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Title: Naseba Naru

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Rating: "T" with Minor Coarse Language and Serious Themes, which will include: Wizarding World Prejudice, Wizarding World Bashing, Iemitsu-bashing, Character Death, Adultery, Heterosexuality, Homosexuality and Homophobia.

Chapter: Multichapter.

Status. In Progress.

It was the greatest irony that Nana would meet the love of her life thanks to her son. When she wasn't looking. While she was still married to the father of the aforementioned son. Complicated? Oh yes.

To clarify, it wasn't a great marriage. Of course it wasn't an epic tale of woe and despair either; it wouldn't be read about in magazines with women shaking their heads and tutting before using it as an example to their daughters about what not to do in a relationship.

In Nana's defence, six years and a son later... Nana was still a very unfulfilled woman: empty in the matters of the heart.

Looking back she had been foolish when she had first met Sawada Iemitsu. Nana had been a waitress at the time, serving tables to save money that would allow her to attend university, however all that had been put a stop to when her life had collided with his. All of her dreams. Ambitions. Hopes for the future were done as soon as he sauntered up to her one night Nana had been working the late shift, all suggestive grins and whispered words. His hands had been like fire on her skin, burning and - at the time - arousing.

The romance Iemitsu had taken Nana on when she had hesitantly agreed to exchange numbers had been a whirlwind: fast, exciting. He had, unlike the few other man she had dated, swept her off of her feet.

So consumed with their relationship had she been, that when he purposed just half a year after they first started dating Nana couldn't bring herself to rationalise. Because there had been something - deep inside her belly that was simply missing when Iemitsu wasn't around, a warmth gone when she was without him. So she had agreed.

Thinking at the tome that it had been love, thinking that he was her one and only.

The wedding was planned without her, paid for with foreign money. Nana had been driven a few miles outside of her home to a small chapel where he had waited for her, wearing an orange construction worker pullover with a pickaxe resting on his shoulder as he took her hand and led her down the bare aisle where she had passed rows and rows of empty seats. The only other person there was the priest.

Not a week later and they were travelling to a different part of Japan where Iemitsu opened the door to an unfamiliar house Nana hadn't known he could afford. Away from the friends she had had since secondary school, and the family who still couldn't get over that she hadn't invited them to her wedding, that she herself hadn't known was happening until two hours before.

Soon after Nana found that she was expecting. With a clear blue cross on her pregnancy test, she had rushed out of the bathroom and into the arms of her doting husband. It was the one gift Iemitsu had ever truly gotten her, even if she had to ignore that small part of her mind still rebelling; telling her that it was too much, too soon.

However similarly to a whirlwind, once it had lost momentum only destruction lay in its wake: a path of ruin showing the route to her heart, where he had stepped through and carelessly stepped on.

Nana had still been experiencing morning sickness when Iemitsu had decided then was the perfect time to leave; abandoning her in a new area, in an all but unfurnished house, a baby on the way and a twenty minute walk into town with ankles she wouldn't be able to feel in a few months.

She remembered vividly the day she had held fast to his "work" uniform and begged - begged - him to stay, at least until after the pregnancy and their son was born. Just to wait until they were settled so she didn't have to do it all alone.

Iemitsu had smiled thinly at her like Nana had just asked for the world and she didn't understand the cost of it. A patronising glint was lit in his eyes as he placed a hot, burning finger on her lips that stilled her, no longer passionate but scorching. The heat forced her muscles to reflex and which managed to simultaneously stuff cotton wool into her head and allowed him to manhandle her to the couch.

'I know this is hard to comprehend, Dear.' He had said while Nana desperately tried to regain control of her suddenly lethargic body which would not obey her. 'But, my job is very important. I promise that I'll come back but the Boss needs some things taken care of now and I can't put it on hold any longer.'

She couldn't remember much after that, just waking up to an empty house. Cold on the sofa where he had left her with not even a goodbye to allow some closure. Nana hadn't heard from him for two months after that and when she did, it had been a postcard from Africa: a picture of some kind of tribal mask on the front with a small: "I'm fine. Sorry for leaving unexpectedly. Hope you and the baby's alright. All my love blah blah blah..."

