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As the young blonde sat in his room, listening music from foreign countries- some of which, he doubts his friends or classmates have even heard of (thank you Eurovision)- he continued to ponder over his choices of characters submitted for his Total Drama Fanfiction; The Mastermind. He was relieved to have a bit of an easy weekend (despite the extremely frustrating math homework) but he was still having trouble selecting his choices for the final few spots. He knew he needed to make a decision- and it needed to be done.

"Ok, let's see... I'll take April- not because I feel bad for Power Master Story Writer. I think this character's good, and she's different from the rest of them. She's the type I need." He types April's info into the cast list.

"Now, this person gave me 2 OC, but since one of them is male, I can only pick the female one- Charlotte- and I think she'll work. Character works, and I'll need someone with a bubbly attitude."

"I don't think I'll take Hellena," the writer says to himself. "Mainly because I don't wanna rely on characters whose intent is to enter with another character. That, and I still have no clue what a "Kismesis" is, and I can't exactly use "The Beautiful B**** as a stereotype, can I?"

"I've seen a character like Rachel before, but she'd work in a game like this one. Plus, I like the idea of a punk music lover being in this story, for some reason. She's in," the writer tells himself as he continues to write the list.

That left 2 characters- Aria and Blake.

Throughout the rest of the day (while he wasn't working on schoolwork, that is) he couldn't figure out who to pick from.

It's about 2 days later now, and both characters are great in his eyes. But only picking one? That's like picking a favorite kind of music. All the genres have something likable about them, and while you do have your favorites, you're not sure which one you really like best.

The writer had one idea left- a fellow Fanfictioneer (who will remain anonymous at this time, whether they like it or not) asked if applications were still being accepted, to which he unfortunately had to say "no." But that's when he thought of something- this author may be able to help make up his mind! Who better to help with a Fanfic than a fellow fanfic writer? So, he sent both applications without the usernames of either user.

"This is my honest opinion when I say that I think Blake is a little more complicated and versatile, something I like a lot in a character. She's really well described and has a more rugged charm that Aria, so I would honestly choose Blake Noxic. Aria would be a good mastermind, but I just see her being another Heather."

The writer understood loud and clear, and while he did like Aria, it did make sense that Blake just had a little more depth to her. He hates to disappoint people more than anything, but he knows it has to happen.

"Winchester's not gonna be happy about this..."

The Complete Cast:

1. Christopher Washington, The Sentinel of Liberty (kaijudude1000)

2. Cassia Rayens, The Exuberant Explorer (thedaffodilqueen)

3. Ace Eastwood, The Two-Faced Foreign Jock (AceSeesYouuu)

4. Ingrid Alistair, The Engineering Buff (Clockwork Princess)

5. Kyle Greenway, The Straight-A Student (CaptainMunch)

6. Charlotte Puella, The Naive Sweetheart (Scarlet Drop)

7. Gabriel Wilson, The Scatterbrain (Leaving Autumn)

8. April Kendall, The Tomboyish Genius (Power Master Story Writer)

9. Jack Fangs, The Danger-Loving Archaeologist (Prince TigerMasters)

10. Rachel Xavier, The Aspiring Punk Rock Star (Phantomwriter)

11. Joshua Valentine, The Tragic Comic (Meowth's Toon Dragon)

12. Blake Noxic, The Rebel Chainsaw Artist (Fool Arcana Kaiju)

13. Randall Terrasco, The Self-Proclaimed MLG (Mine)

14. Carmen Willinston, The Devious News Anchor (Mine)

"Well... at least the list is complete now," he said to himself. "Better get to typing the update. Hope they keep in mind, just 'cause they said their character wouldn't be a good Mastermind, doesn't mean they won't be the Mastermind..."

Aaaaaaaaand, there you have it, ladies and gents! Our final castlist for The Mastermind! If you were confused by the last statement, it means that ANYONE can be the Mastermind, even if you said they wouldn't be that good at it. ;) And again, very sorry to Winchester and Sophia Crutchfield... but, I may be able to get cameos for the characters that didn't get in(Including Samuel from before)! So, keep your eyes peeled for them!

As for the story itself, it'll be a bit cryptic, given the secret-agent-esqe style of "The Mole," and hints will be tricky to find. So, to prepare our players for the first few challenges, I'd like you to answer me this in your reviews:

1. Can your OC handle heights?

2. Can your OC handle swimming/being underwater?

3. Can your OC remember facts about the other players for a long/good amount of time?

4. Is your OC good at thinking under pressure?

5. Is your OC good at communicating to other players?