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Summary: A parallel story of 'A New Green Ranger.' What if instead of getting the Dragonzord coin, Conner had to get the White Tiger coin? A lost power returning along with an old enemy that the original rangers thought gone, and history catches up with a certain pink ranger. Can Conner handle what could be their hardest task yet?

It wasn't hard really, meeting the Dino Thunder team's attacks move for move as they trained in a little clearing just outside his house. Pushing one of Trent's attacks to the side, Dr. Oliver punched him in his side and knocked him out of the way before leaning back to dodge Conner's fist.

'Hm, they getting stronger that's for sure,' the black Dino Thunder Ranger thought as he kicking Kira in the back and caused her to fall into the red ranger, 'but they still have a ways to go.'

Crouching down, he shouldered Ethan and tossed him into Trent, the four rangers panting as their mentor turned to face them. It was all too natural to move into his old fighting stance and wait for the team to attack him. Just as the older ranger predicted, the four charged him, trying to catch him off guard, and opened themselves up to his own attack. The first attack was easy, Ethan taking the first blow in the group as the blue ranger hit the ground, Tommy grabbing a hold of his wrist and elbowing him in the back. As the blue ranger fell the white ranger moved in the two exchanging a couple of blows before Trent made the fatal mistake of leaving himself open to the older ranger's attack. Grabbing the back of his neck, Tommy kneed him in the gut and watched as Trent doubled over in pain and collapsed to the ground, this left Conner and Kira, these two moving into attack their mentor. The yellow ranger was the first to reach him oddly enough and quickly dispatched a flurry of attacks that the black ranger either dodge or blocked.

'Heh she's a lot like Kim with the way she's moving,' Tommy thought as he flipped her over his shoulder and grabbed a hold of Conner's wrist, 'and Conner's getting better every day.'

Struggling against his mentor's hold, Conner glanced at his yellow wearing friend who was getting up and gave her a nod as he shifted his body so that they could attack at the same time. The red and yellow ranger attack again, Tommy dodging with an ease that only came from years of training before knocking Kira back to the ground. Now all that was left was Conner, the red ranger staring him down as if he was assessing the team's mentor and he knew, they all knew, that they weren't going to be able to really win. That's when Tommy saw the fire in Conner's eyes, the fire that was there in every red rangers' eyes that told those fighting them they weren't to be taken lightly.

A soft wind blew through the area as they stood facing each other, both of them waiting for the other to make the first move, Conner was the one who made that mistake. He swung at his sparring partner and mentally groaned as Dr. O dodged and retaliated. Matching the younger red ranger blow for blow, Tommy couldn't help but be reminded of a younger version of Jason though Conner lacked the training that his longtime friend had. Locking the younger ranger's arm in between his arm and chest Tommy glanced over at Conner and smirked as he noticed that the fire had yet to leave his eyes. Flipping Conner over his shoulder he was surprised to see him land on his feet and break free, quickly twisting his body to go into a jump spin kick. Rolling to tackle him. This however did nothing to stop the young red ranger as he skidded to a stop and turned to attack again.

'Okay time to take the kid gloves off,' Tommy thought wiping his hands off on his workout pants.

Getting into a fighting stance, Tommy pushed off and attacked the red ranger, catching Conner off guard for a second. Getting knocked back a few feet, Conner looked down at where he was hit and then up to Tommy before getting back up and using his super speed to assist him. Rushing pass his opponent, Conner kicked of a nearby tree and twisted in midair to kick Dr. O, leaving himself open. This proved to be a fatal mistake as Tommy took a couple of steps forward and side stepped the attack before turning and punching Conner as he landed. Going in for a few more punches Tommy ended by flipping the red ranger onto the ground and placing his knee on his chest before raising his fist for the final blow. Closing his eyes, Conner waited for the hit but when none came he opened his eyes again to see Tommy smirking at him.

