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1499 Nice, France

The city of Nice was a largely commercial port city. The city was bustling with life and its streets pack with merchants vendors, monks, and people of various occupation all working. The city has grown under it's new ruler after the short war between the French, Duchy of Savoy and the the people of Nice under the Council of Unity. The people saw their city grew from a large port town to a growing minor city where streets and roads were expanded to bring more goods and increasing trade with other lands outside the city limits. The people also gained much needed land for farming which resulted to more food and more people in rural areas to not only decrease population density of the city, but also profit the people and their livelihood so no one was cramp in small houses.

Not only was commerce growing, but the families and their relationship with each other. The people of Nice had elected their leaders for their daily problems with the just rule that was installed for the people. In addition to the rules that were established, the people also benefited from the creation of public schools. The prince of Nice used his power to create the schools using the people's taxes and the charities in the city. He allowed the monks, clergy, and nuns to teach children and teens how to read, write, and calculate. To the older and more strong men he put them to work by either giving them land as workers for farmers or work for the defense of Nice from the French Brigands and the Duchy of Savoy who were still angry from the liberation of Nice away from their rule especially since the new prince of Nice had control of all the coastal areas of the Duchy of Savoy.

Speaking of the prince, Naruto was sitting in a horse shoe-like table looking at charts, graphs, maps, and paperwork in front of the Council of Unity. He was eyeing everything from the profit of the city to the enemies at his door step. Meanwhile the Councilors looked at him with interest and worry.

As for the Councilors themselves from the left of Naruto sat Ripa Morino, the head of the spy-network inside Unity. Next was Antonio Costa the Admiral of Nice's Navy. Then came Ingrid Romano, the head of the courtesans guild inside the city. After her was Giuseppe Rossi, the head of the farmers comity outside of Nice. The last was Francesco Giordano, head of the civilian leaders for public safety (Police force). These men and women were dressed differently from each other with Ripa, Antonio, and Francesco wearing armor all which where light armor that Assassin Members used. While Ingrid wore a courtesan dressed that revealed much and Guiusepee wore a slightly simpler noble clothing that fit as a feudal lord in Middle Aged Europe. All of these men and women were former Assassin members, who saw the order becoming corrupt.

Meanwhile to Naruto's right was Geremia De Luca, the former Papal guard now head of Nice's military. Next was Isabella Pulvarine the head of the nunnery of Nice. After her was Christino Gallo, the head of the merchant and trade guilds around the city. Then sat Maria Gaetana Valentino, the representative of the noble community in and around Nice. Lastly was Juan Vito Costello, the head of the military academy in Nice. All the men and women in this group had a sense of nobility and pride on what they took part in the city and its surrounding area. All these men and women were either former members of the Templar Order, or had association with them.

Naruto then looked up from his reading and studying to his council member and friends in the city.

"So is this true?"

"Yes sire," Ripa said in a serious voice.

"So the French and the Italian princes are declaring war on each other... again," Naruto said with a sigh.

"Yes, sire. I am worried with what would lead to us sire, " Geremia said.

"Same here, I don't think my guilds or any of our buildings here at Nice would hold should war broke out," Christino said with Ingrid nodding to the merchant.

"I don't even think that I could recruit that much men should war break out Signore and I doubt the police force could help even with additional members," Juan said with the city-guard commissioner Francesco saying nothing that contradicts to the academy head.

"Hmm. Maybe." Naruto said. Naruto then continued, "As for now I want all of you to get ready. Hopefully the French wouldn't attack Nice, but if worst come to worst, I want our defense to be tip top shape and our troops ready to mobilize. Ripa I also want more info on enemy movement and rumors of their movement. Antonio make sure that the ships are in good shape with enough fire power to fight against a French armada and if possible add the cannons to the ships give it enough offensive capabilities. As for Francesco, Geremia, and Juan, I want the men to be ready for battle. Make sure that all the men are fully equip and have experiences in battle so send them out battling with the Brigands that comes from France and Savoy! "

"Yes Signore!" said the more militarize men and women in the group.

