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A/N: Major characters will die in this story.

Summary of Book 1: Earth

On a remote Goa'uld planet a Jaffa named Mokar is chosen to attempt an ancient trial which the Goa'uld have been sending Jaffa into since its discovery. Since this is a story and he is the hero here he passes the trials and earns the rewards. He finds himself transforming into an Alterran (Ancient) and is tasked with rebuilding the Alterran empire. He comes into contact with Earth and gains access to a few Naquadah generators. With them he powers up some of the Alterran facilities which are scattered through out the galaxy.

Meanwhile on Earth former senator Robert Kinsey has become president of the USA when a re-election is suddenly required after the president dies. While watching the news about this O'Neill's house is stormed by hostile agents. After overmanning them he hurries to the SGC and manages to escape through the gate.

After escaping Earth O'Neill is chased through the gate network and is saved by Mokar, now fully Alterran. O'Neill recruit Teal'c who has been captured by the Free Jaffa Nation and decide to retake Atlantis which is in the hands of unknown forces. While O'Neill recruited Teal'c Mokar gains the assistance of a race, the Angelo, who resemble angels and were created by the Alterra to fight a race called the Abasy, they are beings existing in other dimensions and fight using suits and escape back to their own dimension when the suits are destroyed. At the same time Sheppard and McKay tries to escape from one of the 304s which they have been locked up inside after Atlantis was taken from them.

After many twists and turns the two groups meet up and together they make sure the city is safe. Mokar sends Sheppard to recover Weirs body and after offering McKay the chance to do it Mokar grows her a new body and transfers her into it. Immediately she is given the task to assemble Earth's defence against the Goa'uld who are controlling Robert Kinsey and the fleet of Ha'taks around the planet after the men saved on Atlantis has stormed the SGC and recovered the gate, led by Mokar, O'Neill and Sheppard.

Inside the SGC Samantha Carter finds herself bound to a chair and hear the other base personnel being executed one by one, when it is her turn to die she manages to put up a fight but is stunned. When she wakes up she is on board one of the 304s, which is commanded by O'Neill, and flown to the Alterran outpost in Antarctica. From there Weir manages to unite the military forces and with two 304s, a salvaged Aurora and Atlantis they destroy the alien armada. Only Atlantis leaves the battle intact.

Now enjoy the story.

"You have managed to create something truly amazing here Elizabeth," Kofi said. He was being walked through the Antarctic outpost by her.

"Yes, we are expanding rapidly," she acknowledged as they stepped into a glass elevator.

"So I have heard, the Alterran Group has become known in every corner of the planet."

"I would think that is mostly because of Alterran Goods, as a way of helping with the rebuilding we decided to send material aid to many countries," she said. Mentally she slowed down the elevator so they could enjoy the view, outside they could see one of the Alterran towers which was being erected as part of their expansion to make sure they had enough housing for everyone flocking to them.

"The military interventions you have performed to secure some areas from rebels and wrong doers are sure to give you some recognition too."

"Yes, I'm aware that Major Lorne have ordered Alterran Tactics to help some highly unstable areas." The elevator stopped halfway up the central tower of the outpost. "I also know that I once swore to never support the actions of the military, but right now I have to, just like in Pegasus. I'm sorry Kofi, but I have broken the promise we made to each other and the others."

"You have shown us all that we were wrong. The world might be chaotic, but still this company is a beacon of hope for many and if I understood you correctly you are using a military hierarchy to control it."

"Yes, we are. Right now we need structure which I have found that the military have," she said hesitantly.

"And it is working." He swooped with his left hand towards the ever growing outpost. "Look at all this. I have talked to some of the people working for you and they only have good things to say about this. You offer housing for them and their families, food for them and then a paycheck most of them would never hope for. I would call this a perfect community."

"I guess you are right old friend," she said with a laugh, then she activated the elevator again and it begun to rush up again.

"Now it has been a pleasure being here and seeing what you have managed to build but I have to get back to Europe." He walked up to the rings which lay hidden in the floor after the elevator stopped. "If you ever need my help with anything you know where to find me."

"Yes I do," she said and gave him a hug.

"See you later," he said as the rings activated and he was transported away.

"Hey wait up Daniel," O'Neill shouted as he saw the other man walking down a corridor leading away from Atlantis' gate room.

"Oh, hi," Daniel replied.

"How's it going with the search? You found any small grey men yet?"

"No not yet and I didn't think we would either."

"So any advanced humans then?"

"None, but plenty of underground ruins."

"And you've been to how many worlds now?"

"Twenty something I think, might be thirty. We found no signs of an existing civilisation on anyone of those worlds. But plenty of ruins on most of them, all in hidden locations, just where Elizabeth told us to look."

