by October

Rg Veda FF. HE. PG-13. Post-Volume 10, so SPOILERS THROUGHOUT.

Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine and I'm making no money from them.


When CLAMP wrote "Rg Veda" they took a lot of artistic liberty with the Vedic mythology. In this story I continue CLAMP's mythical spin-offs, while trying to expand on some ideas just for fun. I hope it's more interesting than messy!

Yasha needs some background explanation for this story. The CLAMP character is actually a hybrid, a combination of the Southern Quarter Guardian Yama, God of Death and Righteousness, and a Yaksha, a demon. So Yasha/Yama in this story really is the God of Death as well as being the king of a lost clan. (In the Vedic mythos the Yaksha clan lived in the North in the Himalayas, in a valley called Alaka.)

CLAMP got half of Ashura from the Asura clan, another bunch of demons. This clan was more aggressive than the Yakshas and in the old stories they terrorized the earth until the god Shiva stopped them. Ashura's other half is, fittingly, derived from one specific, gender-ambiguous form of Shiva. So I beefed up Ashura's role a little as an avatar of Shiva.

It's food for thought that both Yasha and Ashura are actually half-god, half-demon, as opposed to Taishakuten who is based only on the god side of things, and Ashura-ou who is pure demon despite his good looks.

My references to high technology, like the vimanas (airplanes, UFO's) are taken from the original myths. There Is a real Sanskrit term for "airplane hangar..." Whether I spelled it right is another thing.

My references to the Ashura engineer Maya and his band of refugees are drawn from the myths. Where they ended up are the speculations of historians. And Tenkai itself is here brought a little closer to Earth as I tried to make its geography and its people correspond more closely with ours.

Thanks for reading my story. CC is welcome, but flames... Well, Ashura can handle those... ^_^;;