Rusty Cage

Title: Rusty Cage
Author: Kaz ( or
Subject: Harry Potter
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: PG13-R for theme, language, and mature activities
Disclaimer: I don't own anything about Harry Potter, but I do say, I own the made up characters that aren't present in the books, but only in here to help with the flow of the story.
Summary: Perhaps a certain person accidently drank a potion that turned them into the opposite gender... What happens when the person they hate most reveals to them that they actually like them, but doesn't know that they're speaking to that person? What happens if that certain person who's of the opposite gender returns these affections and so on? And who exactly am I talking about, exactly? Read, review, and find out...
Sequence: Part 1/??
Dialouge: "talking" /thinking\(if ever needed) [author's words] ~*~different scene/time/etc~*~

Part One

It's been a blast, I think, being at Hogwarts. This year, it's been so full of fun and new experiences; but the only downside is Malfoy on my ass, sneering and jeering insults at me and anyone he can shoot at, but mainly me. I don't understand his problem... I just don't...

I've avoided him quite well this year (amazingly), but also, I've noticed his attempts to ridicule me, torture me, humiliate me, and so on, are becoming less and less this year. I'm not sure why, though. I'm not saying it's bothering me, and I'm not saying I don't enjoy this sudden peace; it's just that it's somewhat odd that he's doing this.

I looked out to the lake, tossing the giant squid that lived there peices of bread I bothered not to eat. I hummed a songless tune, my thoughts idle. I was broken from my serene state when I felt something light hit my head. Turning around in annoyance, I snorted in disgust when I saw who it was.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" I said, ripping apart the remaining bread in my hands.

He smirked, that smirk that mocked and made me despise him so. "Nothing, Potter. Why would you want to know anyway?"

"Tch," was all I said before turning my back on him and continue to throw peices of bread out in the lake.

I looked over my shoulder, glaring when he chucked yet another peice of his own bread at me. "What the hell is it now, Malfoy?"

"Come now, Potter. That's no way to speak to a civilized person. Especially when they do nothing to you."

I gritted my teeth. "What? 'Civilized'? 'Nothing'?! You hell didn't do 'nothing' to me, Malfoy, so back off."

"No, I don't think I will, Potter." He walked up beside me and stared out at the lake before tossing his own bread.

I followed suit, keeping an eye on him out of the corner of my eye. When I ran out of bread, I wiped my hands on my jeans and was about to turn and go when a peice of torn bread was stuck in my face. I looked up to see Malfoy trained on the lake but still his hand held out the bread. Unsure of what else to do, I took it and began to tear it apart and throwing it out to the lake.

We stayed silent for the rest of the time being, myself shifting awkwardly in this silence. When I threw the last peice out to the lake, my hand accidently hit Draco, yet the peice still flew. When I turned to him, expecting a sneer worth a thousand rock lobbings from him, I was surprised when all he did was rub the spot where I hit him and call me something out of his 'light insults' book. I was really shocked at this, but didn't have time to doddle on the thought when I heard two familiar voices approaching us.

I looked over my shoulder to see Ron and Hermione quickly coming toward us. I waved them over and almost laughed at Ron's expression when he saw that Malfoy was here too.

"Ron! Hermione!" I called. When they reached us, I turned to Ron who glanced from Malfoy to me and back again. "Ron, stop staring like a bloody buffoon. It's not right..."

"But Harry... What's Malfoy doing here?" Ron hissed, glancing at Malfoy as he dragged me several feet away.

Hermione was looking curiosly from Ron to me as she stood in front of Malfoy, shifting awkwardly from one foot to another. When I turned back to Ron, he was staring wide-eyed at me.

"What!" I demanded from him, about to pull on his collar and shake him for his stupid expression.

"Well? What happened? Never would I find you two near each other, let alone side by side, throwing things out in the lake... Wha'd he do, kill you or something?"

I rolled my eyes. "No."

"What then?"

"Ron, you're over-reacting..."

"And you're not the least bit uncomfortable being around Malfoy let alone standing so frickenly close to him?" he hissed venomously.

