Hey yah! My first crossover in this site! This is just to get my head straight so I might or might not continue this story, but who knows...

So my idea of Crossing over Assassin's Creed and Naruto. This will be mostly be base during the Renaissance reason being I like the Renaissance Assassin's Creed the best considering that you don't get shot as often as the newer games.

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1489 A.D. Venice, Italy

Ezio Auditore da Firenze stared at the young man with a mop of blond hair in front of him. This man was wearing the standard Assassin clothing of the hooded clothing and expensive flexible fabric with leather that the Assassin Brotherhood used thought a different variety. Unlike the Brotherhood's clothing the man wore a darker version with a black leather jacket over his tunic and robes that was black at the outside and red at the inside. The man wore tight leather pants and black heavy combat boots that were flexible for climbing and durable for running distances. Next to the man was a rack sack pack that was filled with cloth and other necessities for a journey for at least a week. The man was covered in light to medium armor that gave a implication that he was ready for any weapon thrown at him. In addition to the armor was a short sword to his left hip and possibly other hidden weapon that Ezio could not see.


"Hmm?" the man looked at Ezio.

"Why did you betray the Brotherhood?"

"I didn't betray the Brotherhood, Ezio. It betrayed me."

"You know the risk of tacking such mission and yo..." Ezio said.

"BUT THAT"S NOT WHAT THE BROTHERHOOD WAS ABOUT!" the man shouted, cutting Ezio off.


"The Brotherhood doesn't kill the innocent and betray our friends because they were protecting the one they loved and the ones that we cherished. The Brotherhood teach us as the first rule to I quote, 'Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent.' We went against that!"

"Yes, but the Brotherhood also states that. 'Never compromise the Brotherhood.' And you know he compromise it when he committed that crime!" Ezio spoke back in a harsh tone.

"So you're stating that this rule was better and that killing our friend was worth it." The man said.


"I see."

This left the two men in silent. One with no emotional change and the other ranging from rage and betray of the Brotherhood.

"What are you doing now?"

"I am quitting the Brotherhood." the man said.

"If you must then I will have to co..."

"I may be leaving the Brotherhood, Ezio. But I am not a traitor to the cause." The man said.

"Then what are going to do then?" Ezio asked.

"That's for me to know and you to find out my friend," the dark clothed man said.

The man then took the pack that he had put the remaining clothes he had and prepared to leave the Brotherhood once and for all. He will remember the place he was trained and his brothers in arms. He started to leave when the man was stop.

"Naruto, think about this. Are you really willing to leave the Brotherhood because of this petty argument that the mentors and Master Assassins committed against one of our brothers?"



"You know my Motto Ezio."


"Those who break the rules are trash..." Naruto said.

"But those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash," Ezio finished with a sigh.

"Will I see you again my friend."

"That's a maybe?" Naruto smirked.

"Why a maybe?" Ezio said confused.

"That's if you actually find me Ezio."

With that Naruto left the scowling man. It was a proven fact that Naruto was better than Ezio on infiltration, heck it was rumored that he could be the Italian Mentor on the perfect assassin if the man beat La Volpe in the game of espionage.

"Good-Bye my friend." Ezio said.

"You too. Try to stay in the realm of the live longer Ezio, Okay?"

"Sure, as long as you don't get killed first."

1499 Nice, France.

Waking up in his new home in Nice or Niza as the Italians called it was Naruto. It had been a decade since he left the Italian Assassin Brotherhood. Now after leaving his former post, Naruto establish his base in Nice a port town near France as a strategic point of creating a Brotherhood similar to the Assassin, but had components of the Templar Order. He believes in the idea of a powerful, but just rule.

"Maestro Naruto the Council has asked for your presence, Sire." A maid said through the lock door of his room.

Shifting a bit, Naruto spoke up, "Alright tell the Council that I will be joining. In a short while."

Ever since he left the Brotherhood, he had gained quite a bit of support who also viewed that the Brotherhood was wrong in their acts against Marcus Prudente who was married to his former Templar wife. They called the Brotherhood a hypocrite when they killed the family and their child for the deeds of the mothers. Meanwhile Marcus was dead after being stabbed by his brothers when word got out about his marriage.

With his popularity in the Brotherhood and allies throughout Italy, Naruto manage to conquer Nice, and the surrounding lands from French and the Italian duke of Savoy who was miss using and threatening the people of the small city. After he establish his rule in Nice, he started to gain the reputation as the loyal and just prince of Nice (AN: apparently during this time there was no such thing as king in Italy or the Holy Roman Empire just an emperor and many princes of various state). When he established that, he created the Council of Unity. A combination of former Assassin and Templar.