"So what? We're having a leak?"

"No, this was done while Atlantis was on Earth." Together they walked into the meshall. "But this part you're going to like. There's signs of battle all over the ruins."

"I might be a soldier but I don't like it when people die Daniel." He'd already eaten dinner but he still took one of the Alterran snacks, a purple cube which taste like caramelled apples.

"I didn't mean it like that Jack. But all the ruins we found were bombed from orbit with energy weapons, after the fifth ruin I brought one of the scientist with me and it all matches. The same sort of weapons were used all over the galaxy to wipe out all these people," Daniel explained rapidly as he took a handful of meat cubes, pink cubes which tasted just like meat, it even had the same texture, but it was just a mess of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs created by a machine. Just like the vegetable cubes he also put on his plate.

"So the Wraith are out hunting advanced civilisations?" O'Neill guessed as they sat down at one of the tables.

"I thought so too, but these civilisations have hidden from the Wraith for many hundreds, maybe thousands, of years and I had them compare to the known Wraith weapons, it's nowhere close to the same," he said and stuffed his mouth with food.

"You're the cultural expert, any civilisations with the firepower to do it?"

"As you said the most obvious would be the Wraith, but apparently the weapons used doesn't match any of the weapons used by the Wraith, so can't be them."

"Thought we already crossed them out?"

"Yes, so next I'd guess it would be Asurans, they would certainly have the sensors to detect what the Wraith couldn't."

"Pretty sure you can cross them of the list too," O'Neill said and took a bite of his snack.

"Maybe, replicators have always been a hard thing to get rid of. Lets see, um, um. There was a man who had an armband which allowed him to teleport, the race that created the armband should be able to cause this devastation."

"The Asurans took care of them a while back," someone said from behind Daniel.

"You shouldn't be listening to other people's conversations Sheppard," O'Neill said. "Still it's good to know."

"Sorry Sir." Sheppard said as he took his tray and walked to the recycling unit.

"Let's try races who we know are alive then."

"Right, well there's the race Sheppard and the others encountered in another dimension. I know you said those we knew were alive but both Sam and Rodney are sure they just haven't done any move here yet."

"They even developed a small EMP-gun in case we ever faced them to fry their electronics," Sheppard said while he sat down with them. "Now I'm part of the conversation."

"I'm not even going to complain to either of you. Known living race whom we have encountered then."

"That leaves only the Sekkari I guess," Daniel said after he finished his meal.

"Nope. They got stomped into the ground even before they could rebuild their civilisation, by the Asurans," Sheppard said.

"So we have no clue at all?" O'Neill asked.

"Well there's two races Daniel's forgotten," Sheppard teased.

"The travelers would never attack a human world, those worlds were probably the best chance they had of getting new parts for their ships," Daniel responded.

"But they could do it?"

"They managed to destroy a Lantean outpost from orbit," Daniel said. "So sure."

"Sir, they could hold their own against the Asurans during the assault on Asura. Still as Daniel said they wouldn't hurt anyone unless they really need to, let alone destroy several civilisations," Sheppard added and checked his wristwatch. "WelI looks like I have to run now, got to escort some eggheads to some shipyard which badly needs repairs."

"Athyl," O'Neill said.

"That's the place," Sheppard said as he walked off towards the gate room.

"So what's the last race?"

"The Asgard," Daniel said.

"Which again, we know are dead," O'Neill complained.

"Yes and no. The proper Asgard are dead, but the Vanir still live and they're somewhere in the Pegasus galaxy. I didn't mention them because they're a small group and they only take the odd human to experiment on."

"Well you could always have them test against Asgard weapons then."

"I guess it's worth a try."

"Good," O'Neill said as he stood up. "I'll see you later, I have a mission to run too."

"Ok, I'll swing by with the results when I have them," Daniel said before they parted.

With Daniel leaving for the labs O'Neill got to the closest transporter and used it to get to the control room.

"How's everything going?" O'Neill asked into the air.

"Everything you need is standing in the gate room," a technician responded.

"I hope everyone still understand that I'm not an engineer, I can't even fix my computer."

"You're not fixing it, you're simply going to diagnose it," the tech said while he dialled the gate. "All engineers are busy trying to fix important systems at the moment and since there's not really any battle's going on Mokar thought we might as well send out you guys to do something. We don't want you getting restless just hanging around."

"So I just go there, plugg this in and then I wait until the screen tell me it's done?" O'Neill asked and held up a small device which was lying on top of the two crates he was bringing with him.


"So why do I need these two then?"

"Well there's a small chance you'll need more power, so there's a generator in one case and some basic spares in the other, in case you need to repair some of the diagnostic equipment."

