Facts Compilation 20

1. Nora can drown a fish.

2. In Grimm hunting class 101, the answer to every question they give you on the question sheet is 'Violence.'

3. Hunters can kill Grimm in 101 different ways...using a roll of extra-soft toilet paper.

4. Penny played a game of tug of war with herself and won.

5. Mercury was originally put into the 'RWBY Grimm Eclipse' game, but he got removed because for some reason, all of his attacks were roundhouse kicks. When Mercury heard this, he said, 'That's not a glitch or a bug.'

6. The people of Remnant are unique humans in that they have displayed the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle on many occasions. That is, you never know when everything is about to get crazy. (LIKE EXPLOSIVE BANK ROBBERIES! AND PEOPLE FLYING! AND FOOD CAPABLE OF DESTROYING CAFETERIAS!)

7. Several members of Salem's Factions (No need to specify) are capable of dialing 1-900 without getting charged. Instead, money falls out of the phone (How else do they afford all their stuff and vehicles?)

8. Ozpin finds the above stated fact hard to believe.