I was about to retort when the thought struck me. I shook my head. "Okay... so maybe I'm a bit uncomfortable with his sudden easiness. I mean, this year, he's not even trying to get me in trouble to cut my throat... Well, now that I think... Maybe, hopefully, he's come around has given up cussing the living daylights outta me..."

"Potter, I can clearly hear you and Weasley over there. Don't think I can't..." came Malfoy's all-too-familiar icy voice.

I snapped my head to him, glaring. "Oh, shut it, Malfoy... You didn't start your trap earlier, so don't start now... I'm tired of it..."

"Oh, now my talking tires you, Potter?" he said, his eyes glinting, mocking me.

I smirked, matching his expression with mine. "Yeah, especially when it flaps endlessly, Malfoy. Ever thought of shutting the hell up? Maybe we need to staple it shut. Oh wait, it flaps too much for staples to work! Maybe you should just seal it shut forever, Malfoy! Perhaps death is a good choice for the matter!"

Malfoy's eyes narrowed as I laughed at him and signaled for Hermione and Ron to follow me as I walked away. When I was mean to him, I never laughed in his face. Now, I think it was a nice touch to his wickedness with my own. When I looked at Ron, he grinned at the site of Malfoy, but Hermione looked shocked at such harshness as if she's never heard such jeers before.

Please! It wasn't that mean, I don't think. And besides, he's done worse to us anyway. It's about time he's gotten a taste of his own medicine! I gave Hermione a reassuring look before we entered the castle to gather our things for the afternoon and evening classes.

Later at the great hall when dinner was served, I eyed my drink, watching it with caution. "Odd..." I said softly to myself, pulling it closer to look at.

Ron, whow as stuffing his face wtih drumsticks, looked over at me and cocked an eyebrow. "Wha's i'? Sompting w'ong, 'Arry?" he said with his mouth full.

I shrugged, showing him my glass. "It just looks funny... Don't you think?"

Ron shrugged after glancing down at my glass and went back to eating. "Jus' 'rink i', 'Arry."

Just drink it? Is he crazy? What if there's something in it? Like... someone's spit or something worse? How unhygenic... I shrugged and drank it anyway, first sipping, tasting it, before gulping it down in great thirst. When I finished, I smacked my lips from the bitter sweet tang of the juice before looking around the table to choose which to devour first. That night, I slept without much hesitation; I didn't even bother with the so few work we were given for the night.


The next morning, I shifted positions under the covers, yawning. Hair got in my eyes and I lazily brushed it away before burying my face in the warm pillow and savoring the warmth of the blankets. I napped for minutes more until I was aroused by a shake on the shoulder. I pawed at their hand from under the blankets before shooing them away with my mumbling.

When I had finally decided to move, I pulled the blankets from my face and stared at my dresser. I blinked before snatching up my glasses and shoving them on. I looked around the room to see that everyone was gone. Shit, I thought. I hoped that I only overslept through breakfast and not any of my morning classes, though I'd really like to miss Potions class with Professor Snape and the Slytherins of Year 5.

Yup, that's right, we're all in our fifth years at Hogwarts, and last year wasn't exactly the best for any of us. I nearly died! Well, anyway, I slid out of bed and went to the dresser in front of the mirror that hanged on the wall. I searched through the drawers for a brush or a comb or something for my hair, when I suddenly realized that my hair's always messy anyway.

So leaving it alone, I kicked open my trunk and pulled out my school clothes and supplies for the day. When I turned back to the mirror, for reasons I don't know, my eyes widened in shock, horror, and anything else of that matter. I nearly dropped one of my heavier text books on my foot, and would've if I hadn't caught it just in time and placed it on my bed.

Slowly, I approached the mirror, touching its surface in case it were an illusion or tricking me with this site, for in the mirror was not me, but a ... girl version of me. I blinked when I found that indeed, the mirror was real and no spell was laid upon it. I watched, through my reflection, myself fingering long, smooth, and soft black hair (very unlike the boy version of my own hair). The top part was straight, but by the time my fingers reached down to the bottom of my ears, waves formed in my hair. At the last sction of my hair, the waves were replaced with soft curls.