In truth that had been when the first crack appeared, the first inkling that something wasn't right. The thing that had woken her up from the stupid love haze she had been under and made her think about the things she hadn't even realised she had ignored like how Nana didn't know any of Iemitsu's friends, had never met any of his family and couldn't recall what company Iemitsu worked for, had no way to contact him besides a number that she should only call in "emergencies" and a P.O box for somewhere in Italy.

When they were dating he had often diverted questions about himself onto her so Nana really didn't know anything about him besides he always slept with the door in sight, preferred red meats, loved Japanese sake - or just any alcohol at all - and liked to walk around the house in his underwear (a cultural thing, she had thought at the time).

And Nana knew. Just knew. That Iemitsu had been completely in control the day he had left. He had known what he was doing when he had somehow taken her strength like it was nothing to him. She didn't know how or why he thought he had the right but it scared something in Nana.

Despite this, Nana continued on with her pregnancy desperately trying to make a good thing out of the situation and enjoy the first stages of her first baby. She went to all of her doctor's appointments, treasured her scan photos and kept up-to-date with a western birth book. Nana also tried to ignore the loneliness she felt when she went to the partner classes while other expecting mothers had the father with them, she struggled to stretch her monthly allowance to decorate the nursery.

It was an absolutely embarrassing time for Nana filled with judgement from the neighbours or people around the area who didn't have a clue about her or about her marriage. Though Nana should be allowed to be bitter, her relationship with Iemitsu had cost her her relationship with her parents, her friends and her reputation.

(Nama had phoned to tell her parents that they had a grandchild on the way. That revelation had only caused a temporary pause, a few short questions and then a stunted "sayonara.")

Oh, and those "cracks" Nana mentioned? The foundations of her relationships rocked when Nana went into labour on the Thirteenth of October weeks too early, in front of a panicked teenager who had to called for an ambulance for her. He had been anywhere from fourteen to sixteen - Nana had thought - and although alarmed the boy ('I-I'm Hajime.') had nervously held her hand while he had dialled for the emergency services, all the while trying to keep her calm with a wavering smile and frightened eyes. ('J-Just keep calm, they'll be here soon.')

Hajime had gone with her to the hospital, trying not to get in the medics way as he kept hold of her sweating hand, all the while stuttering reassurances ('You', do-doing really well! K-keep up the good work!').

Once they had arrived at the hospital she had been rushed to the delivery room where a doctor soon sprinted in, Hajime was still holding her hand and while unnerved by the situation was unwilling to leave her on her own. 'Can I call anyone for you, Sawada-san?' The doctor had asked as he pulled on a pair of disposable gloves. Nana in pain and filled with dread at the thought of a premature birth had nodded her head, sweaty and dizzy as the nurse quickly started to prepare her.

'My - my husband.' Though the only times she had heard from him was from the handful of postcards, he had to be here for this!

His number hadn't been on the system when the doctor - Leorio-sensei ('Just call me Leorio. Theres no need for formality now, I dare say you'll see a bit of me.') had sent the nurse to do just that, using the "emergency number" Iemitsu had given her but that had not been put onto her records.

Leorio-sensei was younger or younger than Nana had been used to for medicine but mature; older than his years in terms of the soul. His eyes are remarkably focussed and intelligent but also a million miles away.'Sorry about this, Sawada-san.' Leorio-sensei had apologised as he checked her dilation. 'The doctor on duty is busy with my friend right now but I'll look after you and you baby.'

Things were decidedly rushed as her contractions got quicker and the pain - unlike anything she had ever felt before - worsened to a degree that shook her to her core with a hot red brand, as her inners felt like they were being split into two. And while brave, sweet Hajime held her hand despite how tightly she must have griped it and Leorio-sensei treated her kindly, all that Nana wanted was Iemitsu to be on the phone; for him to know and to hurry back to Japan. For him to prove to her that what she had been feeling since he had left had been her imagination and for the fraying of their red string, to simply be the tension of new parents, young and unsure of what family life would give them.

But Nana also knew that right then her baby was the priority and that she had to try and concentrate.

