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Siriusly Wicked.

He was standing on the threshold of the library, staring at her hungrily. She could do nothing but stare back, like he was the most sensual being to have ever walked on earth. And he was. For her he was. The black locks of his hair hung lazily on his forehead, half-covering his eyes in that enticing way that drove her insane, the dragon hide jacket half open over a white t-shirt that clung to the muscles underneath like a second skin. He had a way of staring right at her, for long periods of time without looking away, even when she made eye contact with those grey-silver eyes. Scrutinizing, in a manner that made her feel like he could see under her clothes, under her skin and she could feel her heart beat faster every passing second. Barely breathing, she stood there, watching his every motion, studying him.

She never expected to feel attracted to him, or to their "roommate" for that matter, but ever since she moved into the Ancient and Noble House of Black, she couldn't fight the effects the close proximity to the two gorgeous wizards had on her. But she couldn't help it, and she had stopped fighting it about four months ago. She would wander around the house in.. less than her normal vestments, her gaze would wander freely down their bodies in an attempt to let them know she was interested, that she would most definitely respond to any sort of advance. She figured that one of them was a werewolf and the other an animagus, so they must have noticed the difference in her posture, if not in her attitude. She hoped that at least one of them would have picked up on the way she tried to sway her hips a touch closer than was necessary when passing by, or letting herself be caught watching them, but if they had, both men had neglected to show it or had yet to do anything about it. Suddenly they were spending more time at the Burrow or anywhere else for that matter, she worried that was their way of letting her down easy, to avoid a confrontation, and simply avoid her.

She couldn't even sort out her feelings, for she had feelings for both wizards. Frankly she hadn't a clue as to what she would do should one of the two finally respond, or Merlin forbid, both of them. But wasn't that what she wanted? Could she choose? Did she have a choice at all? She had no time to ponder on it, as the present matter came to the front of her mind once again at the sign of movement.

Today, while his friend waited in the kitchen, the resident animagus had walked into the library, only to find her in her brasier. She had spilt some hot chocolate on her shirt, just moments before he walked in, and thinking them already on their way to The Burrow, she removed the dirty garment not thinking about a possible accidental run in with anyone. And there they were.

"What are you doing, love? You're smarter than this." his voice came out like a low growl.

"Care to explain what it is you think I'm doing?" she retorted with a shaky voice. She didn't intend on sounding so insecure, but as it was, she was half frozen in place. For all her bravado and failed attempts at catching his attention, she was not prepared for the full force of Sirius Black's hungry gaze. After all the subtle looks and soft grazes, she didn't think he would catch her unaware and unexpectedly like this.

"You're torturing me, Hermione, you're slowly but surely driving me insane, is what you're doing. I keep thinking I'm imagining things, that you've become comfortable around me, little hugs that linger, a touch here, a graze there, when you pass by, all intentional but familiar gestures. Tell me it's all in my head, tell me I've become a lecherous hermit that's imagining things, tell me I'm finally showing the symptoms of the Black maddness." his voice was gravelly, it sounded like it was coming from somewhere deep in his chest, resonating with it's inner acoustic. "Tell me you're not doing it on purpose, Hermione." he pleaded.

So he had noticed, and yet the assumption that the one non-orchestrated action was what he took as prove, annoyed her to some degree. He was openly acknowledging he had noticed the changes, but thought her little accident was a manipulative stunt on her part. Was that what he thought of her? Her annoyance took a backdrop, however, when she realised that if he had noticed the little changes, then his best friend must have noticed too. However, the animagus seemed to take her lack of response as an answer, bringing her attention back to him when he spoke again.

"You've been playing a dangerous game, little witch, and now… you might just find out what happens when all bets are off." he sentenced.

Oh shit.

