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The ringing of the telephone woke Bella Swan from a deep slumber.

"What?" She asked, her voice croaky.

"Is this Bella Swan?" The unfamiliar voice asked.

"Yeah. Who's this?" Bella inquired. She had just fallen asleep a few hours ago. She was not up to being nice to this late night caller.

"This is Ellen McCarty. I am Emmett's mom." The voice informed her, breaking slightly and clogged with tears.

"Emmett? My brother in law, Emmett? Did something happen?" Bella asked, suddenly more alert.

"There was an accident…and Emmett…he's gone." Bella heard a sob.

"Oh God…and Rosalie?" Bella demanded, now wide awake and panicked. She had formed a close relationship with Rosalie the year before. They had both been having a rough time then, what with Emma and her health problems and Bella and her broken heart which had led her to transfer to a hospital in Portland closer to Rosalie and Emma. They formed a support system which both had desperately needed. Rosalie had moved back to Seattle with Emmett two months before while Bella had stayed behind in Portland.

"They are working on her now. Emma is hurt, too, but they haven't determined how bad yet. I need you to come here to Seattle. Rosalie has been asking for Bells and AllyCat."

Bella smiled at the nicknames Rosalie had given to her and Alice to irritate them. She took her role as the irritating little sister very seriously. She had to be okay if she was alert enough to ask for them.

"Have you called Alice?"

"She is on her way as soon as she can get a flight. Please tell me you are coming." Ellen begged.

"Of course I am…I can be there in two and a half hours. Which hospital is she at?" Bella asked already jumping up to throw things in her bag.

"University of Washington."

Bella paused. UDub. The place she had fled from the year before when the pain of seeing Edward move on had become too painful. All the therapy in the world couldn't have healed her of that. She still kept in touch with Kate and the others, with the unspoken rule to never speak of Edward. And now here she was going back. But that was neither here nor there. This was her family.

"I am on my way."


Ellen hung up the phone and took a shaky breath. She settled her gaze on the door to the room where they were working on her daughter in law. She looked down at her hands and prayed silently for a miracle. For both her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter, wherever she was in this hospital. They had stabilized her rather quickly and moved her. Most of the impact had hit the front and Emma had been nestled safely in the back.

"Ma'am?" A kind voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Yes. How is she?" She said bolting to her feet.

"I am Dr. Jessica Stanley. Mrs. McCarty is in very serious condition. She has head trauma, several broken bones and internal bleeding. We have stabilized her but we won't know the extent of her injuries until we do a CT. Once we have made a steady diagnosis we will know more. However, she is going to have to have several major surgeries to repair all of her injuries. Dr. Cullen, Dr. Dwyer, Dr. Mallory and myself will take her into surgery soon and we will do everything we can to help her. I have to ask, who is in charge of her medical decisions?"

"Oh…well with Emmett gone…" She choked back a sob and cleared her throat. "I am guessing it will be one of her sisters. They are on their way. One of them lives in Boston and one in Portland. Why?"

"Ma'am, even with all of the advances in medical technology we can't always save everyone. Her heart appears to be strong but if her head injuries are as bad as we think, she may fall into a coma or worse and we will need someone who will consent to her medical wishes."

"Okay…oh god…she may die…and…oh" Ellen said, gasping for breath. She couldn't lose Rosalie. She had already lost Emmett and two years ago, her dear husband.

"We will do everything we can for Mrs. McCarty." Dr. Stanley stressed to Ellen.

"Rosalie. Her name is Rosalie. She always said that I was Mrs. McCarty, that she was too young." Ellen laughed weakly.

"I will keep you updated on Mrs…on Rosalie's condition."

"Thank you."

Dr. Stanley nodded and turned to walk away.

"Dr. Stanley?"

"Yes Mrs. McCarty?"

"She has a little girl; she just turned one. She needs her mother and I was diagnosed with cancer four months ago. Emma needs her mother."

Dr. Stanley nodded again and disappeared around the corner.

Ellen rubbed her arms and prayed to God once again that Rosalie would be alright.


Bella threw her car in park and flew out of her seat, slamming the door. She rushed across the parking lot and through the entrance of the hospital. She had made it in two hours speeding the whole way, which was very stupid considering her sister and her family had just been in a horrific car accident.

"Rosalie McCarty?" She asked to receptionist.

"Are you a relative?"

"Yes, I am her sister."

"Bella!" She heard behind her back.

"Ellen! How are they?" She asked breathlessly.

"Emma is in the PICU having tests ran but it looks like she just has some minor injuries. She was pretty well protected in the back seat. Rosalie is in surgery. She has a team of doctors working on her. She has a crushed spleen and liver which is causing internal bleeding, a broken leg, arm and several ribs which is causing concern about a punctured lung and she has bleeding in the brain. They are worried most about the brain."

"Who is her neurosurgeon?" Bella asked. No matter her issues with Edward, he was the best.

"Um…a Dr. Cullen I believe."

Bella breathed a sigh of relief.

"He's the best."

"They asked who would make medical decisions for her. I figured you or Alice, but I don't know."

"Yeah, I guess one of us. Charlie certainly isn't fit to." Charlie didn't know anything anymore.

"Ellen, what happened? How did they…?"

"I am not really sure. A drunk driver is all I know. I don't know who it was or if they were brought here." Ellen said.

"Okay, let's go check on Emma and then settle in to wait for some news." Bella led Ellen to the elevator to go to the third floor. She couldn't shake the feeling that nothing was ever going to be the same from this day on.


"It's a beautiful night to save lives." Edward Cullen said as he began his portion of the surgery on Mrs. McCarty. He made a quick precise cut with his scalpel. He loved cutting. It had gotten him through the hell that was his life. Saving a life, when his own was beyond saving, was such a high. It validated him as a person. Yes, Edward Cullen had evaluated his life and as it turns out…he was a bastard. At least according to several of the third year residents that worked under him…namely Kate Denali, James Hunter, Bree Tanner and Riley Biers. He had ran Bella Swan out of town or rather his carrying on with Nurse Ratchet, as she was called. So they in turn had run her out of town. He didn't blame Tanya, he wished he could hightail it out of there on many occasions. Damn contract. Really wasn't worth being here without Bella anyway. Unfortunately, he had realized that way too late.

"Cullen!" The Chief yelled.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Get focused." He was ordered.

Edward looked down at the open brain he was working on. He was doing everything perfectly.

"I am."

"I yelled at you three times."

"I am focusing on the patient. I suggest you do the same, Phil." He demanded, offended. He was excellent at his work. He had more than plenty of time to master all of his surgeries and new ones. His only friend was Jasper. He had managed to alienate everyone else with his often surly mood.

"Damn it! The blood vessel just burst. I need suction!" Edward frantically worked on the patient.

"Her blood pressure is dropping! D Fib! Start compressions!" The activity swelled as everyone rushed to save their patient, never realizing whose lives would be changed if they didn't.

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