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Chapter 1 Pre-war life.

May 21st 2068

Ashley, or Ash, as she was nicknamed walked down the corridor of Boston law school as she read her law book in hand. Unlike many other college girls who wanted to just flirt she didn't she wanted to get her law degree done before she started to flirt. But then again she was a bit of a grease monkey on the side of her law. It was fun and allowed her to focus on her creative side of life and ignore the trouble around her. She was 18 after all.

Sighing she looked outside at her home city of Boston, it looked almost majestic with the white buildings and skyline. But she had always wondered how long it would last. Closing her book, she continued on as a Mr. Handy flew passed her with its arms close to its enormous orb of a body. Life always seemed calm and tranquil. Her life was becoming one of these American dream sort of stories. Born to a humble family, good childhood and just rose to where she was. Life seemed to have paid her for something but what she didn't know.

But like many things, her life wasn't perfect. Her father was a drunk half the time and her mother divorced him like she should do but that left Ashley in a bit of a state but she pulled herself up by getting a job at a garage at 16 and worked for it to this day. As she continued down the corridor the speaker came on.

"All students please return home. There currently is a demonstration in the city. Police are currently engaged with violent protests over the food rationing program." the voice said. "I repeat..." but Ashley didn't listen as she turned on her heel and walked for the stairs.

She knew about the riots, with years of consumption led to shortages of every major resource. Food, fuel, and other materials. She found it hard to believe that some people could be so greedy but then again being the richest nation in the world how people could not? As she walked she could see several of her fellow students moving fast across the campus grounds with flags and board messages. It seemed that they were going to join the riot as well. Young people could be so dumb at times and she knew it.

But then again if people weren't so dumb then she wouldn't be in law. Oh the irony of nature at times had always interested her. As she walked into the main lobby of the college she noticed some students putting up posters on the walls and lockers. Interested she walked up to the poster and looked at it. What she saw she wasn't impressed by.

The poster had a man in it with slanted eyes, yellow skin and wearing a traditional Chinese outfit for men. In his hands was a type-93 assault rifle, the main weapon of the People's Liberation army. Behind the man was the Chinese flag with the devil on it almost laughing maniacally. On the left however was a man in red white and blue power armour holding the American flag with people backing him up. Below both of them were the words 'Fight the Red menace, America needs you!' Ash just gave a disappointed sigh before walking off.

"More propaganda." she muttered to herself.

Ever since the Chinese had invaded Anchorage the American government and the more conservative patriots had demanded at people join the army to fight the 'Red Menace' as it were. In order to do this, they had to stir people's emotions up by using propaganda, well very racist propaganda. To say that she was unimpressed would be an understatement, she had friends who came from China and they were not how the propaganda mills said they were.

She just sighed as she looked at her watch, it was about 1:00 in the afternoon, her shift at the Red rocket garage didn't start until 4:00. shrugging with a smile on her face she walked over to a nearby bus stop to catch a ride to work. After all better to get some more hours on and more money.


"Ugh... yep here's the problem." a man in a mechanic jumpsuit called out as he came up from a car's hood. "Someone wired up the radiator all wrong. It increased the pressure of the coolant."

A man in his early thirties walked over and looked at the engine as well before he chuckled a bit.

"Man sometimes I wonder if tech even works." he said. "Right Joe?"

"David, I'm surprised at you, if tech did work properly then I would be out of the job." Joe said making the two laugh out loud.

David handed out several dollars in Joe's hand who took it and opened the door for his customer. David climbed in and put the key in the ignition and turned it but the car gave a whine. Frowning Joe walked over to the engine to have a look at it.

"Err, Joe?" David asked, but Joe just shrugged, unsure on what was going wrong.

"Got a problem, boys?" called a female voice making the two of them to see a slightly messy haired teen dressed in a green dress approaching them.

While it was expected that most women to be cleanly dressed and had clean hair this one didn't. Instead she had bruises up and down her arms with her hair all messy and ragged. Her dress was also very muddy and had tears practically everywhere. She was panting as if she had run all the way to the place. And seeing that she had her shoes off, it wasn't much of a surprise.

"Ashley?" Joe asked. "What happened to you?"

"Well, no buses and a moving riot are a great combination." she said with a big grin on her face walking up to the two men. "Anyway due to the riots, college is closed for the safety of the students. So rather spend the next few hours at home I figured that here would be a better use of my time."

