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In Which I Die Immediately, A Prologue:

I wake up on a sheet of metal on the roadside. I add sleep walking to my mental what the hell list right next to bizarrely vivid dreams of a man and woman in togas dragging me through a tunnel while shushing each other and giggling. Did the guy have two faces? Weird. I feel... like I've been dragged through a rough hewn tunnel for hours and then dumped on the roadside actually. And I think I was allergic to the dirt along the way, because everything itches.

Standing up is a struggle just barely within my capabilities at the moment, leaving me winded as I stare down at the bed of metal I woke up on. It seems to be a sign of some sort. I stagger back a step and squint at it, feeling woozy on my feet.

"Welcome to Sunnydale"


The Fuck?

A hand grips my shoulder tightly and spins me around. A pair of pale blue eyes stares back at me from mere inches away. The brunette woman they belong to seems familiar in a most distressing way. I reflexively try to back away, but my feet won't move.

"Naughty, naughty, little starlings, trying to be sneaky while the stars are having a party. The other stars won't like it when they find out about my present." She giggles.

O...kay... I'm in Sunnydale, being stared at by Drusilla. Can I wake up now?

"Silly little alien, you're not asleep."

I must have said that last bit out loud. Wait a minute, "Alien?"

She nods her head at me happily, "Oh yes, you crashed down from the stars out of nowhere," she looks down nudges the sign with her foot. "I don't think your rocket ship will fly anymore though, such a waste. I'd have liked to taste the stars." She meets my eyes again and the foot I had been trying to slide back away from her stops moving without my consent and despite my best efforts to make it continue doing so. "But now I'll have my very own alien to play with, I like this so much better than getting old man stuck my teeth. I must remember to thank Miss Edith for telling me you'd be here."

In an instant Drusilla is wearing her gameface, there's a pain at my neck and the world fades to darkness.