Kira groaned as she felt herself starting to wake up, realizing that she was on a cot instead of on her comfy bed back home. Just as quickly as she questioned that she recalled what had happened her opened her eyes, attempting to sit up only to feel a sharp pain in her stomach as well as a gentle hand pushing her back down onto the cot.

"Whoa there rockstar," she heard coming from next to her, "you need to be careful otherwise those stitches will break and your wound will reopen."

"C-Conner?" Kira stuttered looking up blushing.

Conner stood there grinning down at her, a red button up shirt over his white tank top and a few bandages covering his cheeks and parts of his arms. Kira was certain that if he wasn't wearing a shirt that she would also see some covering his abdomen and chest as well. Overall though it seemed that the red Dino Thunder Ranger, as well as the newest White Tiger ranger, was doing well despite his recent battles.

"Glad to see you're finally up," Conner said helping her sit up slowly, "we were starting to get worried but Dana said you'd be fine."

"What happened?" Kira asked looking up at her leader, "the last thing I remember was that Goldar had stabbed me and was thrashing the others."

"Do you remember anything after that?"

"You appearing in a flash of white and snapping Goldar's sword," she muttered trying to recall the events, "then...nothing."

"I had my fight with Goldar," Conner explained sitting down next to her, "long story short I beat him and we sent him back to his proper timeline."

"So no more Goldar," the yellow ranger asked with a small smile.

"Not in our time at least," Conner chuckled, "we have the Star Shard upstairs, once we destroy it we'll have our powers back, we were just waiting for you to wake up."

Kira nodded and attempted to shift her weight so that she could stand only for another bout of pain to shoot through her body. Conner sighed and shook his head, reaching over to help her up and allowing her to set her weight against him.

"So what are you going to do...about your family situation?" Kira panted as they walked towards the stairs.

"It's already been discussed," Conner muttered, "we're going to talk to my adopted parents about it later but for now I believe the plan is for me to spend weekends with Tommy and Kimberly and the rest of the week I'll be with the McKnights, or some other variation if the McKnights don't approve."

Conner sighed and stopped for a second, Kira looking up at him and noticing the distant expression in his eyes. Reaching out she gently took a hold of his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze to comfort him.

"You going to be okay?"

"...Yeah, I'm just not looking forward to the conversation between the four of them," the red ranger admitted squeezing her hand back, "I have a bad feeling it's all going to come down to what I want to do."

"Well we are eighteen after all," the yellow ranger reminded him, "we're old enough to make our own decisions."

"I just don't want to hurt anyone," Conner replied, "and I feel that if I'm put in on the spot and choose either side I'll hurt the ones I don't choose."

Kira, with a few shaky steps, walked in front of Conner and turned around before pulling him into a hug. The two stood there for a few moments, Conner hugging Kira back and resting his head on her shoulder while the yellow ranger rubbed his back.

"I'm sure whatever you choose will be what's right for everyone jock," Kira promised with a smile, "but right now let's get our powers back."

"Yeah," Conner replied with a grin, "let's."

The two continued up the stairs and into the livingroom, Kimberly walking over and pulling Kira into a soft hug.

"We're glad you're awake Kira," the pink ranger said stepping back, "we were all worried."

"Thanks Kim," Kira replied before looking at everyone else, "and I'm sorry for worrying you all."

"It's fine Kira," Tommy stated from where he was sitting, "the good thing is you're now okay."

"Well for the most part," Dana remarked walking into the room, Carter right behind her, "I still want you to take it easy for awhile okay Kira?"

Kira nodded and then turned towards the table, seeing the Star Shard laying there with Trent and Ethan to the side. Conner and Kira walked over to the table, the younger Dino Thunder members looking at the object holding their powers.

"So how do we break this thing?" Trent asked looking at their red ranger.

"Not sure but we have to think of something," Conner replied picking it up and looking it over, "maybe Saba can help with that."

Holding out his hand Conner summoned his enchanted saber and Kira was able to get her first good look at the weapon.

"So this is Saba?" she asked looking the sword over.

"Indeed I am," Saba replied making Kira yelp in shock, "I'm sorry did I scare you?"

"A-a little," Kira muttered looking away, "I forgot you could talk."

"Saba is there a way to destroy the Star Shard?" Conner asked the saber, turning it to look at the gem.

"Hm...I believe if you feed enough power into it that it should be enough to destroy it," the saber replied, "but it would require a significant amount of energy and it would have to be in the form of a fast strike."

"So how are we going to do that?" Jason asked walking over to them, "last I checked these guys don't have there powers and the dino coins are long gone."

"Not all of them," Conner replied pulling the White Tiger Coin from the morpher around his waist, "we could use this but I don't think it will be enough."

"Unfortunately you're correct Conner," Saba confirmed sadly, "but if the white tiger was joined by the falcon and the crane…"

Conner looked over to his birth parents, both of them looking at each other and then to Saba in shock.

" could work," Tommy muttered thoughtfully, "we never really lost touch with our ninjetti powers."

"It's worth a shot," Kim agreed walking over to her son, "that is if you want my help."

Conner nodded and looked over to Tommy who nodded as well before walking over to the two of them. Setting the Star Shard down Conner held Saba out in front of him and closed his eyes to concentrate.

"White Tiger."

A flash of white surrounded Saba for a second before Conner felt a smaller hand touch his.

"The Crane."

A flash of pink and from the other side Conner felt his father place his hand over the top of his and Kim's.

"The Falcon."