One would be confused and slightly terrified when one was talking about rivals that hate each other's got being in the same place, but it wasn't to be. When Naruto set up this Council, he had gained quite a bit of allies in the Templar Order who were also part of his spy network. These men and women were the more liberal of the Order. They did not murder or killed any Assassin that they meet in the street or were trigger happy like Cesare Borgia, though they were weary to Assassins in general though. Now the council by itself was filled by ten total members with five of each side of the coin with him as the leader of said Council.

The council's purpose was to first of all to balance and stop Assassin and Templar mass attacks against each other. As much as the Assassin Brotherhood thinks themselves as the good guys, they still killed men that were innocent of any schemes that the Templars used to fight against them.

"Hmmm. Do you really need to go?" said a soft and sleepy voice next to him in the bed.

Looking over to said sleeping beauty. Naruto couldn't help, but smile. Right next to him was the bastard daughter of Rodrigo Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, who at this current time was naked with only a thin layer of sheets covering her up.

"Yes, dear, I have too."

"I am sure; they could handle what is supposed to be needed without your help Naruto. After all you are the big bad prince of this city." Lucrezia sultrily said.

"Hmmm, as tempting as I want to use my rule to do that, I can't my princess," Naruto said which earned a small blush and a smile from the woman. She was happy that she was called a princess after all a bastard daughter wasn't usually called that in public or in private especially not from her family. They always called her less than modest names and other nobles usually call her a slut behind her father's and brother's back.

"Why don't you just send one of your clones to meet with them?" Lucrezia asked with a smile and Naruto gave a contemplative look.

Now one would be asking "he can clone himself?" quite frankly yes he can with the power and help from a Piece of Eden.


It's been three years since Naruto left the Assassin Order and now he was hiding in one of his bases in the out skirts of Volterra, Tuscany a Italian state. He has been hiding from not only the Templar who heard one of their greatest enemies (even though they didn't know his face or name just his clothing style) was out in about and was not protected by the Brotherhood was to good to pass up. Not only that but he was hiding from his enemies within the Brotherhood itself. These men were the more radical of the Brotherhood they viewed that people that were not for them was against them even the innocent. They and the Templars were the one that was hunting him. Though he wasn't alone.

With him were about thirty Assassins who defected from the Brotherhood with him after the death and betrayal of the Brotherhood to their comrade. Though this was not all of the ones that left with him when he exiled himself from the Brotherhood. Twenty-five other members of the Brotherhood also left with him which he instructed to go to Nice to liberate the people there from the siege that the French were putting at the city and also get the Duke of Savoy to give the rule of the city to him.

While he knew that he should gather his men and try to stop the French who were supported by the French Templars to take over Italy, he still had to face against the Italian Templars especially the Borgia's who wanted his head.

As for now Naruto knew he had to take his time and build up his force to not only to defend himself, but to also defend the men who were with him now. Which is why he was here right now at the ruins underneath Volterra, a town as old as Rome itself and has catacombs that hid secrets that apparently the Templars wanted something here when his men told him that Cesare was personally overseeing this mission?

So disregarding his Assassin cloth, he changes it more of a mercenary or a sellsword as the northerners call them. His clothing had light-medium armor with chain mails and armor plating covered by black leather pieces. He added a dark brown cloak with his armor to conceal himself should a Templar see him. Though not that it mattered since he wasn't wearing the standard Assassin clothing or symbols that signify him as such.

Now deep inside the catacombs Naruto was exploring with a torch in one hand and a shield in the other. As much as he wanted to pull out a sword out it was impractical with how the place was more of a death trap rather than a tomb. He had pass by at least five poison arrow traps, three pot holes with spikes and a guillotine chamber just for him. So yeah, sword was impractical, hard and broad shield was much better protection. Though he was still armed with a small crossbow and short sword with his hidden blades.

"Hmmm. With all this traps, who ever hid something here must have been really important to create al this variety of traps that could kill a whole entire arm should they want to." Naruto commented dryly. It had been an hour since he was inside this catacombs and it was getting harder to get through.

Slowly, but surely and safely, Naruto was passing obstacles after obstacles. He was slightly happy that none of his men came with him. This would be a bad place to have a group of people especially if one of the men accidentally step on a trap.

Before long he was reaching to a wide cavern room in the catacombs. Here he saw multiple bodies of men that where already dead with a proper burial and men who looked like thieves dying a painful death with the amount of spears around their body.

