"Right. So it's settled then....we're leaving! Now," I announced.

"But Kiz...we don't know how!" Objected Z.

"And I thought you liked it here. I thought you liked...me," Alex mumbled.

I went quiet. "Alex...it's not that. It was ok here, and you've been great. But I'm not a norn,"

"You look like one..." Sparkle pointed out.

"But we're not," Ruby told her. "We don't belong here. It was great, getting to know you...well," Ruby slightly glared at Joe, who replied, "what?"

"I think you know," she simply said.

"Ruby...is this about our baby? Because I found out something. Joe wasn't the father."

"Really?" Z and Ruby's eyes lit up.

"No," Joe continued. "It was a mistake. It was Joey, some other norn."

I raised an eyebrow at him. Well, maybe norns don't have eyebrows. But whatever. "Right. And you thought it was you? Surely you'd REMEMBER...well, kisspopping...Sparkle, right?"

"Um..." Joe looked blank. I rolled my eyes.

"So...Sparkle..." Z looked at her. Sparkle grinned, and asked, "are you Ok?"

He smiled back. "I'm great." Sparkle joined him, and Joe shrugged and walked over to Ruby who was practically jumping for joy. I laughed at her.

"This is serious, though. Come on. We gotta get out," so once again we operated the lift, and made it go down. Way down, to the temple.

"Ok, now I'm stuck," I moaned. "How WILL we get out of here? I liked Albia. I really did. But now, it's getting tiresome..."

"I know what you mean," Z mumbled. "If I ever have to eat another piece of cheese or a carrot again..."

"I miss everyone. Except Syeta," Ruby said with hatred in her eyes. I had to think. We needed to get home. There had to be a way.

After a minute or so, I jumped up. "Oh! Oh!" I said over and over again.

"Kiz, you sound like a lunatic," Alex joked. At least, I think he was joking. "What's up?"

"I...I've got it!"

"What?" Z asked hopefully.

"Can we get home?" Ruby said.

"I think so. Remember how we got in?"

Ruby tried to think. "We were playing Creatures..."

"Duh," Z interrupted. "We had that remote thingy..." He smiled as he realised what I was thinking. But then his face fell. "Kiz, It's a good enough idea. But we have no idea at all where that thing is."

"Well, we'll just have to look for it!" I smiled, but the others groaned.

"Count me out," Joe muttered. "Albia is huge. It could be anywhere..."

"It's not THAT big," I protested. "Anyway. Think back to where we got in."

"By the kitchen," Ruby remembered.

"That's right," Z said. "But there's nothing around there. The computer. That's..."

Me, Ruby and Z grinned at one another.

"It's the way we got in...it's the way we'll get out," I told them.

"But...our computer teaches you words," Alex replied. "Now if you had that remote thing you got in with, it would get you out. But we can't find it."

"Look around the computer," I ordered Ruby. "I'll look around the kitchen. And Z, look right by the incubator!"

So we all went to our places, our norns helping. Just then Ruby screamed.

"What?" I said in horror.

"I...I've found it!" Ruby held up an object, which was....the remote! I was so happy, I was practically crying.

"Yay!!" I exclaimed, and gave everyone a hug! "We're going home..." I sung. Then I realised, I'd be leaving Alex, Sparkle, Joe, everyone.

"Guys," I said softly. "We have to go,"

"Don't," Sparkle ordered.

"We have to," Z told her. "We'll miss you all...."

"Ready?" Ruby quickly said.

"Already?" I whined. "Well...goodbye,"

"This isn't goodbye. We'll see you. You just won't see us..." Z explained, but didn't think they understood him.

I gave Alex a huge hug. Z hugged Sparkle, and Ruby did the same to Joe, holding the remote in the other hand/paw.

After a couple of seconds, when we were about to let go, a white flash began.

"Ruby, you pressed it?!" I said, horrified. "No! Not yet..."

It was so bright, none of us could see. Nothing. We didn't know where we where, whether we were human or not, nothing....

I tried to speak. And succeeded. "G...guys?" I stuttered.

I could see! We were back at Z and Ruby's house! I was ecstatic.

"We're....we're back! I gave Ruby and Z a huge hug, and it was a minute before we could think, or realise anything...

Luckily, I came to my senses quicker than my cousins. I noticed that three other people were standing with us.

"Wh...who are you?" Z asked, seeing them too. I didn't need to ask.

"It's you...isn't it?" I hissed.

"I...I guess," Alex moved around. "Now this is weird."

"But cool!" Ruby squeaked. "Joe! Alex! Sparkle! You're here! But how..."

"We were holding them when you accidentally pressed the remote!" Z said quietly.

"Wow," I simply said.

"What are we going to tell Mum and Dad? Or Syeta?" Ruby whispered.

"They're...friends from school?" I shrugged, then grinned. "It'll work."

"This is just...fantastic!" Z exclaimed again. "Now, what do you wanna do? Play Creatures?"

We all laughed. "I think we've had enough of that for now!"

So true it was. But if it hadn't have been for Albia, we would've never met the norns of our dreams. I say 'norns...' Oh well. Now we were happy, and would be for a long time!

And I'm done! Yay!!! If you're still reading this, thanks! I really hope you liked this story! Thanks so much to everyone who reviewed, and of course to Ruby and Z!!