Vampire Of Tokyo
Chapter One

"Jeffery Zimmerman, a 25 year old college student, was found last night, dead. He had wounds that resembled the victims of the four vampire attacks this past week." Michiru shut off the TV, she had been sick of hearing of her own deeds. She hated who she was.

At that same time, in a penthouse apartment, on the other side of Tokyo, Haruka sat, watching the news intently. Ever since the vampire attacks had started, a little less then a year ago, she took up the task of stalking the 'vampire of Tokyo.'

Michiru Kaiou was a 21-year-old college student; she had discovered her vampire blood a year ago. Ever since then, she found herself out at midnight, every time she needed blood, attacking those who had made fun of her for being queer. Her lover, Haruka Tenou, was 22 years old. She had vowed to take down the vampire, before any of her friends had been hurt, especially the love of her life. But what Haruka didn't know, is that the love of her life, was the vampire that wreaks havoc on Tokyo almost every other night.

"Michi, have you seen the news?" Haruka spoke into the phone; Michiru easily picked up the worry in her voice.

"Yes, why?" She tried to brush it off as nothing really important.

"There was another vampire attack last night, I just wanted to make sure you're safe."

Michiru gently ran her fingers over the tiny gash on her face. Jeffery had put up a fight last night, and she had the mark to prove it. "Yeah I'm fine, I'm a big girl Haruka, and I can take care of myself." She looked out the window of her 3rd story apartment. The light never bothered her, but she never attacked during the day, on fear of being seen.

Haruka sighed on the other line. "Well, how bout we get together tonight, go out to a movie or something?" she wanted to be there for her love, be there to protect her.

"Only if you're paying handsome." they played this little game a lot, if Haruka wanted to take Michiru out, she always had to pay.

"Not a problem, I'll pick you up at…7, ok?"

"I'll be here and ready. I love you Ruka." she made a kiss noise against the receiver of the phone. Haruka did the same and they hung up.

Michiru played with her own mind for the rest of that day, trying to figure out the best way to tell Haruka that she was the vampire that was causing everyone so much pain. She's just afraid, that one day Haruka will make her mad enough to attack her.