"W-what now?" Alphys stared blankly at the computer monitor in front of us. We had just finished watching something called Mew Mew Kissy Cutie. Honestly, not quite my thing, but I can see why she would like it.

"I have no clue." I sighed, flipping my poorly repaired mask in my hands.

"Want some food?" She offered, standing up.

"If you're offering." I shrugged, looking over the folders labeled by names of various anime.

"What w-would you like?"

"The souls of the innocent~" Chara hummed, digging their fingers into the wall beside me.

"Maybe some chips." I shrugged, watching the look of disappointment across the demon's face, "You know what? Go ahead and bring another bag over. I think I've got a show we can watch."

"Alright." She let out a sigh, turning around and heading toward her kitchen.

"You're an ass, you know that?" The entity before me began to growl.

I scoot myself closer to the computer, opening a browser and typing into the search engine.

"Ah, the silent treatment. You think that's going to stop me?"

I opened Netflix, stopping upon realization that I didn't need to sign in under my own account... Perhaps that's for the better.

"She's going to die soon, anyway." They nearly sung, cold words binding themselves to me, "Why even develop a bond, when she'll soon just be a pile of dust?"

"Doctor Who?" She sat back down next to me, handing me a big bag of chips before opening her own.

"Yeah?" I let out an awkward laugh, "Gotta problem."

"Pfft nerd."

"You're one to talk, ya nerd." I pressed play on the video, looking down at the bag in my lap, "Popato Chisps?"

"It's either a joke of a production error." She shrugged, mouth full of food.

"Where do you guys get your veggies, anyway?" I tore the bag open, popping a salty chip into my mouth.

"I-I'm shocked you're not asking about the veggies and not the 'meat.'"

"It doesn't have the same texture of meat." I sighed, head rolling up toward the ceiling, "I knew it was soy or something the day I decided to have a burger... Though, gotta admit, the taste actually isn't too bad."

"There's a garden in the city." She held a chip in front of her eyes, "W-we used to not have anything of nutritional value; forced to eat whatever we found in the dirt... b-but eventually seeds started coming in from the over-world. We planted them... a-and the royal scientist b-before Gaster was the one who had the idea of using the big lights in order t-to provide 'sunlight.'"

"There was someone before Gaster?" A laugh tried to force its way up my throat.

"From what I heard, he wasn't really considered a good guy." She reached over to her computer, turning the volume up, "He was too focused on his research to care about others, o-or himself in that matter."

"Oh, don't you know what that feels like." Chara chuckled at me before I extending my middle finger, which was hidden from Alphys by the bag.

"Let's... just watch the show." I sighed, sitting quietly as I proceeded to shove popato chisps into my mouth.

"Whelp, it's getting late." I stretched my arms out, kicking the now empty bag of chips toward a small trashcan, "Paps'll want me back, soon."

She sat there hugging her pillow, looking up at me with pleading eyes, "C-can we watch another?"

I tapped my fingers against the floor, watching the screen, "There are seven seasons in the newer one. I can stop by in a few days, if you really wanna nerd out.'

She turned her head toward the monitor, shoulders beginning to raise as she pointed toward something, "It s-says there's nine."

"There's seven." I chuckled, "I think I would've watched if there were two seasons!"

"No. It says t-that r-right there."

"I looked closer, eyes beginning to glaze over, "Oh. Right. Capaldi." I sneered for a moment, "He didn't really give me a good impression, but I'll watch it with you, if you want me to."

"U-until next week?"

"Yeah." I stood up, brushing myself off and bringing my mask to my face, "Until then." I stood quietly for a moment, thinking about Snowdin. Alphys gave me a confused look, but eventually she left, fading into the temporary black. Once the light returned, I stood in front of the house I had been taking residence in.

"You really enjoy the pointless." Chara laughed as I entered the building, tapping their foot against the carpeted floor.

"Meh." I just shrugged, walking toward the kitchen.

"You just had a big bag of chips to yourself, fat ass." They growled at me.

"What? Don't want me getting fat?" My calmed expression began to contort as I rummaged through the fridge, "Afraid I'm going to have a heart-attack?"

"If you die, we can just reset." They waved dismissively at me.

"So long as I'm not accepting of my death." I pulled out a container of spaghetti, tapping the side of the bin in temptation, "You need me to want to live, right?"

They began to growl like an animal, gritting their teeth as their eyes began to resemble weeping wounds.

"Oh, so you do?" I felt the corner of my mouth pull tight at my lips, "Then I'd suggest you leave me be for a while."

"Sans?" Papyrus turned the corner between the living and dinning room, "Who are you talking to?"

I looked between him and the container in my hands, "No one, Bro." I laughed, shrugging my problems away, "Just considering what to eat."

He watched me closely, able to tell what's bothering me. We have been living with each other for roughly three to four months. I'd be surprised if he couldn't.

"It's just been stressful, lately." I sighed, my head beginning to lower as I proceeded to just stare into the container.

"Yeah..." He gave me a tired response, lowering his head, "I guess it has."

My gaze began to drift, my whole being sinking at the sight of a sad Papyrus, "Do you... want to go out?"

He gave me a skeptical look, "Are you suggesting-"

"No no no no no, not like that." I spoke quickly, trying to fix my mistake, "I-I mean do you want to go outside? We can play in the snow or something."

His eyes slowly began to narrow, showing some doubt before the expression began to soften, "I.. guess so."

"Alright." I put the pasta back in the fridge, "Go ahead. I'll catch up with you in a bit."

He left the room to prepare, leaving me alone with the demon he knew nothing of.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" I laughed, tapping my covered fingers against my waist.

"I still think it's pointless." They sneered, disappearing.

Silence. That a first. Can't believe I forgot what that was like.