Though at the center of all these bodies was a Podium and within it was a pair of gloves that shone through the dark. It was calling out to him in a sense. Naruto could feel it trying to connect to him and he tried to not follow through. Much to his shock, he could feel his body moving lowly like in a dance to the gloves. He looked at where his feet was touching and saw that there where letters in every brick that he step on. It was as if the glove was forcing him to step in these letters and not on anywhere else. Well at least that explain a bit of why there where dead people here. It was like if you step on the wrong tile you are dead.

Soon, he was facing the Podium and his arm was reaching out to the gloves and to his own shock and amazement the gloves jumped up! It actually jumps up and wraps itself around his hands molding it to form a perfect fit with his hands. It felt like the gloves where not even there at the first place.

Inspecting the gloves more Naruto saw that it was interlacing with lights and to his point of view crimson bronze. It was glowing and radiating heat that gave him a bit of comfort which confused him a bit.

"What are you?" Naruto asked quietly before the gloves dimmed a bit before it started to control his hands.

"Wait stop!" before Naruto actually knew what happened, his fingers went into a cross like symbol and he heard a puff.

Standing right next to him was a copy of himself!

"What the heck! What are you?" Naruto shouted in surprise.

"I am you boss," clone said.


"I am a clone of you boss, I don't know how, but when you make that cross symbol you create me. That is all I know about this object from what just happened right now with how I am created."

"Then how do you disappear!" Naruto said in slight panic. This wasn't his day.

To the clone and Naruto's shock and amazement, Naruto's hands were then formed into a fist and hit the clone hard.

I mean really hard.


"ACK AHHHHH! THE PAIN" Naruto screamed while scrubbing his face. Yeah, this was definitely not his day.

"Wait why did I feel that?" asked a confused Naruto. Meanwhile the gloves in his hands were glowing red instead of the yellow glow it had before.

Flashback End

Getting out of his day dream Naruto answered, "Well for your information Lucrezia the Council will know if it's the real me after all." Then in a softer voice he said, "That and Ripa usually try to hit me just for her own sadistic pleasure."

Giggling Lucrezia then whispered sultrily, "Well at least it's not as hard as bad as I hit you back when we first met isn't Na-ru-to."

Naruto grinned at that.

Flashback after Glove incident

After the whole gloves incident, Naruto was putting as much distance for himself with the Catacombs. Not because he was terrified on what else was in there, but because of the incoming Templar guards that were spotted in the area. Now though he was hiding from Templar patrols that were inside the town and were most likely the ones that would be locking down the whole town till Cesare arrive. Luckily he was able to escape on time without the guard knowing any better. And for some unknown reason people looked at him oddly with women more flirtatious than ever.

Riding a horse to get to the rest of his men, Naruto slashed the bridle of the horse increasing his speed. His men should have been ready and replace their clothes for travel in less obvious clothing. Before long he was arriving in the cave where he and his men had rested for the week and the most strategic place of the whole area considering the cave was on top of a large hill. Dismounting the horse, Naruto swiftly walked to his gathered men and spoke.

"Ripa are all the men ready?" Naruto asked to female red-head in the group who wore similar clothes as him, though a bit more feminine aspect.

"Yes, sir! Those bastards wouldn't catch us down! I even put explosives in the cave in case they try to search this area!" the red head said with enthusiasm.

Ripa Morino was a commander in the Assassin Brotherhood before she left with Naruto. The reason why she left was because she heard what happened to Marcus a friend of hers. She couldn't forget the cruelty of the Brotherhood with how poorly they handled the situation.

"Are the scouts backed from their patrol, Antonio?" Naruto asked while turning to a raven haired man with an eye patch.

"Ai, sir." the man said calmly.

Antonio Costa a Captain in the Florence's navy and former Assassin member. He was found and joined with Naruto a few weeks after the exile. Naruto had found the man in deep trouble with the Assassin Brotherhood and the Templars, thought this was all cases to anyone who leaves the Brotherhood or the Templar Order.

"Good, let's saddle up! Antonio you're taking your men to Pisa and get your boat sailing. Once you're at the sea I want you to support our men that we sent to defend Nice."

"Ai, sir! Alright men come with me!" Antonio ordered and with that ten Assassin members left the cave and got into their horses before bowing to their leader and leaving.

"Ripa, I want you to go to Naples and set up a branch there. In case if Nice fall, Naples would be our next place to settle."

"Yes, sir!" the woman said, before ordering her men to follow her.