David was still looking at how badly beaten up Ashley was as Joe gave a chuckle at Ashley's comment.

"True enough, ok grab your jumpsuit and give me a hand here, please." he said.

Ash nodded and walked into the garage itself.

"When did you get a babe like that on your crew?" David asked.

"Well her mother is an old friend of mine, and she has a good mind and even better hands. She's great worker, maybe even better than all the people on my crew." Joe said proudly as he stroked his grey stubble.

"But she should be out, having fun with her friends and boyfriends. She should be in a place like this." David said becoming confused.

Joe eyed him a bit. David was a regular, yes, but he and Ashley had never met due to their different time tables. Unlike some other people, David was old fashioned. Polite, but he believed that women should be in the house waiting for the husband to come back. But that might be simplifying it. While the government and companies had given previously all male jobs to women not many of them took it up whether through propaganda, way they were brought up or something else no one could tell. But some people believed that these rights should be removed. While David had this mindset, Joe knew him well and he didn't bite the hand who was helping which was a very good sign.

"Well, in the years I have known her, Ashley is one of those girls who doesn't take no for an answer. If she wants to find something, she will, if she wants something done, she will do it. Hell, I think she could do just about anything... well except avoid the draft." he said in a somber tone.

The door to the staff room opened and Ashley came out dressed in the Red rocket jumpsuit. Her hair was only slightly messy, the way she liked it and she had also cleaned up some of the muck off her face. After exiting she turned around and locked the door.

"A woman like that should not fight in the war." he said as Ash came up to the car and looked under the hood.

"Ok, I see the problem, there's a leak with the radiator." she said with Joe coming round to look.

Looking where she was he could see the rusted part of the radiator. "How did I miss that?" he asked.

"In this light? Very easily. The rust is due to imperfect material and water of the radiator. But the problem is getting a new one." she said making Joe sigh in defeat.

"What's up?" David asked.

"Your radiator's busted. It's leaking coolant and we need to replace it." Joe said in an apologetic tone.

"But there's some good news." Ash spoke up. "Your engine was made by RobCo, and their radiators are relatively inexpensive and high-quality. I can get one and have it installed by tomorrow at around 6 in the evening."

"How much would that be?"

"Er, the radiator would run you around 250, plus 40 for labour." Ash muttered as she came up from the engine. "You'd also have to leave the car here while we fix it."

David just sighed as he got out of the car and closed the door. "Okay." he said taking his wallet out but Ash moved over to him and pushed it down making him look at him.

"You can pay us when the job is done." she said with a smile making him smile and put his wallet away.

OOOOO a few hours later.

Ash was in the staff room having her break and reading the newest edition of Grognak the Barbarian. This was labelled as Grognak and the Doom temple. It was one where Grognak had to find the princess of the local kingdom and bring her home. But he soon stumbles on a cult who sacrifices people to their god of death. It kind of resembled a film that was planned but never got released for some reason.

"Hi folks, this is Boston radio coming to you live, today." the Radio cried out making her wince a bit.

"Sorry, it's getting dull out here!" Joe yelled as he turned the radio down.

"It's okay!" Ash called out shaking her head as she continued reading the comic and taking a sip of Nuka cola.

"With the Chinese increasing their operations in Anchorage, it seems our boys in green are going to have a bit of problem and soon. However, with the new power armoured units the mobile armoured corps are fielding, they are currently holding the PLA back. More news on the war as it comes. In other news Tec reported the completion of Vault 92 and have started the registering processes for all resident candidates with the goal of keeping the spirit of our great nation alive." the Reporter said.

Ash just shook her head, she understood the concept of the Vault's but never believed that the war would lead to all out atomic war. But then again people can do stupid stuff.

OOOOO August 21st 2072

Ashley awoke slowly before falling on her bed once again. Ugh, she had one hell of a night at the graduation party last night. Her mind was so fuzzy she couldn't remember everything she did. But then she remembered a cute blond with lovely red lips, soft tongue... soft tongue. She woke with a start and looked around her apartment as part of the incident came flooding back to her. Two of her friends Kelly and Max were together and got a little passionate when they kissed. Through her fuzzy memories she remembered going into a bedroom with the two of them and... and... her cheeks became bright red as she remembered what happened.