Oh, bloody hell, I thought. This wasn't good, and that was totally true. But how-- No... I remembered, the drink! Ahh!!! The drink from last night! But... hold on! What if it only changed my face, not... the rest of me...

I looked in the miiror and saw a bulge in my night shirt. Oh no... slowly, I unbottoned the top part of my shirt and pulled one side back with caution. I peeked before blanching and quickly closing the shirt, immediately rebuttoning it. Gulping, I nodded. Yup, it's the rest of me too... Oh maaaaannn....

Not knowing what else I could've done, I dressed in my school robes and pulled the hood of the robes over my head, covering my face. Just in case, I took out my father's Invisibility Cloak and wrapped around me, hiding myself from all view. When I exited the boy's dorm, I saw a girl exit from the girl's side. Recognizing her as one of the few students I was close friends with besides Hermione and Ron. I was usually around Ron and Hermione that I rarely talked to her. It was a surprise that she was out this late.

"Kaz..." I whispered.

Her head snapped up from looking down at her books. She looked all around her, her eyes alert, as always, and lips tight, her whole body ready to either drop everything and run, or stand and fight whatever being was out there--namely, me.

"Kaz... Calm down..." I whispered again, noticing the change in my voice. Whoa... did the drink affect my voice too? Soooo not good...

Kaz shifted from one position to another, looking like she was just about to scream.

"Kaz, stop... I'm not going to hurt you..."

Kaz's eyes widened. "Wha-? 'Hurt' me?! You sick?! How do I even know who or what you are?!"

I smacked my forehead. Duh! What a bloody idiot I was! She couldn't see me! So then, I shrugged off the invisibility cloak and looked at her from under the hood of my robe.

She sighed, gasping and clutching at her chest. "Geez! Scare me as if you were the unknown! Okay... What do you what?"

"Well, Kaz..." I lowered the hood and lowered my head, showing her the new length of my hair on my finger.

"Um... So? What I just don't understand is why a girl is in boy's clothes... What's your point here? Is it important enough to scare me half to death? Or what?" she said, iritably, a hand on her hip and her books resting at her side.

"Weeeellll...." I lifted my head to show her my face.

As I suspected, she wasn't even phased. "Okaaaaay....?"

"Kaz, it's me, Harry."

She walked up to me and cocked one of her dark eyebrows. "Harry? You've got to be kidding me. There's no way you could..." Her voice trailed when she finally stopped and looked me over. "... No way... Harry? What the hell happened to you?"

I shrugged. "Remember when I was complaining to Ron about my drink?"

"O'shit... No way... What was in it?" she asked, fingering my ahir and checking me all over.

Uncomfortable, I shrugged. "I dunno... I asked Ron, but he didn't care or notice anything unusual."

Kaz scoffed. "Oh, that's nice... Just ask Ron, the ditz when it comes to things like this and especially when food is involved... You are so stupid, Harry..."

I shrugged. "So, what do you propose I do?"

"Well, it's a potion or mixture of some sort, right? So... why not ask Snape?"

I laughed. "Snape?! You've got to be kidding me! He'd just LOVE to so see me suffer or something go wrong! I bet he even did it! I hell don't think he'll reverse it!"

Rolling her eyes, she gestured for me to follow her to the girl's dorm. At first, I hesitated, but then she smacked me upside the head and this time told me to. She said that if I didn't come, she's drag me by my underwear, and heck, I didn't want that. So I followed, picking up my cloak while at it.

Once inside, she threw her things on what seemed her bed and kicked open her trunk. "Alright... If we can't get Snape to reverse this, then we'll do it ourselves."

"And what happens if we can't?" I asked, fearing the answer of whatever it may be.

