was so *decent* about everything. A real gentleman, despite his fishnet and green hair. After *her* experiences with the male species, he was like a ray of hope shining for men everywhere.

And then he had to go and be all religious on her. She could really care less if he had a religion or not, and actually did think it was good for him to be so devoted to something. Like she was to her Game Slave. But he didn't think he was supposed to be with anyone. He wasn't looking for anyone AND wasn't interested until he was ready to marry. Not only that, but he couldn't see it happening, either.

'*I* can see it,' Gaz thought bitterly, rolling on her bed over her phone, which pressed sharply into her back. She ignored it. 'I've been able to see it for months. What's *his* problem?'

Gaz inhaled deeply, shuddering from the effort. She wiped her eyes on the pillow she'd been squeezing, which was now rather flat. Briefly, she thought of calling Zim. Much to Dib's dismay, the two had become rather good friends over the years. Although Zim and Dib were no longer at each other's throats, they were still less than fond of each other.

They had become friends almost accidentally. At lunch one day in freshman year...

(cool time warp effect)~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Zim moped sullenly over to where she sat alone. Gaz had seen him coming, but kept playing her Game Slave and ignored him as she would have ignored her brother. As she played, she slowly began to wonder, 'Why is *he* sitting here? And why isn't he screaming about doom and world conquest?' This was so unlike him. A violent opposite.

This lasted for fifteen minutes before she raised her eyes to meet his. "So, what did you do with Zim's body when you killed him?"

Zim raised his head, and gave her an inquisitive glare. "What are you speaking of, human?" He spoke more calmly than he had any previous day.

Gaz sighed, exasperated. "What's *wrong* with you? Did Dib finally get proof that you're an alien?" She knew, of course, that he was an alien. It had been a little hard not to notice when she had gone to rescue Dib from Zim's space station lab. She truly didn't care though. He usually left her in peace.

Zim's head sunk again. "They... they sent me here as a joke. That's all I am to them. The armada will never come, and they don't want me to ever come back. They-" His voice shook as he fought tears. "They think I'm 'the poorest example of an Invader ever to be created on Irk.'"

He looked on the verge of collapse. Gaz slipped her Game Slave into her shoulder bag. She stood. "Come with me, Zim." She began to walk out of the cafeteria.

He looked up after her, puzzled by her actions. "What-"

Gaz spun, glaring at him with amber eyes. "Are you coming?"

Normally, she knew, Zim would have refused to take anything resembling orders from a human. But this was obviously not normal. She knew exactly what to do.


Gaz had taken him to her house, where she had shown him the wonders of splatter painting, music, and arm wrestling. They all seemed to work wonders on his shattered little ego, and he was soon ranting about how he would beat her next time they arm wrestled. She had even smiled a few times.

Zim had come to her before. Now she was the one in distress. Gaz had never known anything so painful. She hated to admit the need to have someone there, but it was too dangerous for her to be alone....

She rolled over again and picked up the phone.

_________________________________________________________ Okay, in case you're wondering, she found out Zim was an alien for sure in 'Bloaty's Pizza Hog.' At least, she sees him out of disguise and stuff. And 'Jok' is the altered name of a certain other person. I thought it would help for me to see him as a weight-lifting, ball-throwing freak (no offense to sporty peoples). Do you like so far? TELL ME!!