Chapter Seven

The furniture was flying. A large windstorm had picked up inside the suite and suddenly a tornado of glass and debris from the walls and ceiling had appeared out of nowhere. Tony had hit the floor before the floor hit him. Bruce wasnt so lucky. A vase had flown towards him and knocked him clean out. It was a mircle the ther Guy hadn't appeared really.

When Steve had appeared it had been a miracle. Natasha couldn't get through the flying debris just because of her stature. She was blown back or knocked away with every attempt, the last one giving her a wooden stake to the leg. Unpleasant. Tony, with his armour, could get through – but Steve was heavy and grounded. He could walk through with just his shield.

"What happened?" He demanded, ducking for cover when the couch arm went flying towards them.

"The screensaver went on. It was set to nature pics, and there was a wolf." They didn't need to say any more. He got it.


"Probably. I don't really know. He just started screaming then bam! Torando made out of my livingroom."

"What's the plan?"

The best they ended up with was to get into the center of the storm and talk Vali down. Simple enough.

Loki had felt his sons magic from his cage. It was chaotic and unbalanced. In a word – Feral. The magic was like his own, but shaped through years self-discovery. Vali was his son, but he had been someone else. Had lived as someone else until now. Whatever had happened above him, Vali felt threatened.

The Avengers had hurt his son.

Anger rising he called his magic to himself and pushed himself towards the call his son was putting out. Knives in hand he was prepared to strike down whoever had dared to lay a hand on his child, only to find the Iron Man wrapped around Vali, rocking him and crooning in his ear.

"We're going to get your dad ok?" The captain made to interrupt, but one look from Stark silenced him.

"Steve. Please just get Loki."

"No need. I am here." He banished his weapons and immediatly moved froward to take his son out of the Iron Man's lap.

He could feel his childs fear and was reminded of the event that had put it there. A bloody wolf, snarling at him from the Television – reminiscent of a snarling wolf his son had been forced into.

"Barnið mitt. I am here. You are safe Barnið mitt." He crooned, rocking slightly and breathing deeply. Vali's heart was beating a mile a minute, like a frightened animals. He hated the fear Odin and Thor had created, but more than that he hated that his child had suffered more than even he.

Harry didn't know how it had happened, one moment Vali was out and explorin gthe world beyond the hospital bay, the next he was slammed forwards and into complete consciousness.

'I'm screaming.' Was the first thing he noticed, 'I need to breathe, calm down. Come on.' He sucked in a deeps breath, holding it for a moment before slowly letting it out. 'Regulate your breathing. Don't hold your breath, and don't inhale too much.' The wolf had long since faded into the picture of a lush green forest, a deer grazing unawares in the center.

"Calm down. Sh, sh. It's ok. You're safe. You're safe." Someone was holding him tightly and breathing deeply against his back, helping him get his breaths back into a stable rhythm. "Someone get Loki."

"Are you sure about this?"

"We're gonna get your dad, alright?" 'But James is dead?' He was confused and disoriented, unable to focus on any one person or voice.

"Steve. Please just get Loki." It must have been a while before he felt strong, comforting arms wrap around him. Whoever was holding him now was safe and familiar in a way nobody else had ever been in Harry's life.

"Barnið mitt. I am here. You are safe Barnið mitt." 'Father.' The title came to him from his memories of Vali. His father was here and he was safe.

"Safe?" He couldn't help but croak out, throat dry and aching from the screams.

"Yes Child. Very safe."

"Stay?" The childish plea made his face burn, but Harry could honestly hope that his father would stay.

"Yes, yes I will stay." And so Harry allowed his eyes to shutter closed, and rest to overtake him.

Thor felt the magic from his rooms. The magic of a child of Loki. The danger the creature posessed was unfathomable, and yet his Shield Friends did not see it. Odin had sent him a summons, to bring the Kin-Slayer before his people so that he may come to the proper punishment. It had come nearly four days ago, but still something stayed Thor's hand.

Perhaps it was the need to still be accepted by his friends, or perhaps it was something more he did not know. But the boy had enough magic in him to bring the tower down around their ears. Perhaps now his friends would see reason. The Kin-Killer had to be removed to Asgard. He could reign destruction down on Midgard, and with Loki beside him there was no doubt they would be successful. It was difficult enough to stop Loki the first time, but with another powerful seiðmenn at his side, they could be almost unstoppable.

He had contacted Asgard already, but so far his father had not responded. He had received no words from either Odin or Heimdall. The Einherjar should have arrived as soon as his message had been received. Unless…

"Loki." Thor hissed. Loki had stopped Heimdall's gaze before, he could have easily have hidden Thor from his sight, and even easier still he could have hidden his son.

Loki had stayed with his son since the panic attack, and now that he had been rocked gently to sleep, partially assisted by magic, he stared at the Avengers that had surrounded him. The Iron Man was uncomfortable with them both so close to him but he hid his discomfort beneath snark and humour; Banner had disappeared almost as soon as he had been revived from his unconscious state, he had looked faintly green around the edges; and the Captain looked worn out just by being there. Loki couldn't say he blamed them though. They were used to defeating enemies that stood before them, enemies that they could feel and touch and beat. What Vali suffered from was purely mental and would take a more subtle hand to heal him.

"I suppose I will be taken back to the cage then?" He hedged.

"Actually… I think it would be better if you stayed in the Med-Bay with Vali." Steve decided.

"Umm, who's decision was this?" Tony looked affronted, but Loki could easily see through the false bravado, he was fine with the Captains decision.

"As fun as this fight sounds, I am tired and my child should be in bed. Not lying on the floor." Loki interjected, hoping to at least be given a place to rest before the day continued. It was only early morning and already he was beyond exhausted.

"Actually. I had a room made for Vali. You'll have to share a bed for now, but I'm sure you'd rather be in a space of your own than in the Med-Bay." The thought was much appreciated and entirely unexpected.

"But as soon as the kid is better, you'll be going right back down to the hulk-cage." Loki was not foolish enough to believe that his staying with Vali was without conditions. His freedom alone was condition upon his own behaviour and the fact that his son was recovering from torture and abuse.

"Of course."

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