'Is he alright to stay with you, Sawada-san?' Leorio-sensei had asked while cursing someone under his breath ("Kurapika" she thought). Nana realised it wasn't procedure to allow anyone into the delivery room that wasn't family, but he seemed to be taking pity on her and she found she didn't mind that much.

Nana remembered looking up to the teen who had made no move to leave her, and although it probably wasn't the wisest decision, she couldn't help but act a little selfishly as another contraction hit and her world was shaken. Seeing dark brown eyes staring at her, she had tightened her grip further on his white fingers and nodded firmly once more. What had followed was harsh hours of labour that seemed never ending even with Hajime's encouragement, and the doctor's firm praise, little could pierce through what was the agony of bringing a new life into the world.

Her legs were spread wide but weak and trembling; like she had no bones and there was fire unlike anything else burning from the middle of her back downwards. Nana tried to focus on her breathing, on pushing when told, on the strength in the hand which held hers, that she lacked. Until, finally, a cry more wrenching but more amazing than anything she had ever heard echoed into her hospital room and everything was basked in light.

The hurt - the fire - meant little as Nana tried to straighten further to be able to see the child she had carried for such a long time. Leorio-sensei held the little bundle of pink flesh and chubby limbs out for her to see. The baby was loud and dirty as the doctor took her child to the side to clean, and yet Nana still strained further to see them.

It took moments for Leorio-sensei to come back with her child and Nana could barely pay attention when he smiled at her and said: 'Congratulations, its a boy.'

She was tired, incredibly sore and sweaty but when Leorio-sensei was easing her child - her baby boy - awkwardly into her arms, it was her shining moment, with ('Does the little one have a name?' '...Tsuna. He's my Tsu-kun.') Tsuna her proudest achievement.

And Iemitsu wasn't there to see it.

Nana stayed for a couple of days for observation after she had bled a bit too much. Hajime came to visit her with his family including his seventh month old brother, Kensuke, who was as cute as button despite his serious oddly expression. Hajime was a good boy and would be an even better godfather which is why barely twenty-four hours after labour, Nana readily gave the position to someone she knew would be sincere and do there best.

No one else came, however. No Iemitsu, who never even answered the phone, nor her parents. Nana was released and spent her days for weeks taking care of their son, alone.

Tsu-kun was a good baby for her though: extremely good, in fact, with his quiet tendencies, he barely ever cried and only ever whimpered to let Nana know he was in need. It was however, still exhausting. Not even three months old and with no way to contact Iemitsu that hadn't already failed (or been ignored) Nana got another post card in the mail. It was of a forest with a wild cat in the forefront of the picture and Iemitsu smiling stupidly not far away.

"Well done hanging in there, Wife." It had read on the back, with no return address present. "Theres no vocation time available right now, so keep doing your best!"

He hadn't even signed it.

Nana had never felt so angry and had almost shredded the thing before her grip had loosened and with gritted teeth she had thrown it in with the rest of them inside the box she kept under the bed, which she had then moved to the very back of her closest. In the dark. Alone. Where it deserved to be.

Nana went on. Doing her best to be a mother to a little boy who stared and watched more than he'd interact. She would learn about him - the personalty that was forming behind changing eyes (eyes she loved but couldn't work out: usually a chocolate brown, rich but not without its light, and then they could flash to sunset so quickly Nana could swear she was seeing things).

It wasn't easy and Nana struggled especially with how...empty the house was. How quiet it could be but then Hajime's mother, Aoko, would bring her boys around and it would brighten the day somewhat.

Nana recorded every moment and kept a close eye on Tsu-kun's development which was...slow. He took things at his own pace but he didn't seem to struggle so Nana chalked it up to Tsu-kun being Tsu-kun, rather than a learning disability.

Of course, not everyone was that kind.

Nana knew that there might be some problems due to her somewhat infamous reputation as the woman whose husband had walked out, however, she never realised how...cruel the children could be until her Tsu-kun had started Daycare at four so Nana could get more work done, and Tsu-kun could socialise more. Nana thought that he'd be as safe as he could be and he had Ken-kun there with him despite being a year above, but as it turned out, that had been naive of her when her baby boy was returned to her again and again with bruises, ripped clothes and broken toys.