"Well... Then we'll just have to either ask him, beg and plead, or... wait for it to go away, I guess... You know, have the effects of hte potion die down..." Kaz said as she dug through her trunk for the Potions book. Once she retreived it, she slammed her trunk close and propped it open on her other books onher bed as she sat on her trunk. "Okay... um... you don't think it's a polyjuice potion?"

"How could it? it's been hours since last night, and it would've immediately taken affect on me." I should know, he added silently.

"Hmm... True... Also, it says so right here..." She pointed to a page that contained the ingredients and recipe for the polyjuice potion, as well as several facts upon it.

"Wow... Is this the Potions text book for Professor Snape?" I asked, astonished.

"No, of course not!" She said, gently slapping my hand as I ran my finger on the page. "This is my book, Potter. I own it. And also, I borrowed a book or two from the library."

"They let you? And what would you need it for anyway?" I looked at her in curiosity.

She shrugged. "No matter... Just an interest... Maybe I can pass up showing off to him or something. Kiss his ass, you know." She winked.

I laughed, glad of the change of atmosphere with the sudden light humour. "I don't think it'll happen, Kaz."

She shrugged, smiling. "Well, you never know. It might actually prove something. Maybe I can do something nasty to his favorite student... Hint hint..." Again, she winked. "Besides, sometimes I like to get ahead or just pull books out for a bit of reading, light or not. You know... I'm somewhat of a bookworm."

I shook my head, grinning. "No, the only true bookworm is Hermione, but don't tell her I said that."

Kaz chuckled as she flipped through more pages. "You're mean... Funny, but mean, Potter..."

"Hey, don't pull a Malfoy on me, now."

She looked up from the book, arching a brow. "Um... 'pull a Malfoy'? What exactly is that?"

"Well, you called me Potter. Only Malfoy calls me by my last name, and I hate it when he does. Such icy and venom in such a simple word, y'know?"

She shrugged. "So? He always does that... Why? Well, I don't know, have no clue, and don't care... It's his problem, not yours or mine... If he wants to be rude, then he'll hear a few words from me before he tries to call me something idiotic or rude out of book of insults."

I scoffed, agreeing. "Tch. I'd like to be there when that happens..."

"Oh shut up... Look, I found another potion." She smackd my hand to get my attention and pointed to her book that now lay in her lap. She skooted over and I sat down next to her.

"What kind is it?"

She shook her head. "I'm not sure... I've never heard of it, and I can't even make out the name... But look... it talks about gender changing. Maybe this is it?"

I sulked, frowning. "Probably is... Can you reverse it?"

She read the list of ingredients, her finger sliding down the page. After a moment, she shook her head. "I've never heard of some of these things, and I doubt even Snape has them. And even if he does, I've never seen them, or he only had enough for one potion and no mistakes."

"Oh geez..." I covered my face in my hand before having my hand slide down my face, dropping in my lap. "Okay... so it tells how to achieve it, and how to reverse it, right?"

"Um... Yeah..."

"But you can't do it?"

She shook her head, placing her hand on the page of the book. "I'm sorry, Harry, but I'm afraid not..."

I groaned and got up, pacing the room. I heard her try to calm me down, but I just didn't listen to her. After a while, I stopped and faced her, my face serious. "So then... this is all I have? I'll be stuck like this for who knows how long?"

She bit her lip, seeing how serious I was. "Well, Harry... Umm... it says that it lasts about a month or if it was given under a full moon, then by the next one... It'll occur overnight like it did for you last night."

I closed my eyes. "A... 'a month'? Or till the next full moon? Well, that's just about the same ammount of time! Arrrgghhh!! Was last night a full moon?" I peeked through at her with one eye, fearing the answer. She nodded. I smacked my forehead and grouned loudly. "Arrggghhh!! Ohh........ This is juuuuust great.... Juuuuuuust.... great. How much worse can it become?!" I demanded, looking toward hte ceiling as if the gods above would or could help me.