"Also tell the civilians especially the farmers to start storing up food for a long siege should it happen! I want it so that we would last years in a siege not in a few months."

"We will do as you as you say my prince," Giuseppe said with all the rest of the civilians in the group agreeing in the decision.

"Also Christino get all the blacksmiths to double time on their weapon production. I want them to create twenty swords every hour or five sets of armor every hour. Make sure that they are in good quality too, the lasting we need is poor weapons and armor that will kill our men. People who have families waiting for them." Naruto said in a firm voice.

"As you wish my liege," the merchant said.

"Good as for other problems, I will let my clone finish it." Naruto said smirking and the others in the group either laughing or groaned at the injustice of it all. The ones laughing were Ripa, Antonio, Geremai, Juan, and Francesco who knew what the prince was gonna do by himself with his lady friend. While the ones that were groaning were doing so because they were jealous with the fact that the prince always did this to slightly less important stuff.

Naruto then coughed loudly to get everyone's attention back to him

"In addition to this I will also be leaving so the clones are here to stay. I should be leaving by tonight." Naruto said.

"Sire, when are you going to inform them of your status?" Geremia asked.

"When the Borgia's actually send spies here and manage to get information." Naruto said cheekily. It was hard to get information inside Nice with Naruto putting three layers of espionage defense with Ripa being the first layer, then came the police, and last was his clones.

"Alright as for now this council is dismissed." Naruto ordered.

With that each and every council member left to their office and post to finish up their daily work while Naruto created three clones of himself to each work in different piles of paper work. The first clone for civilian matters, the next for military matters, and the last for the covert world of Assassin and Templars.

Ever since he found the secret of the clones using the gloves, Naruto has been spamming clone after clone in his spy-network, rebuilding Nice, and other activities for the order such as gaining money and so on. Everything that happened at Nice was resulted from Naruto's clones or Naruto himself. Especially with what happens at the bed room.

"Could we return to bed now?" Lucrezia's voice echoed to him.

"Yes, let's," Naruto said with a smirk before carrying the woman bridal style and getting his clones to sigh at his boss antics with one of the girls.


After a long day of "work" in the castle top on inside the city of Nice, Naruto was saddling up his ride south to return Lucrezia back to meet with her father and brother at Rome. This was after all a "trip" that Lucrezia wanted to do every few months just herself, her "body guard" and his men.

Naruto saw his second in command going with him to Rome.

"Ah! Rico how was your week!" Naruto joyously said.

"The most fun I have in a long time." Rico said.

"No he was rutting like bunnies with some of my courtesans back at brothel." Ingrid said who was passing by and noticed the handsome brown haired man. The same man that she saw leave her establishment moments ago.

"Ah. I see. Well do you need anything, Ingrid?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing much sir, but Signora Borgia just asked me to inform you that she will be taking a few of the courtesans with her as her servants."

"I see. So you need payment?"

"No. Like I said I was just informing you in case you notice a few addition to your group."

Naruto nodded at the statement.

"Alright if that is all," Naruto said while Ingrid left just as quickly as she arrived with her hips moving seductively that gained Rico's eyes.

"You know you could have her," Naruto said with a smirk.

"I don't want to be her lap dog," Rico countered with a small glare.

"Hmm. We' ll see about that once you hook up, ne?"

Grunting the brown haired man also saddled up his own horse with twenty other men who were part of the Papal guard.

All the men, including Naruto wore heavy black steel armor. Their chest plate had a red lion in a white background. Their shoulder guards and arm guards were tightly secured with the leather and pieces of metal fitting perfectly. Their leather pants help cushion falls and gave protection from any hits. In addition to that their leather and steel toed combat boots allowed protection and attack capabilities. Lastly their iron conquistador style helmet with the red Mohawk attachment and face mask allowed them to look better and well armored. In short they were like a more sophisticated form of knights even though they were just guards.

"Alright men get ready, once the Signora's carriage arrive we will depart to Rome!" Naruto said in an orderly voice with his helmet still strapped around his saddle.

"YAH!" the men shouted in agreement.

