Facts Compilation 18

This one...may not be as good as the others...

1. If you just saw a Grimm, it can see you. If you can't see it anymore, you are seconds away from dying a horrible death.

2. Tyrian does not go hunting. Hunting means there is a probability for failure. Tyrian goes killing (But sadly, failure managed to troll him and shot his tail off)

3. Mercury roundhouse kicked Tuckson so hard, TUckson broke the speed of light, travelled back in time, and accidentally knocked Amelia Earhart's plane out of the sky by crashing into it while flying backwards due to the impact of Mercury's kick.

4. The quickest way to a man's heart is with Ruby's excessive cuteness (Although Velvet comes at a close competition for that...)

5. Weiss put out a forest fire with her icy attitude. (Yang tried putting it out with gasoline initially. It only made it worse)

6. Pyrrha hit 11 out of 10 targets. With 9 bullets.

7. Huntsmen have 3 speeds. Walk, run and kill.

8. Qrow drunkenly pointed his finger at Winter's airship and said ,'Bang!' Somehow, the airship started to fall.

9. Professor Port once ate a whole cake before anyone could tell him that he ate the Professor Port mini-statue on top of the cake that was put in his honor along with the cake.

10. Nora's house has no doors, only walls that she pops through.