"Damn, ok, no more drinking." she said as she reached over to her bedside table and pulled out a pack of tablets and took one. "Still never kissed a girl, or had a three some before, huh, I think I liked it."

She didn't want to get pregnant just yet. Groaning, she stood slowly as the sound of the mail met her ears. She could get it in a moment as she walked over to the kitchen and turned the kettle on and got some strong coffee out and put several spoonfuls in a cup she had out. The kettle then turned off allowing her to pour the liquid into the cup and set it down after moment. She then took a quick swig of the strong drink allowing her to wake up even more. Pulling back the curtains she had to cover her eyes as sunlight flowed into her apartment.

The heat of the sun flowed onto her skin allowing her to wake even more. She stretched her arms out as she turned and walked over to her door and picked up her mail and going through it.

"Junk, junk, bullcrap, bullshit." she said going through her mail until she found a brown envelope with the state seal on it, addressed to her.

Smiling and drooping the others she began to open the letter. She had been waiting for this as she had applied to be a trainee lawyer but she had to go through the state for it. Getting it opened she then took the letter out and began to read it.

A/N looked up at old American draft letters for this part, but I decided to cut it down.


The President of the United States, John Leoman

To Ashley Winter

You are hereby ordered to report for induction into the ARMED FORCES of the UNITED STATES, and to report at Bunker hill on 25/872 at 12:00 noon for forwarding to an ARMED FORCES INDUCTION STATION.

Just reading the first part of the letter Ashley just fell to her knees. She had hoped that she would be lucky enough to avoid the draft but this, right now seemed like the world was against her. The war had finally called her to do her part whether she liked it or not.

OOOOO April 12th 2073 US base, Anchorage, Alaska.

"INCOMING!" a soldier yelled as a mortar round managed to hit the wall of the base.

It exploded taking out a large section off the wall allowing Chinese forces to close in and enter the base. But as they entered the base Military grade Protectrons and powered armoured troopers moved up to the breach and held off the PLA forces. Inside one of the hangers in a winter military engineer jumpsuit Ash was working on one of the Siege sentry bots that was recently delivered. The laser Gatling gun on it was on the fritz. But with what was going on outside, it was more than a little hard to work, not to mention that once she had finished on this she needed to get to work on an X-10 Sherman tank.

Just then, Chinese soldiers found the entrance to the hanger. The yelling in Chinese alerted her to their presence, making her run to an APC for cover as they began to fire on anyone they could see. Through the gunfire, Ash looked for something to defend herself with. Looking over to the wall, she found metal ammunition boxes with the R91 assault rifle next to it. Despite being an engineer, she was still trained in basic combat. Gritting her teeth, she dived for the rifle, picking it up. Taking out the magazine, she checked it to see if it was loaded, and it was. The 30 rounds of 5.56 shined in the cold air making the 23-year-old smirk as she loaded it and pulled the charging handle.

Taking at least 5 more magazines and sliding them into her pockets, she moved back up to the APC. The gunfire outside and in the hangar had stopped making her worry what was happening the three who were firing at the entrance moved into the hanger weapons up. She needed to be smart about this, and careful. Shouldering the weapon, she moved around the back of the APC as the three PLA troopers walked by the vehicle. Moving around the other side so that she was facing their backs she aimed at the middle one before pulling the trigger.

The 5.56 rounds flew through the air and hit the three PLA troopers in the back. Ash held the trigger back until the magazine was empty. The intruders then fell face first onto the concrete. Lowering the weapon, she took in a deep breath before more noise could be heard outside.

"Shit!" she muttered as she ran back to the Sentry bot and ran its activation sequence.

Knowing it would only do so much it would allow her more time to do something but just then…

"HEY, ASH, UP HERE!" a male voice yelled.

Looking up she could see a short brown-haired man waving to her. Even from the distance she was at she could tell who it was. The man's name was Nate Leonard. Unlike her, he was already part of the army by the time she was in. A good soldier and, well, a good-looking man. The two had become quite good friends here, but since the base was compromised they needed to get out. Looking around she saw a set of steps leading to where Nate was. She ran over to it and climbed up to the railings he was on. As she made it several Chinese troopers were then met by heavy fire of the Sentry bot.