"How about us, Sir?" asked one of his ten remaining men in the cave.

"You men would come with me and intercept the Borgia's."

"To kill them ser!" another man asked with giddy excitement.

"No!" the men deflated.

"We are trying to get into their ranks to find out what the Borgia's are looking for. Once we have their trust and hopefully a hire rank then we could strike them hard!" this got the men to brighten up their spirits.

With that Naruto left the cave and the rest of his men followed him through. Again riding back on the saddle. They headed northward to try to escape the Templars that were combing the hillside of Italy.

Before long they were inside a breech forest heading north to Milan and hopefully rondevu with the rest of Naruto's men.


A scream tore through the group. It was a woman and by the sound of it, it wasn't a pleasant scream, not at all.


"We can't just leave, Rico." Naruto said to his second in command as off now.

"Sigh, alright sir. Alright men you heard the boss, come on we have a damsel to rescue and a damsel that the boss might fuck!" this resulted to laughter in the group and a scowl from Naruto himself.

"At least I get her while you don't get none yah virgin!" Naruto shouted which gained another round of laughter from the group with a grumbling Rico.

Slashing the bridle he and his men galloped on their horses to meet up with said damsel in distress. As they rode they heard the clashing of steel and men screaming in pain and anguish. They increased their speed as well, as the woman's voice got louder.

Before long the clashing of steel stopped and Naruto's men arrived at the battle sight if you call it that way anyways. Right in front of them was a massacre of Papal guards most of whom are dead and the other that were still alive where dying or getting tortured to death. Around them where at least twenty-five heavily armed bandits ready to kill. They were also fighting the remaining guards near a carriage just off the road.

"Well this is just our luck! We found Templar lap dogs being killed boys!" Rico said and grumbled.

"We couldn't just leave them here Rico," Naruto said. He then continued, "Alright round up and killed the bandits, boys!"

"Sir Yes sir!" the men shouted with Rico still grumbling though doing his part.

Naruto to the lead slashing from one man to another with his short swords and dagger. He was effective in these two weapons with each lash being short quick, but deep. All Assassin members were at least adequate using short weapons especially the hidden blade first used by Darius of Prussia.

Taking a bandit on the elbowed as the man that tried to stab him from the back before he slashed the bandit's throat which was the least protected area of their armor. He then flipped the dying bandit to a man charging with a spear which stabbed through the dying man and shocking the man that stab his ally. Naruto used this shock to throw a throwing knife at the man right at the head before he continued on fighting a man with a broadsword and an axe in one hand.

"Who the hell are you boy!" the man said gritting his teeth as Naruto held the man in a dreadlock of short sword and dagger vs. broadsword and axe.

"Me, I am your friendly neighborhood Robin." Naruto said cheekily and the man got angrier.

"Oh! I would kill you brat if it's the lasting I do!"

The man charged at Naruto forcing him back when the stronger man pushed with his bigger weapon. It was as if he was compensating for something. And when Naruto brought that up it brought another round of raged cries and clashing of steel.

"I'll kill you brat!"

"Hmmm. You need to have a better phrase, idiot," Naruto smirk cheekily.

"RAGH!" The man charge without case in the world, but was stop dead in his track when Naruto stop his blades just an inch of his face.

"Hmmm. You might want to hold on." Naruto said.

"Wha... OUFF"

Naruto delivered a powerful kick with his knees to the man's solar plexus, forcing the man to drop his weapon. Naruto then as quick as before spin hard and slashed the man's head off with his dagger slicing through his trout and the short sword slicing through his spine.

"That's what you get for trying to stop me!" Naruto said darkly, before he was brought out of his dark musing when he heard the cheers of his men. Looking at the jolly group of men Naruto noticed that some of the Papal guards were still alive and breathing.

"Men, get these people treated! Get spare bandages and hopefully we could save their lives before they go to other world." Naruto ordered.

"Sir yes sir!"

With that the men spread out and helped the Papal guard who were only following orders from a Templar hierarchy though Naruto was wondering why Templar guards were here at the first place. After all Rome was at the south of Milan and not north.

Reaching the carriage, Naruto and Rico stayed facing the down guard who breathing heavy and was being treated by one of Naruto's men.

"Why are you here, soldier?" Naruto asked sternly.

"AKH!" the man shouted in pain as his arm was readjusted by the healer. After catching his breath the man answered, "We are ordered to bring the new Pope daughter to Rome, but the lady asked us to meet up with his brother up at Volterra, Tuscany."

