Author's Note: This is the last oneshot I'll be doing for this fanfic and I'll be doing it in a very different perspective. In my opinion, this was the most difficult to write in all three oneshots. Many times I had encountered writer's block, or simply couldn't convey the character's emotions properly. It is significantly shorter than the other two, but I did try my best and this is what I thought of in the end. I hope you'll enjoy reading this!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

She had failed. Utterly.

Why did she even let her leave?

Because Hans wanted her to.

That selfless fool. She understood his intentions perfectly, and now he could've broken his only sister. She was buried under a torrent of sadness, ever since the girl awoke. She couldn't rise and take over control. Not even for a split second.

Why... Why torment her, no, us...

They were one and the same. Her heart battled against itself in vain, torn apart by the very person she loved the most. He wanted to leave them... Why. She tried so hard to stop her from yearning to escape from her dreams. She had ultimately failed... She should've known. Hans would want her to go.

A tear slid down the Lady's milky white mask as she watched the girl struggle to grasp reality. She couldn't do anything...

Why? Why do this to us, Hans?!

The Lady clenched her fists in anger, though she was already resigned to the undeniable situation. Alice had woken, and fate cruelly allowed her memories to return to her.

She would've been fine if her memories were still hidden. The Lady tried so desperately to keep them away from Alice, but alas, that was proved to be impossible. She sighed and dropped her fist, her anger leaving her in one huge breath, only to be replaced by overwhelming despair. She should've respected Han's last wishes.

Alice would get over her grief over time. That, the Lady was sure. She knew herself well.

And so she retreated, back into the deepest depths of the girl's heart and soul.