Another flash of white energy and Saba was engulfed in both colors as Tommy and Kimberly stood back and Conner walked over to the table. Flipping Saba so that his blade was pointing up Conner took a deep breath and raised the saber above his head. One swing and the group watched as Saba went through the gem and Conner stepped back, all of them watching as the Star Shard seemed unaffected. A crack appeared a second later and the Star Shard split apart, letting out a variety of glowing energy that circled around it and went to it's respected owner. The five rangers glowed their ranger color and soon the Dino Thunder rangers were standing there fully morphed and in super dino mode. Going back to normal the rangers reached up and took off their helmets, Kimberly smiling and hugging the black ranger who smiled back.

"Well welcome back rangers," Carter grinned looking at Tommy, "and really Tommy, black?"

Tommy laughed as shook his head, knowing full well where this was going.

"Not my choice," he said grinning, "the power chose me, not the other way around."

"I think you're only missing a few more colors," Dana joked, "and I think if any of us see you in pink…"

"Oh don't worry," Kim said smirking, "I already have an army of pinks ready to kick his ass if he dons that color."

Conner laughed, getting pulled into a hug by his birth parents as he noticed Kat pulling out a camera and taking a picture. Looking down the red ranger turned white smiled as he looked at the White Tiger coin then looked at Tommy and Kim before hugging them back, glad that this mission was finally done. Kira found herself in the guest room at Dr. O's house that she had claimed for herself later that day, lounging on the bed and reading a magazine. Flipping through the pages while looking at some really nice guitars she was brought out of her own mind when she heard a knock at the door and looked up to see a grinning Conner poking his head in.

"Hey there rockstar," he said making her smile.

"Hey yourself jock," she replied setting the magazine down, "and pray tell what were you going to do if I wasn't wearing anything?"

"Run for my life," the red ranger admitted before opening the door to show he was holding a laptop and a pizza box, "but in my defense I brought a peace offering."


"Meat Lover," Conner said setting it down in front of her, "and Batman Begins."

"That's still in the theater how do you have it on your laptop?" Kira asked impressed.

"Well when your father is best friends with one of the most scientific minds on the century," Conner explained sitting down, "i.e. Billy Cranston, you find that if you ask really nicely he might just get you a copy."

"Impressive," the yellow ranger remarked with a nod, "so pizza and a movie…"

"We never had a chance to go on our date," Conner answered smiling softly, "and yes I do consider this a date."

"Do you really?" she challenged, "and why's that?"

Conner chuckled and moved so that he was resting against the wall, Kira moving carefully to do the same.

"Kira we're from two different social groups," Conner said taking a hold of her hand, "but there are a few things of which I am certain the first of which is that once we became a team I can't imagine fighting without you."

"And secondly?" Kira asked leaning against him.

"...I can't lose you."

Kira looked up in shock at his proclamation seeing him looking more serious than she's ever seen him before. Shaking his head Conner gave her hand a small squeeze before continuing.

"When I was on Earth-2, when I was fighting Lord Zedd over there, you were my driving force," he explained looking down at her, "I wanted to get back to you, and when I thought I lost you I wanted nothing more than to kill Goldar."


Kira reached up and cupped his cheek with her hand, making him look at her before leaning up and kissing him. The two stayed that way for a moment, enjoying the embrace of their companion before breaking the kiss and looking into each other's eyes.

"I don't know what you went through over there jock," Kira whispered resting her head against his chest, "but I'm here, I'm okay, and I'm not going anywhere."

Conner smiled and wrapped his arm around her before opening his laptop.

"Well it might be a little later then we thought," he said looking down at her, "but shall we start our date?"

Kira smiled and nodded, adjusting herself so she could easily reach the pizza and watch the movie while still resting against her date's chest. Walking down the hallway Kim was about to go into Kira's second bedroom to check on her when she saw her son and said girl resting against each other on the bed, a box of pizza mostly empty and the end credits of a movie playing on the laptop. The two younger rangers however were currently sleeping against each other. Smiling she walked in and picked up a spare blanket, draping it over them and turning off the lights before closing the door behind her.

"Good night you two," She whispered as she looked back at them, "and Conner you better treat her right."

Tommy groaned as he hit the ground the sound of metal foot falls making him look up to see King Mondo standing above him. Looking over to the side he saw his friends, both from the original team and from the Zeo team, fighting off the Machine Empire with little to no effect.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time Zeo V," Mondo stated looking down at him, "and now it's time for my revenge against you and your team for destroying my empire!"

"Tommy get out of there!" Jason yelled from behind him, Prince Gasket holding him back.

"Tommy!" Kim called out as she fought off some Cogs.

"Your friends won't be able to help you Tommy," Mondo told him, sounding almost smug, "but rest assure that once I'm done with you they'll be joining soon after."

Before Mondo could make the finishing blow though an explosion caught him off guard and through the smoke came the familiar appearance that struck fear in the program of the Machine Empire.

"Sorry Mondo."

Zeo V walked out of the smoke and dust, directing his gaze towards the Machine King.

"But I'm going to have to stop you right there."

Conner woke with a start looking around and finding that he was laying on the bed in the room that Kira used while they were there. Looking to his side he saw the yellow ranger laying next to him, Kira not having woken despite Conner's sudden movement. Panting the red ranger moved so that he was sitting up instead of laying down and ran his hand through his hair as he recalled the dream.

"What was that about?"

A/N: The story to continue in A Different Shade of Red. When that is to hit the web is still unknown to me but hopefully it should be soon.