She had been waiting for this breaking point for over four months, and now that it was happening, she was petrified. She knew that she was helplessly in love with two different older men, though that particular point would have to wait for later consideration. She should have known that she was playing with fire, and yet… the truth was that she knew she was playing with fire, and wanted to get burnt. She was probably asking for it, really, best friends share almost everything with each other, things were bound to get messy if she got her way. But… now that she thought of it, it didn't sound like they had said anything to each other, otherwise it would have come up during Sirius's little speech. So they had refrained to share with the other the fact that they both were enjoying, and ignoring, the attentions of the young witch that happened to live with them.

Maybe he wanted her. Maybe they both did.

She looked up again, gathering all her Gryffindor courage. She could scarcely believe that she was right there, knees shaking, heart racing, in front of one of them, shirtless and wanting nothing more than to have his hands around every piece of exposed skin, or otherwise, that he could reach. She found herself completely lost in his eyes, in his lust. She had absolutely no idea, not a miserable little clue of how to proceed. She didn't know how to respond to his accusation, essentially because she knew that she was guilty of almost all charges, even if he didn't. However she could never have expected anything this… sudden. After everything, she just didn't know how to respond.

"Is that a threat, Black, or a promise?" the words were out of her mouth even before she could think twice about them. Her pulse was racing, her mouth slightly open, breathing in and out in what could have been the pace for a five mile marathon.

His lip twitched upward as he raised an eyebrow at her, almost inviting, asking for permission. For what exactly, she didn't know. She was about to grant it, when the door opened letting in the room, a very surprised and confused Remus Lupin.

It took her a moment to catch up with the entrance of her other roommate, but in that moment she felt the heat of the werewolf's gaze, having what could only be described as a visual feasting. She started to scramble for her shirt as Remus finally looked away from her, to evaluate the rest of the odd scenario in which he found his best friend and the normally modest bookworm.

"Uhm, Sirius, we're late." he said uncertainly. "Hurry up, mate. There's no use showing up early for the meeting without the letters from our contacts." he said as he cleared his throat and looked away from Hermione, who was still putting on her dirty shirt.

"I'm so sorry Remus, I'm afraid it's my fault. I think I startled Sirius, I thought I was alone in the house, so I didn't think I would come across anyone. I'll be on my way, have a good meeting." she said quickly as she half ran to her room. The men remained silent for a moment.

"So..." Remus started to say. "What was that all about?"

"I have no idea." Sirius responded tiredly, as he started to search for the letters in the desk of the library.

The werewolf simply stared at his friend, as he he thought about what he had just walked into. He hadn't said a word about it to Sirius, but he had been watching Hermione very carefully for a while now. She had become this absolutely breathtaking creature, and he couldn't tear his eyes off of her since she moved into Grimmauld. He had noticed some changes in her demeanor a while ago, and so he had to tear himself from staying in the house so much, afraid one day the wolf would force him to act on his more carnal instincts. She seemed to unknowingly be giving him encouragement, but truly she was being kind. She could not be held accountable for his less than pure thoughts or the way he misinterpreted her actions. She was still too innocent to understand that even as her friend, he was still a red-blooded man, and he had, after all, encouraged her to treat him like a friend and not her old professor. He had hoped that she didn't see him that way after eleven years.

But there was no misinterpretation of her meaning just before he walked into the library. At first, he truly thought he would find Hermione on Sirius' embrace. What little he had heard before entering the library had sounded quite compromising, or at the very least promising. However he had found them apart, and he had to ask himself if his mind wasn't playing tricks on him again. He closed his eyes and massaged his temples gently, as he took a deep breath to calm himself only to pause mid-breath.

He could smell something in the air, something dark and unmistakable was floating around in the whole of the library, that gave him pause. The nature of Hermione's words to Sirius, became quite clear after all.

"Sirius, what happened exactly before I interrupted your conversation with Hermione?" he watched his friend pace a bit in front of the desk, looking for the letters and seeming somewhat nervous. He halted and looked at his friend in the eyes for a moment before sighing and sitting in the leather chair behind the desk.

