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Ch. 3-Black Cat

I perch on the corner of a ten story apartment building, my hands gripping the edge harshly enough to leave a mark as I shift into the predatory position of a feral feline. Below me is my quarry, all four of them. They're fighting those idiotic thugs again, whom I understand are called the Purple Dragons. Pfft, the street scum don't even deserve to be called a gang. The turtles could fight these jokers with their eyes closed. So there's no small wonder that right now I'm a little bit bored. I mean, come on. I want to study my prey in action. The least they could do is give me something entertaining to watch!

That's actually why I'm all the way out here on the corner of the building. I want to see if I can make things a little bit more interesting. I know it's only a matter of time before Raphael notices me. As soon the thought passed my mind, I felt someone watching me from below. I smiled and turned down towards them, but my grin faltered. Raphael had noticed me, yes. But so had Leonardo.

Damn. In my haste to attract Raphael's attention I had forgotten that his brothers were just as, if not even more, observant. That was a rookie mistake. I growled under my breath and back-flipped onto the roof behind me. I fingered a smoke bomb in my hand and was about to throw it down and disappear, but as I felt the rush of air behind my back and heard the sound of someone landing softly on the rooftop, I just couldn't resist. His katanas sang as they sliced expertly through the air. What a beautiful sound.

"Halt." He commanded in a low, stern voice.

I smiled broadly and removed both my hood and my face guard before turning to face him. I stood leisurely, tilting my hips to one side, fingering my kabutowari casually. "Halt? I think someone's been reading too many superhero comic books." I said teasingly. His cheeks darkened a little and I smirked. He's very easily flustered. But the blush didn't make the angry look on his face lessen at all and he pointed one of his swords out at me.

"You're the one who attacked Raph a few weeks ago." He growled accusingly.

I nodded and shrugged my shoulders. "So?"

"So, you stay away from my brothers! If you ever hurt Raphael or any of them ever again, I'll—"

"I have no desire to fight you, Leonardo." I stated softly, knowing that the blue-clad ninja would take me at my word.

"Then what the shell do you want?"

I smiled. "Like I told your brother: that's classified."

He brandished a katana. "If you won't tell me, I will have no choice but to treat you as an enemy."

I surged forward and attacked. Leo moved his katana just in time to block what might have been a killing blow had he not intercepted it. I smiled as our blades scraped against each other. My left arm shot out and found a pressure point and Leonardo's eyes widened. I held the pressure on that point and though he gave considerable resistance, his katana finally fell to the ground. As soon as I released him he fell to his knees, breathing heavily. I sheathed my kabutowari and took his blade up off the roof. Before he could finish catching his breath, I aimed it at his throat. He held his breath, his big, blue eyes staring straight up into my void-like irises. I raised an eyebrow in intrigue. There was no fear in those eyes. None whatsoever. I smiled.

"He's right to call you Fearless." I watched as the comment changed something inside of Leonardo. There was something in his eyes that I had never known, yet could easily recognize: love. Love of his brothers, no doubt. Love that inspired him in everything. Love that also made him fiercely overprotective.

I straightened, not wavering in the slightest as I heard someone behind me. I grinned darkly and threw Raph's own words back in his face. "Fancy yourself a ninja, sweetheart?"

He was not amused. His lips pulled back into snarl and he growled at me.

"Nice growl ya got there, tiger." I said playfully.

Raphael looked about ready to explode. He was very entertaining to watch like this. It was like waiting for a balloon to pop. There was a slight thrill and rush that came from this though. Standing here wondering how much longer it would be before he threw himself at me with a cry of absolute fury. And yet…

I realized that he was looking past me. Ah, yes, of course. Leo. These two have a very strange habit of communicating without words. It's downright annoying. So I decided to put a stop to it. I held the blade closer to Leo's neck, the tip just pricking his skin, a little bit of blood starting ooze down. I looked back over at Raph. He was furious.

"Get away from him!" He shouted.

"Hey guys, what's—"

I was rather amused by the untimely arrival of the two younger turtles, who were now staring wide-eyed at the sight of me holding one of their big brother's katanas to his own throat.

"Leave him alone!" Michelangelo shouted furiously.

I scoffed and ignored him, keeping my focus trained on the two older mutants. I rolled my eyes. "Oh, come on. If I'd wanted to kill him don't you think I would have done it by now?"

"What do you want?" Raph asked slowly.

Now we're talking. All I have to do now is get the turtle alone. It's the only way I'll be able to convince him to team up with me. Once I do that and earn his trust, I'll automatically have the trust of the others. By the time they realize what I was really after, it'll be too late and good old Shredhead will set a new world record for biggest bowl of turtle soup ever eaten. I grinned at Mikey and Donnie, then Leo as a plan formed in my head.

"Hey, Donnie, Mikey, catch!" I tossed the katana at them and they both rushed to dodge.

"Mikey! Donnie!" Leo yelled, concernedly. I threw down a smoke bomb and darted over to Raphael.

"I want to talk to you." I whispered into his ear dragging him away with me. He allowed it, but one of his hands was resting warily on his sai. We jumped down the fire escape and I shoved him through the window of the second floor. This was an abandoned apartment building so there was nothing to worry about.

"RAPHAEL! RAPHAEL!" Both of us glanced towards the window at the sound of Leo's panicked cries.

"They care an awful lot about you." I stated softly. He said nothing, keeping his gaze riveted to the floor. "And you for them too, I think. You'd do anything to protect them...wouldn't you?"