"And that's why you don't leave yourself open," their mentor said standing up and helping Conner back to his feet, "you guys are getting better still there's still some room to grow, but we're going to call it quits for today I have company coming over and I want to get washed up before they get here."

"Wait who's coming over Dr. O?" Ethan asked curiously.

"Some of my old teammates are coming over to visit," he replied as they headed towards his house, "and no you guys can't stay to meet them."

"Oh come on Dr. O," Conner said running over to walk next to him.

"Yeah when's the next time we're ever going to meet some of your old team?" Kira added smiling, "who's coming over anyway?"

"Jason, Kim, and Kat are coming over," the black Dino Thunder ranger replied shaking his head.

"Whoa whoa whoa hold on there," Conner said stepping in front of Tommy, "Dr. O you're telling us, me and Kira specifically, that our predecessors are coming to town and we don't get to meet them?"

"Guys I just want a normal night with my…"

"Actually I really would like to meet the original Pterodactyl," Kira pointed out making their mentor sigh.

"Come on Dr. O you have to let us meet them," Ethan pleaded, their black ranger now putting on his glasses.

"I'll admit even I'm interested in seeing them," Trent added, the other three grinning at the white ranger.

"Alright," Tommy said pinching the bridge of his nose, "you guys can come over tomorrow and meet them but tonight it only us."

"You got it Dr. O," the team said grinning as they ran off, "see you tomorrow."

The older ranger sighed and walked into his house, heading up the stairs and straight into the bathroom. He loved his new team, really he did but sometimes he needed to be reminded that his friends weren't teens but adults and it was nice that they finally had time to see them. Opening the door to his bathroom he turned on the shower and looked at the mirror next to him, checking to make sure that there wasn't any noticeable injuries. It wasn't that he was worried that the others would find out about his new place in ranger history, they were already well aware since he had multiple calls after his first time morphing again. Moreover he wanted to make sure that he look presentable when Kim showed up, he'd be lying if he said he didn't still have feelings for her, and he wanted to put the past behind them and hopefully move towards the future together.

'That is if she doesn't already have someone else in her life,' he thought to himself as he took off his shirt, 'but that's something to worry about for when they show up.'

It had been a long day for Conner and at the moment all he wanted to do was go and lay down in his bed, but knowing his friends he would be getting a text any moment from a certain singer who had an uncanny ability to know when he was about fall asleep. Just as he sat down on his bed his prediction came true as his phone buzzed and show that, instead of texting him, Kira was calling him.

"Hello?" Conner asked answering his cell phone.

"Hey red what's up?" Kira replied, Conner smiling as he shook his head.

"Not much, just figured I'd get some rest before dinner after that work out," he answered laying down.

"Yeah you took a bit more of a beating today than the rest of us didn't you?" Kira teased making Conner chuckle, "but seriously Conner you're doing great out there, even Dr. O has said you one of the strongest out of the five of us."

"And yet I still couldn't beat Trent," the red ranger pointed out, his attitude changing dramatically as memories of his fights with the white ranger resurfaced.

"Hey don't let that get you down Conner, we didn't know what to expect when the white ranger first showed up," the young yellow ranger assured him.

This lifted Conner's spirits a little bit, but he was well aware of the mental walls that were placed due to him losing to Trent when he was against them instead of with them.

"Hey what are you doing tomorrow night?" Kira asked catching him off guard.


"I asked what are you doing tomorrow night," she repeated, thought the red ranger was certain that he could hear a smirk in her tone of voice now.

"Um after meeting the original rangers I don't really have any plans," the red ranger replied sitting up and sitting against the head of his bed.

"Great, you want to go see a movie afterwards, I heard that the Batman Begins was pretty good," Kira said excitedly, Conner raising an eyebrow.

"Really, I thought you weren't that big into super hero movies," Conner pointed out smirking.

"I'm not, but I know you are," came Kira's reply confusing the red ranger even more, "come on I know you want to go see it and I'm willing to go see it with you."