"She's driving me mad, Moony." he said no more than that, as he pulled a hand through his hair impatiently. "I keep imagining these crazy scenarios where she throws hints at me, and today I thought it was too much. She clearly doesn't know how Merlin forsaken sexy she is, because if she did, she wouldn't put herself in any of the situations that I keep misreading over and over again. Today I almost convinced myself that she was actually trying to seduce me." His voice was full of frustration and his words were rushed, almost like a guilty confession he could hide no longer. "But you need two to tango." he finished painfully.

He sounded tortured, and Remus understood perfectly what he meant. If he had been the one to walk into the library to find her in her underwear… there was a twitch in his pants at the thought. He shook his head as if to clear his mind and tried to remember what they were talking about.

"Breath deeply, Padfoot. Tell me what you smell." he said. As Sirius took a deep breath through his nose, he could see realisation starting to make it's way to his face, his eyes grew large with surprise and disbelief, to turn his head painfully fast towards Remus.

The smell of Hermione's arousal danced in the air all around the room and it was intoxicating, suddenly Sirius's pants were slightly tighter than before.

"What were you talking about?" Remus asked.

"You must have overheard us, with your sensitive hearing and all." he responded still somewhat entranced by the scent.

"I was distracted. I only caught something about a threat, or a promise?" he half asked.

"I don't think she knew what she was saying. Well, I suppose I must thank you, because if you hadn't walked in, I'm not sure what would have happened. " Sirius' eyes were closed now, in what he suspected was a smell induced trance.

And then it clicked. It all made sense.

"Padfoot, I think we've been underestimating the little witch that happens to live with us." his hand finding his way into his pocket looking for his watch. "Since we're already late, I think we should take a few moments to compare notes." he said as he turned to look at his friend.

"Compare notes?" he said, finally opening his eyes. His tone was clearly surprised. "You have notes to compare with?" he paused for a moment and stared hard at Remus. "You don't think—"

"Indeed." he responded, interrupting him.

"Do you want to—" he started again.

"Merlin, yes."

"Then let's not waste a single moment."

He hadn't seen the predatory smile that bloomed in Padfoots face in a really, really long time. He couldn't help but grin in return.

That was so close! She tried to be casual when Remus appeared, but that was way too close. She would have to be more careful. Today Molly was having a dinner at the Burrow for a little 'family' reunion, right after the Order meeting. If you were to believe the Weasley matriarch, at least a couple of weeks had passed since their last get together. Truth was the had a brunch not three days ago at Shell Cottage. None the less, she insisted it had been too long and was going to prepare a meal for the whole of the Order and extended friends and family.

They were all invited. Including them.

Well, that should be interesting. "Hello Molly, how have you been? Good? ... Aw I'm glad. I was going to ask your for your advice on a little matter. Yes, it's rather personal, but since you're like my mother and all, I'd thought you could impart some advice. Yeah, well… How do I seduce two best friends? Yes, it's just that I wanted to sleep with Sirius and Remus, without them finding out I'm sleeping with the other, perhaps convince them to share one night… or two. What do you think?... Is it that simple? Oh Merlin, Molly, thank you so much! So what's for dinner?"

Yes. That should work out just fine.

She was too distracted to pay much attention to what she was going to wear, but she did have enough brain cells left to think to put on the pair of jeans that seemed to catch Sirius's attention every time she walked by, and the burgundy top that earned her a comment from Remus a week ago. "That colour suits you very well, Hermione." he has said while reading The Daily Prophet. She didn't think he had meant anything by it, but it couldn't hurt to put it on tonight.

She didn't run into either wizard on her way to the fireplace, but just as she bent over to grab some floo powder, she felt a warm hand grazing the skin that was exposed between her shirt and her jeans. She shivered immediately, goosebumps appearing all over her arms. She turned around expecting to find grey eyes looking at her hungrily, hoping to finish what they had started earlier in the library. Instead, she found green eyes looking back at her.