Kaz sighed and pushed hte book aside, coming up to me and patting my shoulder. "Come, now, Harry. It's not all that bad... I'll just say that you're my cousin or something, okay? That's if anyone asks... As for now, we'd better go to Professor Dumbledore for advice on 'Harry Potter's Sudden Disappearance,' okay? I'd be kinda odd if Harry Potter walked around like a girl, doing girl things, and so on. So we'd have to make an excuse for you not actually being here where really, you are, only, as a girl. You know what I mean?"

I shrugged. "Oh, I suppose... Let's go..."

"Oh, you better put on that hood and cloak, in case anything were to happen, okay? You know, on the way there."

"I know..." I said as I lifted my hood and covered the view of my face and pulled the cloak around me, leaving my head to wait for Kaz's note of readiness.

"C'mon, Harry... And do cover your head... I'd rather look insane talking to myself then with a head floating behind or beside me as we walk, okay? Oh, and um... for a fake name, um... How about Harriet? Hmm? I mean, we could always call you by harry, but your girl name would be Harriet, okay? Not to noticable, and heck, you'll still be able to answer to it easily. Right?"

I shrugged as I followed her out, watching my step as we went down the stairs. By the time we came to the entrance, it flew open and Ron and Hermione came in, both huffed.

"Excuse us, Kaz, Ron here is having a fit," Hermione said as politely as she could pull without straining herself.

"I am not 'having a fit' Hermione. It's you who's all 'I've got a stick up my ass' deal." Ron retorted.

Hermione gasped. "I do not!" she objected, following to the fireplace. "It's not my fault he's not up! I'm just worried, Ron! And you should too! He shouldn't be in bed this late!"

Kaz cleared her throat, getting the attention of both Gryffindors. "Umm... Who exactly are you talking about?"

"Harry. He's been oversleeping. I tried to shake him away, but he just shooed me away," Ron answered. "I even had Neville and Seamus try something, but he didn't evne budge or throw up the covers to shout at us like any normal person would."

Kaz glanced in my direction (I only guessed she guessed where I was). "Um... Why did he oversleep?" she asked cautiosly.

Ron shrugged. Hermione fiddled with the opening of her robes. "We don't know. Ron said he acted rather odd last night after that drink that Harry commented looked funny to him."

Kaz's eyebrows rose. "Well then, maybe he's sick after all. I dunno. None of my business... I say leave him be for a while, maybe it was just the food or drink that got to him, okay? Maybe they just didn't agree with his stomach. No worries, he'll probably be fine... But if he doesn't turn up by lunch or the end of the day, I say check the boys' restroom."

"But shouldn't we check his bed too? And what happens if he's in neither?" Ron pressed.

She shrugged. "Oh well... Look, I'm going over to Dumbledore's right now to ask him something, and... well, I'll ask him if something was wrong with the food last night, okay?"

Hermione blinked. "You're going to Professor Dumbledore's office? What for?"

Kaz, I noticed, was on the edge of her patience. She rolled her eyes. "Personal reasons, okay?"

Ron smiled smuggly. "Okay then. Bye."

"And like I said, don't bother him. Maybe he just needs sleep or something, y'know?" she said, waving her hand lazily. She glanced over at me and I knew what that meant.

I made it in front of her and when she was right behind me, I opened the entrance with her right at my heels. Once outside, I let her lead the way to Dumbledore's office.

After some good time in walking, we made it to Dumbledore's office. Kaz, amazingly, knew the password to activate the stairs that led up to entrance of Dumbledore's office. She scooted over to let me stand beside her as she leaned on the statue that turned round and round, letting the stairs excel upward.

"Professor Dumbledore!" Kaz called as soon as she got off and entered his office.

Professor Dumbledore was at his desk, towering over several papers. When he heard Kaz, he looked up, smiling with that familiar twinkle in his eye. "Why, Kaz. What brings you here?"

"Um... Is anyone else here? Or are you expecting anyone, Professor?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "No, why should you ask?"

"Well..." She signaled to me and I removed my cloak and the hood of my robes. "That's why..."

"Well, now... How very unfortunate... Are things well, Harry?" Dumbledore asked me, smiling gently.

I smiled smugly at him, bundling up my cloak. "Not exactly, Professor."

