Ravi never understood video games, yet here he is going to go to a video game store. He wasn't very excited they had to walk a half mile to get there. I knew I should've brought my walking sandals he thought.

"Guys I forgot my money at home, do you guys have anything?" Luke asked as they walked in the store.

"I gave it all to Emma" Ravi answered.

"Nope," Zay said.

"I don't either," Lucas said.

"I have a couple pennies that's it," Farkle responded.

"Do you have cell phones?" Luke asked.

"I do not," Ravi replied.

"Zay, Farkle, and I didn't bring ours," Lucas answered, "do you have yours Luke?"

"No, Jessie took mine away because I was taking pictures of her sleeping," Luke replied.

"What?" Lucas teased smiling.

"Nothing," Luke replied in a tiny voice. After the boys looked around the huge store, they decided to go home because it was pointless with no money and they knew Jessie would be looking for them soon.

One Hour Later...

"Um Luke, are you sure we should've turned left instead of going straight?" Ravi asked. He has been to the video game store with Luke a lot of times and he was pretty sure they took the wrong path. "It usually only takes 15 or 20 minutes to get here and back. Plus I'm pretty sure that it only took us 15 minutes to get here," Ravi continued.

"Maybe because you aren't walking fast enough," Luke replied. Ravi was about half a block behind Luke, Zay, Farkle, and Lucas.

"Did I not tell you yet that I am not wearing my walking sandels," Ravi said. Luke chuckled. "Maybe if you told me we going to walk a lot then I would've brought them and walked faster. Anyway, if you just didn't force me to be naughty then none of this would've happened," Ravi continued.

"Only Ravi would say a word like naughty," Luke commented. Ravi rolled his eyes.

"Hey look! There is a map!" Farkle exclaimed.

"We aren't that old," Luke said. Ravi pulled Luke towards the map.

"Um guys, you do realize we are in Queens," Luke said.

"But we live in Manhattan," Luke said.

"Ya," Lucas said.