The times the Mochida's came to visit weren't awkward but tough as the two mothers tried to quietly figure out what to do about the bullying while Tsuna and Ken-kun played with Hajime, who was dotting and smitten with both boys even with all his unspoken strength hidden in sleek muscles and eyes that could so easily harden to an unyielding degree. Aoko was incredulous once she heard what was going on as Ken-kun knew little of the trouble Tsuna had, with both the other children and the teachers, being in a different year.

And then Iemitsu came home.

Tsuna was five and Nana had been forced into introducing him to his father through photos and postcards. She didn't how to react when she got a call from Iemitsu's office saying that he'd be at the airport waiting for her and to go get him. Her first response was to ask if it been so long that he had forgotten the way, but Nana was in shock, her tongue was numb and she had agreed without thought just so she could hangup the phone.

She had no way of collecting Iemitsu. She vaguely knew that European's used less public transport than the Japanese and perhaps it had just slipped his mind. Taxi's were expensive, however, and she couldn't afford it on what Iemitsu sent home.

Without thought, she called Aoko.

Aoko had a mini-bus at her disposal to take the students to tournaments for the dojo she worked at. Nana knew that Aoko would help her though her friend was quite verbal when she found out the reason why Nana would need a vehicle. After Aoko's screaming subsided she had come to collect Nana and they had both gone to the airpot with Tsuna strapped into the back in his carseat. Hajime was babysitting Ken-kun and Nana almost - almost had asked if it were possible that he look after Tsuna too.

Nana went in by herself with Aoko agreeing to stay with the children and to keep the engine running as Nana quickly went to find her husband but he found her. He came up from behind her and embraced her tightly. Nana almost reacted violently until he whispered a "hello, dear" in her ear and even then she bit her tongue in doing so. His hug was too tight, too liberal after having left her and their child for so long. Before Nana could say this however, before she could say anything Iemitsu was already pulling her along to a man standing further behind. He was older, perhaps in his fifties with stress stained-snow white hair and a moustache that hid his smile. 'My boss!' Iemitsu had introduced in a flourish.

Stirrings of annoyance ate at her. Iemitsu had been gone for years and yet he expected her to play host for him? His arm slung over Nana's shoulders, hot and heavy and suddenly her knees were knocking and her mind fogged. 'You were just going to introduce yourself, dear.'

And so, she did.

Strangely absentminded, Nana was led out of the airport were she was asked to show them to the car. She pointed it out without thought and was soon opening the back door to the mini-boss for the two men, one of which she didn't know the name for.

'Thanks, dear.' Iemitsu had said, kissing her cheek as he got in and closed the door on her.

Blinking, Nana suddenly felt lost with the weight gone. More than disoriented as she gazed around before realising that she was meant to get in too. Fumbling the handle, she tripped up and struggled with the seatbelt. Aoko's concerned gaze was lost to her and halfway through the journey home as she talked with her husband, she felt the woman put a hand on her hand, squeezing.

Aoko asking after her is really the last firm memory she had of the few days Iemitsu and his boss visited for. There are fragments of heat and an ominous weightlessness, of cooking and being talked at or over. Tsu-kun worryingly gets lost in the confusion and she really can't recall how she cared for him at all.

Only how afterwards, Tsu-kun was different and not in a good way.

Tsu-kun got clumsily, tripping over air and falling off of things well enough to make Nana lose her mind while watching him. He's forgetful with his toys, his learning and nearly always with people too. When she asks him later, what he thought of papa, he can't answer her.

In fact, outside the small circle of people Nana had involved in her son's, he got shyer and shyer too, more withdrawn as he advanced up to Elementary School at six. At the time Nana often wished that little Ken-kun had been born just a little earlier so that they could share a class just so Tsu-kun had someone who cared with him.