"I thought the crystals were out of alignment." she muttered.

"I just got word from HQ, they're going to bomb the base from orbit. We have to move." Nate said before pointing to a set of jeeps by the entrance to the hanger. "We can use one of these to get out of here."

"Yeah, just wait a minute." Ash said as she watched the Bot take out several more troopers before going outside and firing again. "Okay, let's go."

The two the moved fast down the stairs as fast as they could before their boots hit the concrete. They then ran over to the Jeeps with Nate getting onto the drier side while Ashley got onto the laser Gatling gun on the back. The vehicle revved into action as he began to drive both of them out of the hanger and base as rocket from orbit came down and destroyed the base. Looking around Ash could see several American troops who had made it out during the Chinese attack and began to regroup. She made it out alive but for how long would that last for.

OOOOO 31st May 2074 US RAF base Anchorage

Ashley stood in front of her new power armour. The air was cold even through her under armour. The suit was open and waited for her to enter. She looked down at the letter she had received almost 2 weeks ago.

Dear Miss Winter,

We thank you for your patriotism in the past with the 34th engineers. In recognition for your service and by the command of the Leader of the Anchorage Campaign General Chase you have been promoted to Lieutenant of squad 6 of the 5th mobile armoured corps. Due to your engineering experience with the T-45d power armour you have been slated as a Shock trooper. This is a great honour for you to be at the front line for our mighty nation.

Good luck and god bless you.

She scrunched up the letter before looking at the power armour and stepped right foot first then left foot. Once in the armour closed around her until it locked in. She had been in power armour before as she needed to run diagnostics and test the systems. But now she was no longer an engineer, but a soldier; the war must have been going badly if the government was doing this. But it made sense, it takes ages to train someone to use power armour so using someone who already knows how to use it made things easier.

She walked over to a crate where a rectangular CZ53 minigun was and picked it up. It was light with her armour thanks to the support frame. She sighed as she didn't want to kill. The first time she did kill, she was almost unresponsive to all her fellow engineers for at least a day. Looking down at the gun she just didn't know what to feel anymore. She was so lost in thought that she didn't hear another powered armoured trooper coming up behind her. A hand found its way onto her shoulder, making her turn to face Nate, who stood there with a grin. He couldn't see it behind her helmet, be she was smiling back.

OOOOO 24th Jan 2075

It was a long road to getting here. Ashley looked up and down in the mirror one final time, only to see not the girl that she knew, but a woman far lovelier.

"Ma'am, the groom is waiting for you." An attendant chimed in.

That was her cue to walk down the aisle in her wedding gown, marking the beginning of her new life with a man who she knew she could trust. A man she knew would care for her in return. A man she loved.

It was an unexpected surprise, but her uncle volunteered to walk her down the aisle. While her father was almost never there for her, she new she could count on her uncle. On the way to the altar, he was going through a multitude of emotions, but mostly pride, joy, and relief in knowing that she'd be marrying a man who would care for her the way her father never could.

"Thank you uncle." A teary-eyed Ash said to her sniffling uncle. It was the first time she said it, as he handed his niece to the groom.

"Thank you, if only your father could see you now." was all he could manage though his stifled sobs. Even if it was just a few short metres down the aisle of a church, he was there for his niece for one last time.

Facing each other, Nathan and Ashley could only marvel at each other's radiance. Ash spent months memorizing her vows, picking the right dress, venue, and guests; but all of that was forgotten as she stood before the altar. A little embarrassed (and slightly panicked), she noticed the look on Nate's face, because he was also in the same predicament! It didn't matter, because they loved each other, and such trivialities could easily be forgiven.

The pastor began, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…"

OOOOO October 23rd Sanctuary hill's 2077

Ashley walked into the bathroom where Nate was. He said something before she moved up next to him.

"You're going to knock'em dead at the Veteran's hall tonight, hon." she said.

"Ya think?" he asked.

"Absolutely, now get ready and stop hogging the mirror."

"Right." he muttered as he rubbed his face before Ash moved him slightly.

"Hey, my turn, big guy." she said taking his place and just applied a bit of black and blue eyeliner before walking away leaving him in the bathroom.

She continued on and into the living room. The TV reporter was talking but she didn't pay much attention as her Mr. Handy got her attention.