"Huh? The men are more excited than ever." Naruto spoke to Rico.

"That might be since they have finally receive a nice good long rest from their hard work at Rome Sir and are thirsting for battle," Rico commented back with his helmet on.


Before long the carriage arrived with Lucrezia giving Naruto a kiss before she went back inside her carriage. Meanwhile his men were hooting and laughing jubilantly at their leader and prince smiling like a fool.

Still smiling Naruto reflected on the days that led to he and his men to "officially" meet the Borgia family and how it lead to his position now.


After the "incident" in the carriage and laughter from the men especially Rico in Naruto's predicament, Naruto and Lucrezia both agreed that going to his brother right now would lead to her death and the rest of her men who were still alive, but wounded. Though Lucrezia was reluctant to go even with Naruto the one that rescued her in the first place.

Now they were on the road again after three days of travel from the forest of Milan to the open road to Rome. To Naruto and his men, this trek was a delay to ally with the rest of his troops against the Duchy of Savoy and the invasion of France. Though for now they should agree to meet and possibly kill Rodrigo Borgia once and for all.

"So, Signore Naruto how long have you been a mercenary?" the wounded Geremia asked with a less heavy breath than rest of his men who were at a cart with him which was now only a hand full all were wounded like him.

"I have been a mercenary for three years now." Naruto said riding next to the cart that Rico brought a few days ago.

"Oh! I see you are quite young so how come you are taking the life of a mercenary?"

"This was how I was raised," Naruto said truthfully after all the Assassin Brotherhood did train and most of them were former mercenary, sell-swords, thief, ex. Men and women who lived the hard life before finding a meaning to life.

"I see." the older man said.

"How about you sir, how did you become a member of the Papal Guard." Naruto asked.

"I became a guard through my connection with Pope Innocent VIII."

"Oh, and how did come to be."

"I save his grandson, Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici, from drowning at the Tiber river at Rome. The pope awarded me to be part of his guard when I was barely a young cadet in Rome's army. I said yes when I was given the chance." The man said.

Chuckling, Naruto said, "The Medici's have a strange way of always drowning near a water place don't they." The man also nodded and chuckled himself considering that he also heard of what happened to Lorenzo de' Medici when he was younger as well.

"Ai, that family does have that many connection water doesn't it, Signore?."

"I whole heartily agree with you," Naruto said with a smile. As he was smiling, Naruto noticed that they were finally reaching to the outer walls at the norther portion of Rome.

"Alright men, let's get this over with and rest for ourselves as well!" Naruto shouted and the rest of his men cheered while the wounded Papal guards were smiling to finally be home from their defeat.

Meanwhile Lucrezia who still at her carriage was secretly looking outside at her savior and was quite happy about what she saw. She saw him as a man that had loyal men that were willing to die for him and he himself was more admirable than her brother. At first she saw her brother, Cesare, as the young and handsome prince of the stories that her mother had told her when she was young. Cesare was young, active, ambitious, and most of all powerful that got her to like him more than a sister might want to feel to a relative. That was why she wanted to meet Cesare at the first place.

Now though her perspective of things change a bit. This man, a mercenary, had rescue her and treated her a nobility that even the guards that guarded her thought of her as something lower. It was to his eye, she wasn't the bastard daughter of the Pope, but a person that deserve his or her rights. He was a man that should be looked closely, she licked her lips, especially how handsome he was with that vibrant golden hair. Hair that was spiky and almost awe inspiring that brought her attention to him.

Speaking up, Lucrezia spoke, over, "Signore Naruto!"

Naruto who was passing by the carriage took that as his cue to inform the Pope's daughter.

"Yes, Signora? We are just arriving in Rome and we should be at Vatican district any minute now." Naruto said while riding next to the carriage.

"That you have my thanks, and I will see to it that my father will repay this debt." Lucrezia said with a smile. She then continue, "I am sorry again for that accident when me first met, Signore."

"Think nothing of it, Signora Borgia. Though I would recommend to listen to my advice next time to stop shall we." Naruto said with a wince.

Giggling the woman nodded at the man.