"Ah, I see... Quite unfortunate, as I said. Hmm... Your cousin, I suppose?"

At first, I didn't know what he was tlaking about, but when I looked at Kaz, she nodded. "That's what I said," she said.

"But a last name would be needed, hmm?"

"Yes... Um... We've already gotten Harriet, but... that's it..."

"Wha?" I knew Professor Dumbledore knew a lot and practically EVERYTHING that went on in Hogwarts, but he didn't know the old man was THIS good...

"Hmm... Kaz? What do you propose?" Dumbledore said to the girl in his usual kind voice.

"Something that'll keep the name familiar to his own ears, but still different."

I glared. "Look! Would you stop talking as if I wasn't here!" I shouted, startling Kaz.

She flushed. "Oh, sorry, Harry... er... Harriet... Well, Harry, what do you think? We have Harriet 'Harry' ... what? What about your last name?"

My gosh... "Okay... It's Potter, so... Um..."

"Harriet 'Harry' Poternia?" was Dumbledore's soft voice amongst our loud shouts.

"..." I couldn't say a word. Harriet Poternia? Puh-leaze!! Help me lord! "Uh..."

Kaz, thanksfully, shook her head. "Nah, no thanks, Professor. That's not exactly that good of a suggestion."

Dumbledore quirked an eyebrow at me, looking in my direction. I nodded, agreeing with Kaz. "I go with her, Professor Dumbledore."

"Well then, until we can find a name for you, let us think of something else until then. What about your house?"

"I could stay in Gryffindor, Professor."

He nodded then took out a parchment of paper, handing it to Kaz with a quill. "Please fill out everything you think he'll need."

Kaz grinned. "Right-o, Profossor!"

I looked over her shoulder as she wrote on the parchment of paper Dumbledore handed her. So far, it read:
Name: Harriet "Harry"
Age: 15
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor
Relation: Cousin to Kassandri P.
Parenting: Mother and Father deceased; lives with cousin
Reason: Visiting/transfering student
Period: A month

"So far, so good, right?" she said, looking up at me when she tapped her finger on the paper, unable to think of anything else to write.

"Umm... I guess... sooo... I live with you?"

"Yup. It's the only thing I could think of... Sorry."

"Why not put your whole last name?"

"Well, no one needs to know. Oh, and you are fifteen, right?" When I nodded, she nodded as well. "Right... Um... well, you are only going to be like this for a month, so I thought I'd just put you in as a visiting student, okay? You know, in case anyone asks or anything. And we can't just tell anyone about what really happned about you, don't you agree?"

I nodded as she asked for another piece of parchment from Dumbledore. With this paper, I asked what she was going to use it for.

"Well, write your excuse, silly. We need a reason for your sudden absensce, don't we?"

I nodded. "Um... Yeah, but... What're you going to put?"

"Something around you going home to take care of a family problem. Will that work? Sure it's a bit farfetched since a lot of people know that you hate the Dursleys, but heck, I'll make sure it's something really drastic so that it's really convincing that it won't be questioned, okay?"

I shrugged. "Well, I suppose... But after all my information is cleared up, then what about how I'll act? I'm not a girl, not really, so how will I know what to do or not? And what about restrooms?"

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, c'mon. You'll have to use the girls' one, duh. It'd be unsusual if you used the guys' restroom. Hey, you use a stall, right? So just use one in the girls' restroom. No one's gonna ask, dorkus."

I narrowed my eyes at the insult, but soon brushed it away to let her continue. "Look, I'm a girl, and you aren't, so... Since we must work on your attitude, clothes--Oh, and Professor? We need a girl's uniform for him--hair, and so on, and no one can know about this, then... I guess I'm the only one who can help you."

I groaned. "Oh great... I'm gonna be trained by a monster on how to be a girl... Just what I always wanted..." I said sarcastically.

"Well, such is your life, Harry. And hey, wait a minute, wasn't Snape to leave for special business with..." Her voice trailed toward the end of her sentence as she turned to Dumbledore.