The sharp intake of breath, and the unexpected proximity to the werewolf almost made her lose her balance. One of his hands shot out quickly to her lower back and around her waist to stabilize her. Their lower halves were now pressed to each other, and it felt like her body was made to fit perfectly into his, the friction building tension in all the right places, the temperature of his body, hot against her back. While this wouldn't normally be construed as wildly inappropriate, there was nothing apropriate about what it was doing to her body. Or the thoughts that were running furiously in her head.

"Everything alright, dear?" his eyes had a glint of amber, that usually came out around the full moon. "The man, having trouble reigning in the beast that lays underneath", that's how Remus had described it once, the battle reflected in his eyes.

If only he knew I wouldn't mind meeting his more… unruly self.

"Hmm, yes, yes, I'm fine, Remus. You just startled me, that's all, I think I lost myself for a second there." she cleared her throat, trying to compose herself, and to sound like a proper human being. She made to move out of his embrace, but he held her steady and tightened his grip on her.

She couldn't help let out a soft moan at the motion, having one of his legs now between hers, giving her the friction she hadn't felt in entirely too long. Any hope she had of not being heard went out the window the second she looked back and his eyes darkened. The feral look he was giving her almost made her gasp, but she couldn't help the shot of desire that went straight to her center. She wanted to feel embarrassed, to be at least slightly abashed at her wanton behaviour, but it had been two years, two years since the last time a man had touched her anything remotely like that.

Next thing she knew she was leaning slightly back, and running her fingers through his hair at the base of his neck. On pure instinct, he wrapped his other arm around her and a low rumble came out of his chest, like a very low but quick rapping on a kettle drum. The vibrations it sent through her body made the hairs around her neck stand on end. She was trembling with anticipation.

"You might want to get as far away from me as you can, Hermione. Full moon is in two days, and I'm finding it… difficult to restrain myself." his voice was very low and coming from the back of her neck. "The smart thing would be to floo to the Weasleys before I get a chance to do something you might regret tomorrow." he was breathing heavily, and despite his words, his arms wrapped up even tighter around her, going under the hem of her jeans just slightly. She could now feel the full force of his meaning pressed against her back.

He turned her around so she'd be facing him. He was such an imposing figure, much taller than she was, but somehow looking bigger now in that predatory stance, hovering above her, slightly bending her backwards.

However his words were not lost on her: "... before I get a chance to do something you might regret tomorrow.".

You. Not I, but you.

"Why would I want to do that?" It took all of her Gryffindor courage to say those words, but she was pleased to hear that there was no trace of hesitation in them.

He let out a soft growl. For Merlin's sake, she loved the unabashed look of desire displayed on his face. Again, another wave of heat found it's way to her belly. She could feel her pulse between her legs, she wondered if he could feel it too.

"I can smell you, you know?" he said as he closed his eyes. His face dug in the nape of her neck, tickling her with his nose. "You need to be sure, pet. You need to be sure, because if I get a taste of you, chances are I won't let go." he pushed away slightly, and grabbed her jaw delicately but surely with the whole of his hand, to look her dead in the eye.

The scale of his hand, from the tip of his middle finger to the tip of his thumb could encompass the whole of her jaw, between them with some to spare. The contrast in ratio regarding their sizes had her gaze fixed in what fingers she could see for a moment. She wondered if the ratio applied to every part of his body. When she finally looked into his eyes, the amber flecks had now taken over half of the lovely green shade of his irises, his pupils dilated.

That alone nearly killed her on the spot. She had no idea what had brought this on, but whatever god or ancient magic was smiling on her now, she would thank for eternity. The thought of him, knowing, smelling just how much she wanted him was an unexpected turn on.

She couldn't hold it any longer and pressed her body flush against his. She reached for his neck, dipped her head to one side and started pulling his head towards her—

Only to have him suddenly take five steps away from her, leaving her cold and aroused. When she was about to ask why he had pulled away, she saw Sirius walk into the room with a strange look on his face. She couldn't quite place what emotion was there.