Naruto and Rico looked at each other, before Naruto asked, "The Pope has a daughter?"

The man nodded and coughed, "Yes, sir. I myself was confused to at first sir, but when I saw the gal I knew it was the Pope's daughter by how she acted sir."

Rico then asked, "Who is the new Pope anyways soldier?"

"Alexander VI, former Maestro Rodrigo Borgia sir." the man said and then coughed heavily.

Meanwhile Naruto and Rico were wide eyed. The Templar Grand Master was the new Pope! This was big news indeed.

"Alright, soldier eases up and let's gets your strength back. Rico could find a wagon that we could use to carry the wounded that are not fit to ride?"

"Sir, I can," Rico said, though his eyes were a bit daze.

"Good, while you do that, I will check this Pope's daughter's health." Naruto said with a smirk which earned a laugh from the medic next to the Papal guard who had a small smile.

Naruto then opened the carriage where he saw a fainted fair haired young woman. She was at least half a decade younger than him and maybe around twelve possibly thirteen. She had on a nice long red dress with golden strands going downward, the dress had frills that create a split from the waist down which showed a golden and crimson combination with its form. Overall the young woman was dressed like a noble and dressed for a show.

Now thinking properly the teen was slightly in a discomfort position. Being the gentleman that he was, Naruto thought of trying to put the teen in a more relaxing position, so without further ado, he moved his leg in between hers to shift her body to a more sitting position. By doing this, Naruto unknowingly woke up the girl and this resulted to another scream.

"AHHHHH! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU BRIGAND! MY FATHER WILL HEAR OF THIS!" the girl shouted and struggled as Naruto tried to hold her down.

"Whoa Signora, stop struggling and let me help you!" Naruto said as best as he could, but this girl was pretty strong now that he thought about it.

"NO! I WILL NOT! I WILL NOT BE 'HELP' AS YOU CALL IT FOR YOUR OWN SEXUAL PLEASURE!" the girl struggled more and saw the position that they were in.

"Look, I am just try to help you so stop str... AGH!" Naruto spoke in his struggle before he cup his hands over his junk.

The girl looked smugly at him and spoke, "THAT WHAY YOU GET YOU DISPICABLE BANDIT!"

"Signora Borgia!" a voice shouted from outside of the carriage. The girl looked at the door and stood one of her guards; the one that she thought that was dead already.

"Signore Geremia!" The girl shouted in shock. "I thought you have died!"

"No Signora Borgia, I was save by that man and his men," said Geremia with amusement while pointing at the downed Naruto who gave him the bird for being cock. Stupid cocky wounded soldier knew that he wouldn't hurt him since the guy was almost dead when he was rescued.

Naruto then looked through pained eyes to the teen in front of him who smiled sheepishly at him.

"Sorry, Signore."

"AGh! It hurts but just makes sure you don't touch me anywhere there soon, K." Naruto said in pain. Naruto then continue, "Oh and the names Naruto Namikaze."

"You have an odd name Signore," the girl said.

"It's the name I got and I am sticking to it," Naruto said calmly, not all bothered when people asked about his odd name.

"Hmmm. My name is Lucrezia Borgia. Nice to meet you Signore Naruto."

"Likewise as well Signora Lucrezia." Naruto said bowing to the girl.

Flashback end

Naruto after reminiscing how he and his lover met for the first time. He then got off the bed in which he was resting on and turned to Lucrezia.

"Come, Princess, let us meet with the Council and see what they have to say this time around." Naruto said stretching out his hand to the woman.

"Hmmm. What a gentleman." Lucrezia said before lifting the sheets with her and taking Naruto's hand and got ready for the day.

Naruto then looked out from their balcony window from their personal room and smiled.

"Look out world, you will need it!"

So how was it?

I am basing the Brotherhoods trial with what happen with Perotto Calderon and his connection with the Borgia and how he was killed by his brothers for not only protecting a child, but also the dark side of the Brotherhood.

Also the Council that Naruto is talking about came from the idea of Assassin Creed Unity. The idea of Assassins and Templar combining to have better relationship. This is my what if the Assassin Brotherhood members were allying and friendly to the more Liberal Templar who were not forceful to make mankind there slaves. This was another Reason why I called it a Union.

Next are the India Jones Letters. Heck Yeah!

So yeah I am trying this Naruto and Assassin Creed Crossover. There has been quite a few and I got inspired to write one. I also think that the original series of Assassin Creed were the best, where guns were limited and not whole brigades have them.

So yeah. Comment, like, whatever.