Ok...None of you know this..I don't think anyway...but about three weeks ago I accidently deleted my Writing's folder, I've tried everything to get it back...But I can't.

That's why these stories haven't been updated in a while

Vampire of Tokyo

Chapter 13

"Michiru...hey, it's almost noon, are you getting up today?" Haruka stood in front of the window as light poured into the apartment's bedroom. "Michiru!" she nearly yelled into her lover's ear.

"AHHH!!!" She jumped up, looked around quickly then at Haruka, who was laughing. "Bitch!" She threw a pillow at her and looked around, the decor of the room being just a little bit different then the day before. "Did you do anything in here since last night?"

She looked around, then back at Michiru. "No...not that I think of, I just woke up this morning when Rei called to invite us to Usagi's baby shower."

Michiru's mind went blank, she thought she had killed Rei. "Rei....called?" she stared blankly at Haruka.

She got a look of worry on her face and sat down next to her, pressing a cool hand to Michiru's forehead. "Are you feeling ok hun?"

She shook her head, then rubbed it softly, piecing things together. "Haruka...I had the weirdest dream last night."