"What's going on?" he asked, as he took notice of the scene. Hermione, had a mixed expression of disappointment and frustration, her shirt was halfway up her abdomen on one side and her hair was more of a mess than usual, and standing next to her a completely calm and un-preoccupied Remus Lupin.

"Nothing…" said Hermione, while trying to fix her hair and put her shirt in place. "I'm just feeling somewhat unwell."

Sirius just raised an eyebrow at her, half amused and half curious look on his face.

"Do you feel like skipping dinner? I could come back after the Order meeting and stay with you, if you like." he asked in a polite voice, but his eyes… Merlin, in his eyes there was a dark promise she hoped he'd keep.

"No! don't worry about me. I'm fine now, at least compared to what I'll be if I miss dinner. Mrs. Weasley would have my head on a platter." she responded while laughing nervously.

"If you say so…" he said with half a smile on his face. "Eh, hey Remus, why don't you go ahead, I'll be just a second. I forgot my coat upstairs." Sirius said while shooting a secretly meaningful look at his best friend.

"No problem, just stay out of trouble." He said with a smile and kissed Hermione on the cheek, took some floo powder and disappeared in a large burst of green flames. What Sirius couldn't have seen was the finger he passed down Hermione's spine as he left.

"I can smell you, Pumpkin, did you know that?" he finally said.

He couldn't have known that his best friend had asked her the same thing just minutes ago, but this time she was in fact surprised. Remus was a werewolf, and as such, he sometimes suffered from enhanced senses. That could sometimes be a blessing or a curse, as stated by the ex-professor, but she did not know that an Animagus could have similar symptoms. She wondered if each Animagus had a set of enhanced traits that they shared with their specific animals, if they varied with each—

"I lost you there to your academic curiosity, didn't I?" he had a little amused smirk while he said that. She blushed, embarrassed, realising that the very risqué comment, was lost in her inner bookworm thoughts.

"Yes, it happens sometimes. I get lost in my own head completely oblivious of what happens around me…" but her voice rapidly vanished in the middle of her ramblings, when she saw him approaching her. Both of his hands were suddenly encompassing her upper abdomen. His hands felt immense and strong over her ribs, caressing lightly the skin below her breasts with his thumbs. She hadn't known until that moment that it was such a sensitive spot to the touch. He had rendered her speechless and melted her every muscle in less than a second.

"You have no idea how long I've fantasised about having you pressed against me like this," his voice was husky, and she quivered at the sound. "soaking wet, filled with desire. Desire that's just for me." he continued.

She felt somewhat guilty at the last statement, because the reason she was wet wasn't him, it was the result of his best friend's advances not five minutes ago. But all the same, he was right. She was filled with desire, and it was for him.

At least at this moment, she thought.

The gentleness of his touch surprised her. The heat from his hands felt like a slow blue burning flame. The tantalizing touch in circles around her ribs, with just the tips of his fingers, such delicate touch that somehow set her nerves aflame. It was almost as if every touch made her reach harder for every breath, a small struggle to catch a wisp of air and keep it in her lungs. She swallowed a moan when his right thumb finally touched the lower curve of her breast.

"Don't fight it." he whispered in her ear, his lips touching her earlobe as they moved. His left hand traveled to the base of her neck, his thumb caressing her jaw, sliding to her throat in what had to be the most sensual touch she had known. "Just let go, love." his fingers were playing with her hair now, tugging a bit a the base with his full hand. At that she had to close her eyes and moan out loud.

"Good witch." she could hear the smirk in his words.

She didn't have to open them to know the effect it had on him, she could feel it pressing against her. He let out a little groan as he lifted her up to his waist, her legs now firmly wrapped up around him, his hand roaming freely over her arse, before pressing her hard against the wall.