"He has," Dumbledore answered.

"Then wait a minute. How can he've done this mess to you if he's not even here?"

"..." She got me now. "I don't know... Maybe it's someone else then."

"Well it hasta be someone else if it's not Snape, you blugger-head."

"'Blugger-head?'" I repeated, arching a brow.

Kaz rolled her eyes. "Whatever... You should know what I mean..."

"Yeah, yeah..." I grumbled, looking away.

Kaz shook her head. "Whatever! Let's just get on with things... Okay... Now let me write this excuse and you better think of a last name, okay?"

As she wrote, I thought, which wasn't the best thing I liked doing, but I did it anyway. Okay... Harriet Po? Harriet Pottren? Harriet Puchu? Uh... There weren't many last names that started with a P, and none that I could think of were helpful. But then it dawned on me.

When Kaz finished the letter and put the quill back in the ink bottle, she looked up at me expectantly, flapping her hand over the paper, trying to make it dry faster. "Well?" she asked.

I skimmed the letter and nodded. "Harsh, but I like it... Too bad it wasn't for real..."

Kaz laughed at this and continued to fan the paper dry. "So, got a name yet?"

"Oh yeah... Um... Wouldn't it be best if I just use your last name since we're cousins? I mean... I could jsut be on your father's side... Have his last name or whatever, you know?"

She was silent for a moment. "Oh yeah!" she exclaimed, her face lighting up. "Well, Duh! But It's not exactly going to be helpful for you in remembering that it's your last name."

I shrugged and she rolled her eyes before pulling out the quill and writing her last name in. Now, the name part read:
Name: Harriet "Harry" Patrossi

"Oh great... Now that I think about it, I'm going to be going around saying my name's Harriet Patrossi. No offence, it isn't a bad name, it's just... Yeah..."

Kaz laughed, seeing me sulk about how I'd be going around, saying myself as. "Well, don't worry, Harry. You can still be called 'Harry.' I mean, Harriet is your full name, and 'Harry' is only short for it. So, either way, you still have half of your name with you."

"Oh yeah... That's soooo much better. 'Harry Patrossi.' Thanks, Kaz." I said sarcastically, a sigh and a groan combined into one noise.

Kaz smiled before handing over both papers to Dumbledore. "Please Professor, don't tell the other teachers it's actually, Harry, okay? Just show them the excuse, would you? If we need the whole adult council on our backs, we'll ask you to do that for us. Okay?"

Dumbledore smiled gently up at her. "Not to worry, Kaz, All will be safe and sound... Besides, I don't think Potter, here, would like such a disturbance, expecially with the whole school body to deal with in his new form..."

"Right, Professor... Right..." I muttered as Kaz dragged my to the stairs, my cloak in her hands.

Just before we left his office, she turned back to Dumbledore and shoved the cloak in my hands. "Put it on already," she said. Then to Dumbledore, she said, "Oh, and um... can I get the day off to mess around with Harry, Proffesor? You know, get him ready for tomorrow when you announce his arrival. Okay?"

"That is fine with me, Kaz, but you must catch up afterwards, you knwo this, right? Get the assignments from others and so on. You know what to do... You've done it before..." Dumbledore said offhandedly, waving us off.

Once down the stairs, I tapped kaz on the shoulder. "What does he mean 'you've done it before'?"

She smiled sheepishly. "Well, he means I've skipped class before, but I've always found a way to get the work done and in without having practice or explanation on the subject or matter or whatever. You know?"

"Oh... Do you do it often?" I pressed further.

"Oh, come off it Patrossi, my business is none of your business. And anyway, we need ot work on your attitude and ladiness, Ms. Harriet."

I glared at her and lightly pushed her forward, watching her stumble several steps. "Oh, shut up, Kaz. I don't need it..."

I smirked as she laughed and ran up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room, myself tagging behind her as best as I could. Oh boy... I had a feeling that she was going to torture me more and more after this.... Me, Harry Potter. Me, "Harriet Patrossi".... Oh great....

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