So when Tsu-kun dragged his first friend home, Nana couldn't have been more ecstatic even if the boy Tsu-kun brought with him made her double take. It was the eyes that got her, the perfect emerald jewels which stared at her with such awe, she'd always remember. Nana would try to dismiss it, of course, since it was quite an odd thing to notice on a small child, especially by a married woman. But at the time it was Tsu-kun who had snapped her out of her trance, stammering and blushing as he slyly introduced his new friend: 'th-this is Hana-kun...he - he helped me in the park wh-when Jiro started to say...mean things.'

Hana? Nana had thought. For a boy? Then again, you didn't get eyes like that from Japan. So...maybe he was from a partially foreign family?

And he was a sweet little thing, just a little shorter than her Tsu-kun, with even less fat on him and cute hair that was tied in a low ponytail, long but undeniably wild. Delicate, almost but there was something about him that stopped her from labelling him as such.

'Ara?' Nana breathed, bussing herself with drying her hands in her apron to try and hide her anger. She had a good idea what those "mean things" were and she was far from amused by them. 'That was lovely of Hana!' She praised, feeling truly grateful.

'I'm Tsu-kun's mother, Sweet, Sawada Nana, Whats your name?' She asked, once again staring into his big eyes, and for once not bending down to his level as she usually would when speaking to children. Something about doing that just felt...wrong.

'...Hirabayashi Hana.' He replied quietly, his words but a whisper but as soon as Nana heard his voice, a shiver ran down her back; as something resonated between her and the name even as she tried to blink it away and invite the boy into her home.

Soon enough, with courage Tsuna had never had with a stranger, they were off on their own going to play with the entertainment system she had struggled to set up in the living room (it was one of the few things her little boy had ever asked for, so of course she had saved for one). As soon as Hana had left the room, however, she felt cold. Like when a blanket fell free on a cold winter night.

And it had been strange, as she hadn't felt like that since - since she had first met Iemitsu.

Shaking her head, Nana had tried not to think on it or the unbelievable amount of intelligence she had found shining on such a young face and went back to preparing some snacks and drinks for the two boys.

She didn't have much in and hadn't had the time to bake, so Nana made do by filling two plastic cups with some fresh juice and emptying the last of the cookies onto a plate before organising it all onto her tray, to take it out into the lounge. Nana could hear the sound of gleeful chortling from just outside the kitchen and it was enough to make her footsteps slow so she could peak through the creak in the door, without being noticed and disturbing them. What she saw made her heart impossibly warm.

Little Tsuna was on his back, wiggling helplessly into her carpet as his "attacker" mercilessly tickled under his armpits and around his sides. There's tears gathering in the corners of Tsuna's eyes as they flicker from the ceiling to his playmate, all the while begging in-between gaps of air for release.

Hana-kun on the other-hand had Tsuna pined with a touch so gentle - feather light - so unlike what Nana had seen from other children who were still learning about their own strength. His expression was what made Nana's breath catch, however, as she didn't think she had ever seen such tenderness before, with how Hana-kun's lips are stretched out across his face highlighting adorable dimples and a glow about him that instantly lightens his moreā€¦ mature aura.

His few rough chuckles seem to have to escape his throat as he continued the joyful assault and are muted halfway but it fills Nana's heart with something sweet which settles pleasantly in her stomach as she sets to slip into the room to join them.

So yes, it was the greatest of ironies that Nana would meet the love of her life thanks to her son while she was still married to the father of the aforementioned son. That the love of her life appeared to be six didn't help the situation. And on looking back, she had been foolish and it had been all too quick when Hana explained fire and magic to her but Nana had been a single mother, with the only thing going for being her son, with a marriage she didn't care if it broke.

All her dreams, ambitions and hopes were destroyed by Sawada Iemitsu, so really, it was just as well that Hana-kun had every intention of rebuilding everything all over again.

Con/textual Vomit: So...yeah, weird, huh? I seem to be wanting to do a lot with Nana recently but maybe that's because she's so lacking of just about...everything in Cannon. I can't explain Harry here, except I've given myself the challenge in fitting him in as many crossovers as possible (just because I can).

And before anyone asks, Harry's not really underage (I'd never write anything like that. No, thank you.) So, sorry if thats not entirely clear but it'll be explained next chapter.

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