Something had clearly snapped within him, his patience all but gone, as his hands gripped her flesh harder, his mouth leaving teeth marks around her neck, just above her breasts. And just as she opened her eyes, surprised and aroused, when his mouth found its way between her breasts, she saw the green of the Floo starting to rise and let go of him immediately.

In a panic, Hermione sat next to the chimney, trying to hide from whoever was coming through. Moving away from him in the floor, she tried to comb her hair with her fingers and readjust her shirt.

However, instead of a full person coming through the floo, Remus' head appeared in the fireplace.

He looked at Sirius with a mysterious glint in his eyes, and Hermione couldn't help but find this somewhat suspicious. It reminded her of the look Fred and George got when the thought of a potential product sparked to mind, it was definitely a dangerous look. And they were marauders after all, plotting and mischief was in their most basic nature.

What sort of mischief are they cooking up now?

"Sirius, Harry is waiting for you and Hermione to arrive to tell us some news, and though we can all guess the good news, they want everyone to be there. Hurry up!" He looked at her and added, "We're all in the sitting room, I'll be waiting." he gave her a wink and disappeared into the flames again.

"Looks like we ought to be going" Sirius said casually as he grabbed some Floo powder. "Catch you later, Pumpkin." and with a wink, he was gone.

He was gone! And the cheeky bastard had left her trembling and hiding in a corner of the floor, next to the bloody chimney!

Oh, I'm going to make that wanker pay. You won't have to wait long, Sirius Black.

She arrived about two minutes later to the Burrow.

This isn't good, she thought to herself. She has royally pissed off, and she was hornier than she had been in the past year. That was saying something, considering she had accidentally walked in on Sirius while he was taking a shower. That was a very long night.

I shouldn't be here, maybe I could get away with taking a few bites of dinner and go home, claim I'm feeling sick. I suppose that's not entirely a lie, being this horny has to be some sort of malady. If I do, perhaps one of them will take the hint. What if they both do? Shit, shit, shit. What did I get myself into? What the fuck is happening today?

She tried to push those thoughts away as she raised her hand and knocked. Almost immediately, Fred opened the door and let her in. She mumbled a strangled greeting, avoiding his eyes, trying to contain the sheer anger and frustration. She was so intent on appearing normal that it wasn't until she handed him her coat that she noticed he was giving her a strange look.

"Hermione, are you alright?" He sounded surprised and intrigued at the same time.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine. Why do you ask?" This couldn't be happening. He couldn't possibly know.

"You have the look. The 'I'll have you right now, and not one second later.' look." he repeated mischievously. He had a shit eating grin in his face that could have lit up a small forest. "The last time I saw that look on your face I ended up in a broom closet near Filch's office." He sounded almost amused. The prat was amused!

What it is about today and every man I run into, that they can't seem to help their amusement at my expense? And of my sexual frustration no less!

"What?" She exclaimed furious. "I have no such look. And don't pretend you didn't like that day because you were happy for the remainder of the week. And it was a Monday!" she screaming a whisper at this point. "You don't need to worry your stupid little head off, you won't end up in a broom closet today." she said finally as she stomped away. That is more than the two wizards standing by the couch can say for themselves, she thought.

Ugh, the nerve of these men. I'll swear off of them one day. Maybe after I take care of this itch, I'll go away and live in a wizarding town that is only inhabited by women.

Molly came rushing through the hallway when she spotted her, and gave her a bone-crushing hug. "Are you well, dear? You look a little bit flustered," she said after she finally released her.

This can't be happening.

"Yes, I'm fine Mrs. Weasley. If you'll excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom." She didn't turn back as she walked through the hallway that led to the bathroom door, which proved to be a horrible mistake.

She had barely reached the door when another hand opened it and dragged her in the room before she could understand what was happening. One moment she was standing, and the next she was thrown against the wall and being kissed. Remus's cologne was the only thing she could recognize when she finally regained her senses and started kissing back.