"Well I…"

"Conner it's time for dinner," Mrs. McKnight called out from down the stairs.

"Coming!" Conner yelled back returning his attention to his phone, "Hey sorry I got to go."

"It's cool I heard your mom," Kirs said with a laugh, "but really why don't the two of us go to the movies tomorrow, it can be whatever we want to see."

"Alright we'll head to the movies after we meet the past rangers, but I'm going to have some questions for you when we go there," he laughed as he got out of his bed.

"Wouldn't have it any other way, see you tomorrow red," the yellow ranger before hanging up.

Closing his cell phone, Conner ran his hand through his hair and tossed it on to his bed before leaving his room. It wasn't strange that Kira wanted to hang out, she was the one who normally suggested it when the group wasn't doing anything, what was strange was that she wanted it to be only the two of them. Pushing that thought to the side for now, the young red ranger walked down the stairs before stumbling a bit as a flash of a figure in white, with black armor and a coin on the chest flashed through his head. This hadn't been the first time either, and he was well aware of who that figure was, the Mighty Morphin' white ranger, but he wasn't sure why it was happening. Closing his eyes to try to stop the headache from getting worse, Conner looked down and noticed a slight white glow surrounding him.

"Okay that's new," he muttered as it died down, "going to have to talk to Dr. O about that tomorrow, hopefully it's nothing too bad."

Messagog wasn't too pleased that all of his plans to that point had been defeated by a group of teenagers, nor was he happy that he had not only lost his evil ranger but the clone of his evil ranger as well. Now he was in a situation where he needed to come up with a plan that would not only assure his victory, but would do nothing less than destroy the rangers and bring him their dino gems.

"I need a warrior that will bring the rangers to their knees, someone that will prove….most fatal to them," He hissed as he walked over to the computer, "maybe someone from Oliver's past will be helpful."

Videos of Tommy's past appeared on his computer screen and the dinosaur hybrid watched closely as he tried to find what he was looking for. All of the monsters that Tommy had faced in his past were strong, had to be in order to fight the rangers, but none of them posed a big enough threat to defeat the rangers. Finally one of the monsters that seemed to be giving the rangers some trouble caught Messagog's attention, said monster wearing gold armor with blue wings holding his own against the whole team or rangers.

"Ah yes he would be most useful," Messagog said as he tapped his claws together.

"Who would be useful master?" Elsa asked walking in.

"Ah Elsa I'm glad you're here," the dinosaur hybrid said looking back at her, "I have come up with a plan to destroy those rangers once and for all, but first I need a certain crystal we have just come across."

"A certain…Master Messagog do you mean the star shard that we managed to get a hold of recently?" Elsa asked confused.

"Most definitely, if my plan works then I will need that star shard for our new friend," he replied tapping his claws together behind his back, "that won't be a problem now will it?"

"O-of course not master, I'll be back in a moment," she muttered as she bowed before leaving the room.

"Now then while Elsa does that, I have a more…strenuous task to adhere too," Messagog muttered, "opening a time portal is never easy and I don't want to risk destroying my lab."

Turning back to the computer, Messagog moved around and moved certain things into place. After moving one last device into place, he moved over to the computer again and started to type away at the keyboard. The five devices all started to form balls of energy at their tips before electricity started to crackle in the middle of where they were all pointing. Messagog was right, it wasn't easy to open a time portal, but after watching the Time Force rangers he had been working on his own way to open a rip in time for his own purposes. This however never seemed to work in his favor as it would either explode or collapse on itself before something could come through. He was certain that this time it would work though as he had been working on calculations to avoid these issues and now it was time to put it to the test. Watching the energy starting to form, a blue ball of energy formed in the middle and from it electricity lashed out before a blue monster with gold armor appeared and it vanished.

"What's going on here?" the monster asked looking around, finally seeing Messagog standing in front of him, "and who are you?"

"Welcome Goldar, I am Messagog," he replied walking over to him, "and I have a problem that you can help me with."