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"Escavalier, run them through with Drill Run!"

"Infernape, meet it head on with Flare Blitz!"

The two powerful Pokemon clashed head on into each other, fiery fist versus twirling twin lances. However, ultimately the fist prevailed over the lances as Infernape's flaming aura proved too much for the Calvary Pokemon. The knight flew back and fainted promptly, burns riddling its metallic armor.

"Escavalier is unable to battle, thus Ash Ketchum is declared the victor and will be moving onto the next round."

"No, how could I lose?" The purple haired duelist cried. "I'm the head of House Laurent of Kalos, the greatest duelist of land."

She watched the young trainer embrace his fire friend warmly, applauding him for his courage and strength in battle before herself smiling, her original arrogance subsiding into humility. She approached the trainer, a faint smile on her face.

"Congratulations young Ketchum," She extended her hand, "It is not everyday someone is able to say they defeated Fiora of House Laurent. You fought with precision and grace just like myself and I wish you the best of luck in the Kalos League."

Ash shook the woman's hand. "Thank you Miss Fiora, it was great battling you. Your Gallade and Doublade were amazing, not to mention your Escavalier pushed Infernape to his limits. You're a really powerful trainer and I look forward to a rematch someday."

"Oh, thank you young Ketchum." The woman spoke with the tadist amount of gratitude, "Now if you'll excuse me, I must return home. The affairs of House Lauren are never over and the Rift awaits me!"

With that, the woman drew her rapier, tossed it into the air as she twirled a full 360 and caught it before vanishing before their eyes. Ash turned to his partner. "What was that all about?"

The mouse shrugged. "Pikachu."

"Yeah, you're right. We should go see how Sawyer, Tierno, and Adrian are doing."


With another victory in his belt, Ash moves up into the next round of the Kalos League. What rivals await him there?

"I don't see why this is such a big deal."

"But then why was your Jolteon chasing you around the arena electrocuting you?"

"He just doesn't like it when I send her against male opponents."

"Why didn't you just send someone else?"

"Who else was I supposed to send against an Umbreon?

"Doesn't Espie know Dazzling Gleam?

"...that's beside the point!"

Ash entered the common room to find Serena, Adrian, and Alley already bickering amongst themselves.

"Hey guys, what's going on here?"

The moment the older raven haired man noticed him, he rushed up to Ash on his knees. "Please Ash, help me convince everyone here I'm innocent!"

Ash gave Adrian a queer look. "Of what?"

"You see Ash," Alley explained, "Adrian sent his Sylveon against a male Umbreon who practically spent the entire match flirting with her. Now Nymphia's mate Thunders feels that he has to electrocute Adrian as punishment for 'abusing' her in that manner."

"As I said before, it's not my fault that Nymphia's ability is Cute Charm."

"Well it's your fault for sending a naive girl like that against such a deviant ruffian such as that Taric's Umbreon. I swear they just hit on everything, from Nymphia to even you!" Alley groaned.

"Hey, I don't lean that way."

Ash moved to stand next to Serena. "What's going on?"

Serena giggled. "Oh, just watching Adrian's match was quite humorous. It's something you wouldn't get."

Ash observed the two bickering fiercely. "I'm not so sure I want to understand."

"I know, I wish I didn't either."

"Where's Clemont and Bonnie?"

"Oh, Bonnie noticed some young blonde haired girl to propose to and Clemont chased after her. I'm slightly worried though."


"She had this huge hulk of a brother who looked like he was going to pound Clemont if he tried any funny business." Serena giggled as she recollected Bonnie's proposal to the young armored blonde maiden with the chipper Pachirisu, Lux was her name if she recounted correctly. She didn't get the brother's name though.

"What about Ruby, Sapphire, and Mairin?"

"I'm not sure. I think I saw Sapphire wanting to take Mairin shopping and Ruby was chosen to carry all the bags."

Ash groaned as he remembered being the aide to two specific shoppers during his travels. "Don't remind me."

Serena giggled before turning to Pikachu, "Hey Pikachu, could you look after Eevee for a while, Delphox and Pancham are exhausted."

The mouse nodded before hopping down. Eevee grinned at the sight of his 'rival' and dashed towards the poor mouse, knocking him on his back.

"Vui! Vui! Eevui!"

"Pikachu!" The mouse sweatdropped. "Pika, Pikachu!"

Ash smiled at their interactions. Pikachu was the perfect older brother figure for Eevee. Someone who could keep him in check but still be fun to be around. He turned back to Serena before his mind suddenly got caught on an odd idea. "So, I got a few hours before my next match." He managed.

Serena watched him closely, unsure of where he was trying to go. "Ok..."

"And so I was wondering if...well...you'd like to...um...hang out a bit?"

The girl's eyes widened as the floodgates burst open. Was he trying to make a move on her? What should she do? Was he actually breaking his density? What could be happening? "Umm...sorta like a hang out or like a?"

"A..." Ash managed. What did he want to take her on? A hang out between two friends, yet something more than that. It was a collection of ideas, maybe something even more than that. "Well, you see, there's a lot of shops with accessories around here and I was wondering if you wanted to check out those stores and...well...then we could grab lunch or something..."

"Sure Ash, it's a date! I'll go back up to the room to get ready! Could you look after Eevee until I'm ready? Thanks Ash!" Serena dashed out, trying to hide her reddening blush.

Ash stared into oblivion for a moment before what she had just said dawned on him. Had he just asked her out on a date?

He turned to his partner and fox. "Did I just ask Serena out on a date?"

The fox tilted his head in confusion. "Vui?" What was a date? Isn't that just time of day?

Pikachu chuckled softly. "Pika, pikachu!" He'd get it when he was older.

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