He was actually kissing her.


She needed air but didn't dare to break the kiss. His hands were moving all over her body, not missing an inch, applying a little more pressure in certain strategic places. The man was playing her like a Grand Piano, making certain she made all the right sounds to compose an Allegro moderato of moans, and an array of distinctly placed breaths, resembling a staccato. Her skin was on fire, every nerve, every crease that he touched with his long fingers or his soft mouth was set aflame. He pushed her harder against the wall and she let out a strangled moan. Somehow her legs ended up around his hips.

His tongue danced along with hers and they seemed to move to the tempo of her speedy heartbeats, his arms held her in place between his oaken body and the cold tiles of the wall. His hands found their way to her breasts and touched a sensitive spot, she couldn't help the arching of her back, and he broke the kiss.

They were both breathing heavily when they heard someone knocking the door.

"Hermione?" they heard Sirius's voice ask. "Are you alright?"

Her heartbeat stopped for a second, before it restarted doubletime. She tried to compose her voice before she spoke.

"Hmm, yes, Sirius. I'm fine. I'm just correcting my makeup." Her voice sounded uneven, but clear enough to sound normal.

"Are you sure, Pumpkin? Fred mentioned that you were on a state of some sort."

I'm going to kill that blasted twin. He'll have a matching hole to George's, by the time I'm done with him.

Remus growled softly at the moniker of endearment, but she gently pressed her hands to his mouth to shut him up. It would do no good to let Sirius know that she wasn't alone. He responded by pushing his hips up to hers, their lower bodies joined almost painfully. She bit her lip and chastised him with her eyes before trying to speak again.

"Yes, I'm sure Sirius. I just need a couple of minutes here. I'll be right out." she said while putting her legs on the floor as softly as she could.

"That's great, I need to go to the bathroom when you get out." he said from the other side of the door.

Her eyes widened considerably when she looked at Remus, then back at the door, not believing her predicament. The werewolf just smiled, that mischievous glint found it's way back into his eyes, and she only had a moment to process before he opened the door for her and hid behind it.

Her eyes, comically wide, she was sure, were staring at Sirius's back. He had yet to notice the door was open and she started signaling Remus wildly as silently as she could for him to close the door again. Just as she thought he would comply, Sirius turned around and flashed a sexy smile at her, considering the silent open door an invitation.

No,no,no,no,no! Back away, Black! Why is this happening to me? Oh bloody hell, what do I do now?

"Actually Sirius" she said, putting a hand on his chest to stop him from getting in the bathroom "I think I'm going to take a while longer. Why don't you go to the upstairs bathroom?" He looked at her square in the eye and moved his hand along her arm. She was sweating bullets, trying to appear at easy, not looking in Remus's direction.

Don't give yourself away now. Just keep calm, you've been through more nerve wracking situations than this, come on, get yourself together.

She finally evened her breathing and smiled sweetly at him.

"Of course, Pumpkin." It looked like he was about to say something else when they heard someone approaching from the hallway. He removed his hand from her arm, squeezing a little before letting go. Smiling back, he turned keeping his eyes on her, until finally with a last wink he disappeared through the hallway.

Again, even though she should have expected it this time, a pair of hands dragged her into the bathroom again and closed the door.

"Are you crazy?" she said when she turned around to face the werewolf. "I can't believe you just did that! Why would you do that?" He just gave her a smirk that made her understand why he was part of the Marauders.

"Afraid of getting caught?" She could hear the playfulness in his voice. She couldn't help but smile too.

"I have a reputation you know, that can be easily destroyed if found in a bathroom with my former Professor" Her voice sounded calm, like she wanted it to sound. Could he hear her anxiety?

This time he kissed her neck softly and buried his nose in her hair while whispering. "I had hoped you had stopped thinking about me as your Professor long ago." His breath on her neck made her quiver.