He growled at my words and finally looked up at me with hatred and confusion in his eyes. "What the shell do you want from me?! You gonna kill me now?"

"If I'd wanted to kill you I could have easily done it the last time we met." I stated honestly, sauntering up to him.

"Awful sure of yourself aren't ya, Vamps? Overconfident much?" He huffed, raising an eye-ridge and crossing his arms over his plastron.

"Not at all. I am a force to be reckoned with. I'm the best there is."

"Gee, that must be boring. Not much to challenge ya when you're the best, is there?" He asked. He's goading me, I realized. He wants to make me mad. He's hoping to unhinge me the way he did last time. How utterly amusing.

I leaned forward until our faces were very close together and watched as his eyes narrowed in suspicion. What a fascinating shade of green. Not exactly human, but then again, neither was he. Feeling playful, I decided to indulge him. "You're the first challenge I've come across in ages."

"So what? You want to kill me to prove that you're still the best? What the shell is that gonna do for you?"

"I have no intention of killing you or your brothers." Yet, I thought wickedly.

"Then what the shell do you want?!" He yelled. I knew it wouldn't be long before his brothers found us here.

"I want your help."

He paused and completely froze up, which made me grin. A feeling I haven't felt in a long while crept its way up inside of me: amusement. The emerald green turtle's jaw was still dropped and his mouth was wide open. I reached out and casually closed it. Delayed by a couple of seconds due to the shock, he recoiled, with murderous anger in his eyes.

"You come after me, fight my brothers, threaten my family, and you want me to help you?!"

"I had to make sure that you were strong enough. That you would be a good enough ally. The man I seek to destroy could easily kill some of Japan's finest warriors."

"What the shell does any of this have to do with me? Why me?"

"I need all of you. You and your brothers." I corrected sternly.

He laughed bitterly. "Hate to break it to you, Vamps, but ya didn't exactly make the best impression on my brothers back there."

"You'll convince them."

Raphael threw up his hands. "I never said that I would agree to this."

"I didn't hear a 'no'." I said with a mischievous smirk. He growled. He knew that I could tell that he was interested.

"Meet me on the roof of Antonio's Pizzeria a week from today. We'll…" I could tell that he didn't really trust me and somehow, that only pleased me more. He grit his teeth and grudgingly hissed out, "…talk."

I smiled at him, my canines glinting in the moonlight. "See ya then, hotshot."

I flipped dexterously out the window onto the fire escape and returned to the roof. Raph's brothers were still there, huddled together as Leo barked orders. "Mikey, you go east, check inside all abandoned building and warehouses. Don, you go west and do the same. I'll go north."

I smirked and lay rather promiscuously across the parapet. When Leo was finally done speaking, I chimed in. "You know, I could probably save you a lot of time." I said, keeping my voice low and teasing.

The three of them turned and unsheathed their weapons, preparing for a fight. I lay back on the ledge and smiled, throwing my hands up. Slowly, Leo lowered his katanas, but didn't sheath them. A wise move on his part, yet his apprehension was unnecessary. I'd done my job for the night. Now I was off the clock.

"Where is Raphael?" He asked, his tone holding a very sharp and dangerous edge. I preened in the face of his fury feeling a sense of supreme accomplishment. From what I had seen of the turtles, Leonardo did not anger easily.

"Second floor down from here." The eldest turtle growled, but I caught the slightest hint of fear and panic in his eyes. Interesting. Fearless until it came down to the safety of his family members. Definitely a weakness. "And don't worry." They all looked at me like I was insane. I allowed my pin-straight hair to fall in a wave-like fashion in front of my face, hiding my rather pleasured smile at the sight of their angst. "He's fine. I didn't even bite him this time." I smirked darkly as I saw how unnerved they were by my words.

With that, I rolled backwards off the end of the building.

"What the—" Leo began and ran forward to look over the edge.

I landed soundly on my feet and pressed myself up against the building, ducking in a window ledge to conceal myself. Leo looked down into the alley, but soon drew away. I slowly crept out and went around the other side of the building and climbed in through a broken window to conceal myself in the rafters. The three brothers entered and looked around frantically for their brother, not noticing my presence. Raph was deep in thought, but he snapped out of it as soon as he heard someone coming and had concealed himself in the shadows. I rather admired how well he managed.

Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello entered cautiously, their weapons drawn, obviously expecting some kind of trap. As soon as Raph saw it was them, he called out. "Guys."

"Raph!" They exclaimed simultaneously, rushing over to him. Michelangelo practically barreled him over with a hug, while Leo and Donnie shifted nervously, their eyes searching him for injuries.

Of course their were none.

"I'm fine." He said slowly.

"What did she want?" Leo asked suspiciously, yet with a hint of genuine interest which I found somewhat flattering. Apparently I'd made quite the impression.

Raph scoffed a little and I crossed my arms over my chest. What the shell was he laughing about? Wait, did I seriously just think what the shell? I shook that off and paid attention.

"To show off, mostly." Raph muttered. I smirked. Yep, I'd say that was a fair assumption. If I was him, I'd say that too. After all, I was showing off. What good is a talent if you don't get to show it off? "And to talk."

"About what?"

"I'm not sure. We didn't really go into details. But I have a feeling she's gonna keep in touch." He said rather softly. I smirked wickedly down at him from the rafters.

Damn straight, Raphael. Damn straight.

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