It's that time of year again! And before anyone asks, yes, I am continuing on with my other WIPs, I simply haven't had the time recently. But I hope you all enjoy this bit of festive fun.

This plot bunny came from two things in particular. 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, and the song 'Hello' by Adele. 'Cause Adele knows how to hit me with all the emotions and all the feels.

These are short chapters, posted fairly regularly between now and December 25th. Anything recognizable is obviously not mine, and a big thank you to my "Bossman" for her brilliant help with this story - much love.

Chapter 1: Christmas Wishes.

The little girl dressed in her favorite red dress with a matching bow in her white-blond hair stood patiently in line holding onto her mother's hand. The entire line was made up of children around her age all eager to meet the man himself. As Riley's turn rolled around she started to get nervous - this was a big moment in every child's life! Meeting Father Christmas is not something you take lightly.

He had brought two elves down from the North Pole with him, both elves greeted Riley and her Mommy with big enthusiastic smiles, they helped her through the thick red curtains. It felt like a maze to someone as small as Riley. But all her patient waiting had finally paid off, and Father Christmas sat just a few steps away in a grand oak chair fit for a king.

"It's nice to see you again, Riley." The large man smiled a warm, comforting smile, although his cotton-like beard did hide some of it.

He knew my name! The little girl shouted inside her head. It really is him! What Riley hadn't noticed was the card Mommy handed to one of the elves which held all the important details 'Santa' would need to know, but why spoil the magic?

"You remember me!" Her excitement had her jiggling on the man's lap.

"Of course I do. And your little brother, Daxton, is he here today?"

"No - he was really naughty so Mommy and Daddy said he not allowed to see you."

"Well Mommy and Daddy are right; I only visit the good children which is why you must be very well behaved, Riley. Can you do that for me?" She nodded her head which made her high pigtails swing and bounce. "Good girl. Now, what would you like for Christmas this year?"

"Um... I want a Queen Elsa dress 'cause she's my favorite from Frozen and a new dolly 'cause my baby gets lonely and that's not very nice." Before 'Santa' could reply, Riley spoke up again. This time her voice was much quieter. "Um... can I have more than one Christmas wish? Mommy said you make my Christmas wishes come true but she not say how many I have."

"Of course you can. What is your other wish?" Riley's allowed time was quickly running out, however this young girl sounded so sincere with her request for one more wish, that Mr. Claus couldn't say no to her.

"My Uncle is real sad and he doesn't smile anymore or pretend to be a horse that I can ride anymore, so can you make him happy again, please? I think he wants to smile again."

"Well Riley, that is a very thoughtful gift. What do you think would make him smile?"

Riley didn't take long to answer. Anyone who knew her Uncle knew what he wanted.

"My Auntie Bella."


Alice met her excited daughter after she had finished talking to Father Christmas. She was too far away to hear what they had spoken about, but the smile on Riley's face said it all. Whatever Father Christmas had promised her clearly made her happy, and all Alice had to do now was figure out just what that promise was.

"Did you have fun, Sweetheart?"

"Yes. He remembered me, Mommy! He remembered Daxton too but I said he was too naughty to see him."

The two headed off through the busy shopping center towards the exit of the parking lot. As much as Alice loves to spend her day snooping around the mall, but when it was as busy as it was, she'd rather stay well away.

"Mommy," Riley asked a few minutes later, "do you think he'll come this year?"

"As long as you are a very good girl, Santa will always visit you."

"No, not Santa! I meant him."

"Oh." Mommy stopped in her tracks, thinking of the best way to answer her daughter's question. "I hope so, Sweetheart. But let's not worry about that for now, okay? Let's go save Daddy from your brother's tantrums."

The man they spoke cryptically about sat alone in his isolated log cabin. The snow had started, but he found no energy to start a fire. A toasty, crackling fire which added warmth to the house, comfort to the mind, and a festive feeling to the holiday. Why should he allow such torture? It has been a family tradition that every year, once Thanksgiving had settled, everyone would assist with putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it with the shiniest baubles. They really found themselves in that festive spirit which would continue to grow through the following month.

But for Edward it was different. He barely celebrated Thanksgiving anymore, let alone stay for the decorating. He lost his love for Christmas when he lost his reason to love it. Hell, he lost more than that - he lost his whole reason for being. The days ticked by, the pain never ceased to clear.

As the snow continued to fall, Edward prepared himself for another long, lonely, painful holiday.


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