Before long, the group were reaching their destination outside the walls of Rome. Once reaching the walls, the Militia guards and their captain who were monitoring the wall noticed their approached and with them were wounded Papal Guards. This lead to the men at the wall to start scrambling when they came near the gate. The locked steel gate was the only thing that separated Naruto's men with the guards.

"OI! Who goes there?" shouted the captain of the guards.

Naruto who was leading the group shouted back, "We are friends of the 'Pope!' We are just bringing this men back from their journey!"

The guard captain still suspicious stated, "Who is in command of the Papal Guards that are with you? We don't trust mercenaries!"

Geremia who was able to stand, manage to shout back, "I am Geremia De Luca captain of the Papal guard at the Vatican. I was ordered by the Pope to get her daughter from Milan!"

The guard captain widened his eyes. Not about the Pope having a daughter, since that was always an occurrence, but by the fact that Geremia De Luca was with in their rank. The guards knew who Geremia De Luca was and what he signified. He was the man that most of the guards wanted to be, a man that came from a peasant background that earned power and nobility through his service to Pope Innocent VIII. It was also well known that he was a man that had chivalry and honor to the men that were with him and he trained them the to be their best. Though to see him and his defeated and saved by these mercinaries were astounding by itself.

"Oh, sorry Segnore Geremia, we will open the gates immediately!" the guard said, before shouting to his men to open the gate. His men complied to their captain's request and opened the steel caged gate for the group to enter.

Naruto seeing that they were at Rome already, turned to Geremia.

"Seeing that we are at Rome already, I think that I should let you and your men handle the things with the Pope." Naruto said which he receive a nod from the elder man. But before he could leave though, he was stop by Lucrezia's voice.

"Oh, come now Signore Naruto. I know you and your men are tired by this journey, why don't you stay at my father's barracks?" Lucrezia said with a bit of force.

"No, it isn't necessary Signora. We will just le..."

"I insist." Lucrezia forceful this time and daring him to try to back off. Naruto peered to her eyes and saw a fierce look that could make a giant cower in fear.

"Yes, Signora." Naruto relented.

"Good!" she said happily.

Naruto who saw this was thinking how this chick was crazy. She had the weirdest Bipolar moment that he ever saw with one moment she would be mad and cranky then the next she would be happy like nothing happened.

"Hopefully she wouldn't be like this the whole time." Naruto said quietly though he froze when he heard the young woman's voice.

"What was that Signore?"

"Nothing Signora."


Naruto following like an obedient dog followed with his men who were snickering at their leader's predicament. Though if one looked at them carefully, they would see that their shoulders were tense and were like lions about to pounce at any moment.

After a short travel through the old Roman district, the group had finally arrive at the door step of Castel Sant'Angelo, the Sant'Angelo bridge. The bridge that connected the Vatican to Rome. Crossing over it they were greeted by none other than the Pope himself, Roderic Llançol i de Borja, or Rodrigo Borgia in short.

Naruto in a swift and obscure manner he ordered his men to stay calm and not do anything stupid. This signal was in short him showing his right hand raising it to halt the group though it was a sign of also halting any attempts on the man's life as of yet.

Once fully stop the Pope and his Papal guard went to greet the newcomers and the Pope's daughter, who once saw her father and escaped her carriage to greet him

"Father!" Lucrezia cried out.

"Lucrezia my daughter, how have you been, child?" Rodrigo asked in a calm manner.

"I am well father, though it was thanks to these men that I am safe and sound. I would like you to meet their leader, Signore Naruto Namikaze." Lucrezia said while saving her hands to blond rider who was helping the wounded Papal guards out of the art.

"Ah! I see. Then should give him my gratitude then." Rodrigo said and from there walk to the carriage to the remaining Papal guards with his own escorting him.

Naruto who was helping the last guard down the cart, didn't saw the Redrigo walking to him since his back was turned though, the guard that he was helping stiffened before bowing. Turning around, Naruto came face to face to the man that the Assassin Brotherhood was trying to kill, the elusive Rodrigo Borgia.

