Hello everyone!

Those of you that have read any of my other fanfics probably know that I don't do OCs very much. But this one presented herself and I couldn't resist the temptation.

I really want to hear from you all on this one because whether or not I continue it will be based largely upon your reaction to it. If you like this idea and would like me to continue, I will definitely do so, because this OC is very interesting to me as well. I also thought it might be fun to have a character that would dance on the line between hero and villain. But I hope you'll tell me what you guys think after you read.

Ch. 1-Wraith

Look at me. Straight, black hair falling down to my waistline framing my pale face. There's no light in my eyes. I look like a wraith, like something that could drain the life out of anything just by touching it. Fortunately for the fish-freak in front of me, I'm not. I haven't been here long. Less than ten minutes, and they're already crowding me.

Funny…isn't it?

Turns out the Devil doesn't come in a red cape with pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wanted. That's how I felt about this job. It sounded like a dream come true, but its already looking like it's going to be drag. I can already tell that I should have never agreed to this offer. I haven't even been here ten minutes and they're already crowding me. I've seen this before. You do one job for an organization like this and they never let you out.

The Fishman leads me further down the dark hall to a big room with windows all along the ceiling. So this guy's base is a church? I roll my eyes and shake my head. He'd probably be a lot less conspicuous if he'd chosen an old warehouse instead. But no. Clans like this one always had to do things the hard way.

"Master Shredder." The Brazilian-accented fish grumbles and the throne chair at the other end of the room swivels around. An ominous bladed figure stands slowly and growls to let the fish know he's listening. "The bounty hunter you were expecting." The fish said, gesturing to me.

"What?!" A blade slid out of his gauntlet and my eyes narrowed. "This is nothing but a child!"

"You wanted a bounty hunter. You wanted the best. Well I am the best." I drew my kabutowari and pointed it at him. "And nobody calls me a child!"

Shredder's eyes narrowed. "Tigerclaw, attack!"

I felt the attack coming before I saw it and I swept down and out of the way in time. Spinning around in a circle skid, I came face to face with a mutant tiger. He had an eye patch over one eye and a scar on the other. I couldn't stop a dark smirk from spreading across my face. Finally, a challenge. "Tigerclaw? The famous bounty hunter? Huh. Now why would your boss be needing another one if he already has your services? Maybe he's thinking its time to get rid of old merchandise. Replace it with someone newer. Someone…younger." The big cat mutant growled and threw punch after punch. I had to admit he was good…but not as good as me. I dodged each and every blow, barely breaking a sweat. Bounty hunters. Always so predictable.

I sighed. Guess he wasn't that much of a challenge after all. I thought as I took advantage of a lull in his offense and sent a sharp kick straight to his ribs. He growled at me and grabbed the spot where I'd hit him. I bared my teeth and hissed at him like a cat. That only infuriated him ever further. He caught me off-guard and managed to hit me square in the chest with a mighty punch. I hit the wall and fell to the ground, carefully staying as still as possible to see what he would do next. Being a bounty hunter, he'd most like come over to survey and take pride in the damage he'd done.

That was exactly what he did. Ugh. I need a new job. This one is just too easy. As soon as he lifted me off the ground, my eyes snapped open and I lashed out, using my momentum to grab his arm and pull it behind his back. Not quite enough to break it, but it was definitely a sprain. I jumped onto his back and pinned him to the ground, crouching over as I whipped out my blade and held it to his throat with a smirk. "Too slow, old-timer."

I looked at the 'Shredder' who had summoned me here as he hummed thoughtfully.

"Release him." He bellowed.

I snarled. "I don't take orders from you." Shredder's eyes narrowed. He definitely doesn't like that. Well, too bad, so sad. I'm nobody's pawn. "I don't take orders from anyone. You want a job done? You pay me at this account." I threw the card down on the floor in front of us, pressing the blade even tighter against Tigerclaw's throat as he growled. "Now normally, I don't do jobs for syndicates, so I'm afraid this one's really gonna cost ya. You willing to pay? Or should I just bounce on out of here right now?"

Shredder looked as though he was considering it. "I will pay if you succeed."

I narrow my eyes and nod. "Fine."

"It is not wise to be impertinent with me, bounty hunter." He says threateningly.

"Was that supposed to scare me?" I shot back with a cool, calm edge of anger in my voice.

Shredder was not a happy camper. Not at all. He looked about ready to come at me right now. A smirk curls at the corner of my mouth. Huh. This might just get interesting…

But as soon as his hands tensed, they relaxed. "I want you to bring me the turtles."

I raised an eyebrow, intrigued. "Come again?"

"Your target." He stalked over to where I was crouched, still pinning Tigerclaw with my blade at his throat. A picture dropped to the ground at my feet. Four turtles, each wearing a mask. One blue, one orange, one purple, and one red.

Hmm…maybe this gig will be more interesting than I thought… "Why do you want them so badly?"

"Silence, bounty hunter! You will bring me the turtles or you will die before you can even set foot outside this room!"

I was absolutely enraged. My blade began to cut shallowly into Tigerclaw's neck. "I told you, tin can! I don't take orders! But I'll bring you your turtles: dead, alive, together or separately. So you better be ready to dish out some serious dough." I paused, smiling victoriously at his growl. "And as for leaving…" I yanked the blade away from Tigerclaw's neck and grabbed the photo of the turtles off the ground before shooting my wrist grappler up. The shattering glass made Shredder and Tigerclaw moved back as the sharp shards rained down on them. I landed on the roof with a dark chuckle. Tigerclaw looked as though he was about to come after me, but Shredder's voice stopped him. "Tigerclaw, let her go."

"Master Shredder, surely you can't believe that that girl can capture the turtles?!"

"Silence Tigerclaw! We will see whether or not her skills prove useful. If they do…we might be able to use…alternative means of persuasion."

I scoffed at that remark. Huh. I'd like to see you try. Like I said: Nobody has control over me.

I work on my terms.

I hop over to the next roof and glance down at the photo in my hand. Hmm…turtles, eh? My eyes ran over each individually, taking in their differences in build. This picture was taken in the midst of a battle and it looks like they were putting up a very good fight. I can't help but smile. Well…this job might, just might be an interesting challenge.

And its been too long since I've had a challenge.

So how do you feel about it? Should I continue? Tell me your thoughts.