Facts Compilation 17

Salem heard nothing can kill her….so she tracked nothing down and killed them.

Other children were playing in the sand. Yatsuhashi remembered that he used to play in the concrete.

Nora can finish a bottle of milk in 5 seconds. Using a fork.

The citizens of the world of Remnant don't need to worry about high Dust prices for their vehicles. They run on fear of the possible extinction of civilization at the hands of the Grimm. It's been like this since the end of Volume 3.

Ironwood once killed 97 White Fang terrorists with a rifle. He then turned the safety off, and killed 500 Beowolves that came out of nowhere. Literally.

Obama says, "Yes we can." RWBY says, "We already did."

Ozpin can pick oranges from an apple tree, and then make the best lemonade you ever tasted.

Yang can drift…..on a horse.

Weiss's attitude can make your Happy Meals cry.

A White Fang operative managed to rob a gunstore….with a sword.

Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, Jack wasn't quick enough to dodge Adam's sword.

There is no backspace button on Cinder's keyboard. She makes no mistakes.

Winter can build a snowman out of rain.

Penny knows how to dial your phone number….on the microwave.