The man was quite short compared to Naruto who was five feet, nine inches high. Meanwhile Rodrigo Borgia was at the height of five feet, three inches high. The man was also wearing the Pope's robe which consist of a white robe that was held together by a sash, a golden and red cloak that most Pope's during this time wore and a red kippah that covered his bold head. Over all the man fit the description of the Assassin's most wanted enemy.

"So, you are the young man that save my daughter's life, are you not Signore?"

"Aye, your excellency." Naruto said with a bow.

"Hmm. You have ethics to for a mercenary," the Pope said.

"It helps that you have intimidating guards with you your excellency" Naruto said with a bit of humor.

Rodrigo stared at the man for quite a while, before he laughed. He laughed for a good few minutes before he started to calm down.

"Hahaha! Boy you have guts and determination to talk to me like that! You remind me of myself, boy! An ambitious young man who looks for glory through God of course." the man said. He then continued, "Now then what do you in turn want for this service that you done to my daughter? Do you want a glorious coronation to signify your chivalry, wealth, power, you name it son, and it would be given."

Naruto thought about it, but felt like this might get out of hand if he didn't leave. He might be force to take action that he didn't want and quite frankly meeting the Borgia's wasn't his intention at the first place considering the fact that he didn't even have a stable base as of yet.

"Thank you for the offer your excellency, but I would like to just be left of my own accord and that I wish you and your family's safety." Naruto said sincerely. Sure he might despise the man, but some of his family member were innocent like the man's own daughter. Though Naruto prayed that she wouldn't have to experience the cruelty of the Templars and their deeds against the people.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Borgio the Grand Master of the Templar Order and the most serious man anyone could know was took quite a surprise. This boy had rejected any fame, power, wealth, and anything that a boy or young man his age would like. And he bloody refused it!

"We'll if you say so boy." Rodrigo said, but he was cut of when his daughter spoke.

"Father why don't you make him an honorary Papal Guard." Lucrezia said of offhandedly.

Rodrigo then turned to his daughter and rose an eyebrow as if asking her to explain herself on this topic.

"Oh, and why should I put him to be part of the Papal Guard?" the head of the Borgia family asked.

"He has great skill father. Skill that you might use later on. His battle prowess with his men are top notched that it is above the standards of the regular Papal guard!" Lucrezia argued.

"I have to agree with your daughter your excellency. The man has shown great prowess that even myself in my prime didn't have that quite of a good skill. And look at him he is young, and willing to fight. Why don't you let him fight?" Geremia put it his own points.

Meanwhile Naruto was stating the same thing on his head, 'Shit! Shit! Shit! I will be to close to the Borgia's and if they find out that I am a former Assas... Shit! Shit! Shit!' His men also had the same thought though a bit more vulgar than what the blond was thinking about.

On the other hand Rodrigo was contemplating on the information that he was given. He could get this man to work for him, but at the same time it would change his plans a bit. Also given the fact that the man himself was a mystery it was hard to trust him especially a mercenary at that. After a few minutes he made a decision.

"Signore Namikaze?" Rodrigo said his last name though he had a hard time saying it.

"Yes, your excellency."

"Would you agree to be part of the Papal Guard?"

"To be honest with you your excellency, I would, but I still have duties to perform and things to do before I could answer your question."

"It is fine, then. I will wait for your answer after you finish your business. But this offer is still applicable after you have done this 'job' of yours." Rodrigo said.

"That is all I need your excellency." Naruto said, before he and his men went back on their horses and started to back track to the way they came.

While they were back tracking a pair of green eyes of blonde hair woman look at her retreating savior. Eyes that saw with hope and possibly love?

Flashback end

And he did return back to Rome and took the title as a Papal Guard. He and his men were now official members of the Papal Guard and their usual job was to escort Lucrezia to all the places that she desire. Though Naruto could argue that her most favorite place to be right under him every night. Shaking the reminisce feeling, Naruto turned to his men.

"Alright men, let's get this carriage on a move! I want this convoy to arrive in three days and no less got it!" Naruto shouted to the men with him.

"YES SIR!" the men shouted back.

"Good then let's go!"

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