"What makes you think that was ever a bad thing?" she laughed softly. The mischievousness of both men had finally found it's way to her, and she couldn't help the bloom of desire that shot through her at the look in his eyes. The pure and unadulterated want of a man for a woman. "I can think of a few things I wouldn't mind learning from you." she finished with a wicked grin.

"Who would have though, Miss Granger, behind on a subject. I would have never guessed." It sounded more like growling than talking, each word spoken between a kiss or a nip.

"Mmm… behind, now there's a thought." was the only thing that escaped her mouth, before throwing him a wink and untangling herself from him.

"We should go," she said after a few minutes. "They must be wondering where I am."

"They haven't seen you. Do you really think you can leave after saying something like that?"

You haven't even heard half of it, she thought wickedly.

"Molly knows I'm here, you better get out before she comes looking for me. If you find her in the hallways, tell her you were going to the upstairs bathroom but found it occupied" she said quickly while pushing him away. His head moved from her neck, and she regretted every word when she felt the loss of his lips.

"Your wish is my command." He grabbed her hand and kissed the pulse point in her wrist.

She closed her eyes and was surprised again when she felt his hands on her arse, moving her towards him, effectively closing the distance between them, and kissing her passionately again. She was getting lost in the kiss once more when she came back to her senses.

Oh, no you don't. You're not doing this to me again, I know what you think you're going to do. Not this time.

Before he could take action, she pulled his hair at the base of the neck, and he groaned into the kiss. She angled herself properly before scratching his back somewhat roughly, and when he moved his arms to try for a better position, she broke the kiss and opened the door, got out in a fast set of movements and blew him a kiss before closing the door in his face.

Triumphant, she walked back to the living room to say hello to everyone. She was too busy gloating internally to notice the two men that watched her leave, from the end of the corridor, next to the bathroom door.

"She's more of a minx than I could have ever imagined." Said one of them.

"She's always been a quick study. I believe we're going to have to change strategies, my friend" replied the other.

"Already?" said the first voice surprised.

"Indeed. She's just used our method against me, and with a very successful result, I have to say." answered the second voice.

"I swear, I couldn't have cooked up such an intriguing specimen in my wildest and most wicked dreams. My imagination has a knack for certain things, and I don't think it could have come up with such a feisty little thing." said the dark haired man excitedly.

"You and I together couldn't have come up with half of what goes on in that brain of hers." countered the dirty blond knowingly. "So, what now?"

"I think we ought to raise the bet, Moony. The flop has been dealt, and given our cards I think we have a pretty good chance. I'll wager a bit of my pride, see what the turn offers. And if all else fails, the river included, we'll just ask for a rematch and stack the deck." Sirius said calmly.

"I'm thinking I made a mistake." he laughed. "You always mean business when you use Poker references, but when you talk about stacking the deck… Maybe I shouldn't have encouraged you after all, Padfoot." Remus said a bit wearily.

"Oh, it's too late for that now, Moony. I've had a taste now, there's no way in hell I'm letting go."

"I know exactly what you mean."

After saying hello to everyone, and pinching Fred's ear quite harshly, she had to lay down on the couch to calm down a bit. She was a walking hormonal mess today, and she really needed a moment to get herself together. After a moment or two the noise in the living room subsided and she thought she might have fallen asleep. Not the worse thing in the world, taking a nap to calm oneself.

But just as her thoughts were organizing, her brief moment to herself was interrupted when she heard Molly calling her name from the kitchen, telling her that dinner was ready and getting cold. She didn't move, but she suddenly registered that she hadn't, in fact, fallen asleep, the unusual quiet was just the result of everyone migrating to to the garden.

She opened her eyes a minute later to find she was alone in the living room, and went to follow. As she exited the house, she noticed her usual place between Harry and Ron was taken by Gabrielle Delacour, which annoyed her somewhat. However, the vexation didn't last long as it was replaced by mild panic when she noticed that the only remaining available seat lay between one Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.

Oh, bloody hell.