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True Awakening

Her heartbeat sped until it was a constant thrumming and then silence. They all waited for her to wake, to see the world through her new eyes for the first time. Edward squeezed her hand and the foreign sensation of warm, soft flesh on hers forced her to react. In a second she is backed against the wall harsh snarls echoing from deep in her chest. She focused on Edward and her snarls grew louder as she recognized the threat, movement behind him caused her focus to shift to the tall male behind him. He's beautiful; deep golden eyes and honey blond curls, bands of muscle ripple across his limbs and the marred flesh that the scars created made him seem stronger. The only thought running through Bella's head in that moment is mine.

In a moment she is at his side breathing in his scent of leather, pine and smoke, the scent makes her mouth water as she wrapped her arms, gently, around him, "mine" she whispered.

Jasper looked shocked for a second before nuzzling her neck and growling softly, "mine." He grips her face in his large palms before smashing his lips, forcefully, into hers, his soft tongue followed the contour of her lower lip, she let out a low moan, allowing his warm, wet tongue to delve into the soft cavern of her mouth. His exploration of her mouth sent tingles down her spine, he let out a soft grown at how she tasted. The sound going straight to her crotch and making her instantly wet.

Surprise colored the faces of their family, Edward's surprise turned to heartbreak in a second and he crumpled to the ground, a wail of sheer agony bursting from his throat. Bella immediately pulled out of the kiss, her eyes snapped to him and she gave another blood-curdling snarl before taking Jasper's hand in hers and crashing through the window.

Alice slowly kneeled beside Edward before wrapping her tiny arms around his shoulders, her eyes full of unshed tears, tears that could never fall, "I didn't see this, I didn't see," she whimpered that phrase over and over again, as if saying those words would change everything.

"What just happened," Emmett said slowly, somehow how realizing that his usual cheekiness would not be welcomed at this time.

No one answered for a long time, as if their vampire minds were still struggling with what they had witnessed.

"…Jasper and… Bella… They… they are mates…" Carlisle replied, slightly brokenly, as if the words had been sour on his tongue.

Carlisle's words seem to break Edward out of his agonizing grief, his head snapped up, "I'm… sorry… but I have to… go."

No one said anything as he ran through the door at out the house before anyone could blink, they knew he needed time, time to reflect, time to grieve for his lost love, because everyone knew that you did not come in between mates.

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