Welcome, welcome. I know you all are wondering, raving, and dying to know what's up with Rusty Cage and when it's to update, but I have some sad news. RUSTY CAGE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.
Now, many may wonder why, but I'll tell you my reason. See, I have a new idea. A certain beta-reader of mine suggested a thing or two, and eventually, we came to a conclusion of me creating an ONLINE COMIC for you guys to SEE and well as read. Of course it will be put in a site all its own (not my personal one that I've trashed and haven't touched lately). Though I am not able to supply an original site, giving it its own name and url and junk, but I will say that the site I am currently designing will be for ALL Harry Potter fans. I will take any fanfic/fanart/comic you are willing to donate, and one can do so at an alternate email of mine by the name of: baka_oushi@yahoo.com. I hope to have many viewers, so please grant me patience, as I know many do not have or otherwise have already run out of, and let me do give you something that is even better than the original RC that you have been keeping up with.
My grammar has improved, my manga skills have gotten better, and though my time is still not so open, considering where I go to school and this crap-of-a-program that calls us "gifted" students (thus giving them an excuse to drown us in work), I will make a hard commitment to update a new page every week. And if I am delayed, a notice is to be put up (if needed), and the week will go on as normal, the delayed comic being put up as soon as possible (even if it means putting two strips up at once).
Now, this is a hard change for me, since I'm rather use to updating everything every few weeks or even every MONTH, but I hope a regular schedule will get me going and into gear. And, as a tidbit, I am also thinking of rewriting RC (meaning that not only am I doing a comic, but extending and improving the original fanfic) for you as well. What do you guys think?
I hope everyone likes my ideas and accepts my apologies. I am fairly close to the definition of "irresponsible" and already am "too damn lazy and a stupid procrastinator", so I hope (and wish) that you are lenient with me.
You may shout at me all you like, I will take it on without a comeback, so feel free to say anything to me as you like.