"Ah! Good morning, mum. Your coffee, 173.5 degrees Fahrenheit, brewed to perfection." he said.

"Thanks, Codsworth." she said taking the kettle from him

"Of course, mum." he said as she poured herself some coffee.

As she picked it up Nate walked in and round to the side door where his newspaper was, picked it up and started to read it. She smiled as she picked up the Grognak comic on the side and just chuckled at the title. 'Grognak the barbarian and the cave of the bat baby's.' a far cry from the older ones but still interesting. Just then her baby began to cry drawing Codsworth away from his dishes.

"Ah, sounds like someone made a stinky." he said. "I shall attend to young Shaun."

That didn't make her smile in the slightest. She wanted to take care of her son but she and Nate bought Codsworth to lighten the load they both had.

"Ya know, I was skeptical at first but I think Codsworth is good with Shaun." Nate said. "But I still think we need to take him in to be serviced soon."

"I second that." she said as she opened the comic.

"And now a brief look at the weather, this weekend is unseasonably warm with temperatures at a high of 53." the news reporter said. "Then we are looking at a cold front coming from Canada, making it crisp and dry for next week's Halloween festivities. It would also appear that our troop overseas are experiencing unusual weather as well. On the island of Mambajao the nights are cold..."

the sound of the news reader was drowned by the sound of the doorbell making both of them look up.

"Ugh, it's that salesman, don't know why he keeps on bothering you." Nate said as Ashley walked over to the door and opened it.

"Good morning Vault-Tec calling he said giving a bow.

Ashley had set herself, Nate and Shaun up in one of the Vaults but they needed so much stuff it was getting annoying. And while the two didn't think that atomic annihilation would come it was better safe than sorry.

"Morning," she said not in the mood for his upbeat attitude.

"Yes, it is, sorry to do this but I've been trying to get you for days. I assure you it's the matter of utmost urgency." he said making his voice go up and down trying to stir her emotions.

"Well, I'm here now."

"Yes, you are, now I won't be taking up much of your time, time being a... a precious commodity. I'm here today to tell you that because of your family's service to our country you have been pre-selected for entrance into the local Vault. Vault 111." he said trying to make it sound dramatic.

"But there's room for my family right?" Ashley asked.

"Of course, of course. Minus your robot naturally. In fact, you already cleared for entrance. It's just a matter of verifying some information. Don't want there to be any hold ups, in the unforeseen event of err total atomic annihilation. Won't take but a moment. "

"Ok. What do you need?"

While Ash and the salesman talked Nate walked up and sat down on the sofa hoping to listen to both his wife and the news. It took around a moment until they were done.

"Wonderful! That's... everything..." he said as he backed away. "Just going to walk this over to the Vault. Congratulations for being prepared for the fut-" but he didn't have a chance to finish as Ash closed the door on him.

"Thanks again." she said sarcastically.

"Hey it's piece of mind, that's worth a little paperwork right?" Nate asked.

Ash smiled got down on one knee and reached over him with her arms. "For you and Shaun? No price is too high." she said kissing him on the cheek making him snigger a bit.

"Ha good answer." he simply said.

"Well I do have my moment's." she shot back.

The two of them leaned in to kiss but just then the unmistakable sound of Shaun crying met their ears. Codsworth then came into the room.

"Miss Ashley, Shaun has been changed but he absolutely refuses to calm down. I think he needs some of that 'maternal affection' you seem to be so good at." he said.

"You heard Codsworth," Nate said with a smile. "Go on I'll be there in a minute."

Ash just gave an amused chuckle before standing and walked down the short corridor to Shaun's room. Her baby boy was in a blue crib, hard to believe that he was just over a year old. She walked over to him and got down to one knee and rubbed his little belly.

"How are the two most important people in my life doing?" Nate asked from the doorway getting Ashley's attention. "Hey I fixed the mobile, give it a spin."

Liking that she did give it a spin making her son gurgle in delight.

"That's my boy. Being good to his mother like me, well most of the time anyway." he said closing the door and walking up to the two. "Listen Ash, after breakfast I thought we could go to the park. Weather should hold up."

"Sure sounds good." Ash said with a smile, thinking that it might be like that night in the park a year ago, after their wedding.

"Sir, mum! You should come and see this!" Codsworth nearly yelled.