"So now I'm going to repair things anyways?"

"Look, at most you'll remove a few crystals and replace them with new ones," the tech said and pushed one of the crates through the gate. "If you get going we can try to see if there isn't something funnier for you to do when you get back."

"Fine, just don't order me around, I'm still in charge here," he said and dragged the crate with him through the gate.

On the other side the emergency lights turned on as he was registered by the facility. As per his instructions he got into the control room, which was placed right across from the stargate, where he plugged in the diagnostic unit and watched a holographic screen flash to life above it. In blood red letters it requested more power. It took him a few minutes to plug in the generator but then the whole room lith up and several screens came to life around him. On one he could see what he guessed was the schematics of the facility with a life sign detector hooked up. He could see one of the blue dots moving around just as he did in the control room. But then there were four more red dots moving around deep into the facility, four dots which should not be there. A look at the diagnostic unit told him that it would take it a couple of hours for it to finish its programing, so he checked his personal shield and the charge of his gun. Then he checked the map and headed of to find out who or what was stalking the corridors of the Alterran facility.

A couple of minutes later he entered a large glass dome, over the years many of the panels had cracked and sand had spilled into the dome so that what had once been a lush and green garden full of animals and plants had become just as barren as the desert planet the facility was built upon. Through the dome he could see at least seven more domes nearby in varying states of decay, each the size of Atlantis. Before he had the chance to check it out further a bullet impacted his shield and he spun around to face his enemy.

"General O'Neill, throw away your weapon and get down on your knees, this facility is US military property," one of the four men shouted from a distance when they recognised him.

"Come on guys, you saw that bullet bouncing of me, I've got a personal shield on me. So how about you surrender to me and I won't stun you?"

"We can't do that Sir."

"Then I'm sorry about this." Before they got the chance to blink he had stunned one of them and as they ran for cover he hit another. The two remaining men stood up as one a few moments later and fired, but he had already moved up behind one of the small dunes. While they stood there and tried to find him he stood up and fired two blasts in rapid succession, only one hit its mark, but the other one made the last man duck down long enough for him to circle around. Then he tapped the man on the shoulder. "Get up."

"I'm sorry Sir, but we have our orders," the man said and bit down hard. A second later foam begun to drip out of his mouth and he fell limp to his side.

"Now why did you have to go and do that?" He asked the dead man.

When the man did not answer he backed away and changed the setting on the rifle to kill, then he shoot the man once before toggling back to stun. After some hesitation he took two of the men, one over each shoulder, and carried them back to the gate. After going back for the third one he dialled the gate. "Atlantis do you read?"

-This is Atlantis control, we are reading you just fine. Over- Came the reply.

"I'm sending you three captives, there's a good chance they've got suicide pills so search them properly."

-Copy that, we are ready to receive-

"I'm sending them through. I'll be needing a few extra hands here too, don't know what else might be lurking around this place."

-I'll see what we can do-

"O'Neill over and out." He shut down the gate and jogged back to the control room. Where he had only seen blank walls before he could now see even more screens, showing everything from water levels, which was extremely low, to days until the next harvest. But one screen was different from the others, it showed a live feed of the limited sensors the facility had, but even as limited as they were they still showed two ships in high orbit. It could not be anything but two 304s, the Daedalus and the Hammond unless more had been built without their knowledge.

Even with Earth back in control of itself they had not been able to contact the ships, simply because the Goa'uld had taken so many high ranking officers with them in death.

"You called Sir," someone said a few moments after the gate activated.

"Good, you're here," he said and walked out of the control room. "There's two ships in orbit right now, our lost 304s. Secure the facility and seal of the domes."

"Domes Sir?" the leading Corporal asked.

"Sorry Corporal thought you'd been informed, this was an Alterran farm at one time or at least their equivalent. There's eight huge doms where they grew crops and breed animals for food." He motioned to them to follow him into the control room. "There's a life sign detector over there, so use it to track down anyone, just don't rely on it since it could be damaged."

"Yes Sir, we'll do our best," the Corporal said.

"I'd kill for a steak right now," one of the other soldiers said.

"I'd be happy with some proper vegetables," another said.

"If we can fix this place we might have some soon. I'm going after those ships so secure the facility and make sure no one can access the gate and this room without going through you."

"We're on it Sir," the Corporal responded before O'Neill walked out of the room.

A/N: A secondary project, called Project Alterra, will be stealing much of my fandom time away from Book 3. It will be loosely based on this saga but will be much more interactive. Sadly since it might be published somewhere where I might earn something from it I can not base that work on Stargate or any other franchises. But I will try to make it as Stargate like as I can make it without getting my ass sued. It is my hope that we will Unite in the 3d dimension.