"Codsworth what's wrong?" Nate asked but Ashley felt something inside her gut.

"Grab Shaun I'll go see." she said opening the door and walking into the living room.

"Followed by... yes, followed by flashes. Blinding flashes. Sound of explosions... we're… we're trying to get confirmation..." the newsman said.

Just then Nate walked in the Shaun in his arms. "What did he say?"

Ash couldn't answer as she just stared at the TV.

"But it seems that we have lost contact with our affiliate stations. We do have...coming in… confirmed reports. I repeat confirmed reports of nuclear detonations sin New York and Pennsylvania, my god..." the TV then just got cut.

"We... we have to get to the Vault! NOW!" Ash yelled.

"I got Shaun, let's move!" Nate said.

Almost immediately the two of them kicked down their door and ran out onto the street. Sirens were going off left and right as the two of them ran down the street of Sanctuary hills. Military and police were already out in force.

"People of Sanctuary hills if you are registered evacuate to Vault 111 immediately." someone on the megaphone said.

Despite the people running both Ash and Nate could see a soldier directing people to the Vault they both followed his direction. He kept yelling for people to go down a dirt road. The two tried to say close as more people began to panic as they crossed a bridge. As they ran across it she could hear someone falling into the water but she couldn't worry about that right now as they both ran up a small hill to where a Vault-Tec billboard was. A metal gate was up ahead with people in a line but most of them not getting in. As they got closer, the unmistakable sound of a minigun whirred into life and the sounds of someone pulling the trigger on it.

The people screamed and a few of them ran away but the rest stayed as they got closer to the line. The line moved as some people got in. Ash could then see a body cut in two by 5mm rounds. Looking up she could then see three soldiers, one with combat armour on and a clipboard in hand while at either side of him where two green powered armour shock troopers. As they got to earshot a man was arguing with the armoured soldier.

"That ridiculous I AM VAULT-TEC!" he said.

"You're not on the list, you don't go in." she soldier said.

"I'm going in and you cannot stop me." he said but before he could do anything a minigun whirred into life.

"Sir!" the powered armour soldier warned.

The man in the brown trench-coat then threw his hands up. "OH okay, okay." he said back down before running way. As he did Ash recognized him as that Vault-Tec salesman who came to her house earlier.

"I'M REPORTING THIS!" he yelled.

"Next." the soldier said as Ash and Nate walked up.

"We need to get in, we're on the list." Ash said.

The soldier looked down the list. "Infant, male, female... last name?"

"Winter." she said.

"Ok go in, god help us all." he said moving to the side allowing the three to enter.

"You two FOLLOW ME!" yelled a Vault-Tec security guard.

He with the two moved up the hill even more to the top.

"What about all those people?" Ash called out.

"We're doing all we can." he said as a Vertibird came in for a landing.

"Step on the platform in the center!" another security guard yelled.

Ashley and Nate stood on the platform labelled 111. The two stood together almost hugging each other as one of the Vault security guards whet to a hut to the left side of the platform.

"Almost there, we're going to be ok." Ash said before meeting her husband in the eye. "I love you, both of you."

"We love you too." Nate said.

Just then a flash made the two cover their eyes. At that moment, both of them realized, this was no test the end had finally come. The flash transformed into a mushroom cloud making everyone look in a sense of awe but the guards couldn't have the luxury.

"NOW, NOW! SEND IT DOWN NOW!" yelled one of them as the lift began to move down.

"Hold on!" Ash yelled as the lift began to move down.

As it did the shock-wave came in fast and the lift was slightly slow but as it came over the hill the top of their heads were in line with where the lift was and the shock-wave went right over their heads. Ash looked up as the door closed above them seeing the last speck of light for the next 10 years. Or so she would think.

It took around two minutes to reach the bottom. Many people on the list were just relieved that they had made it to safety. As they still moved two people were waiting. Next to them was a small scaffold to an open vault door. The lift then stopped and a gridded door in front of them.

"Everyone please step off the elevator." said the security guard. "and proceed up the stairs in an orderly fashion."

"No need to worry folks, we'll get everyone situated in your new home. Vault 111; a better life underground." said the other man who Ash could only assume was the leader.

"So we just-" asked one of the survivors on the lift.

"Yes, just up the stairs." said the Security guard.

With that people started to get off the lift and get onto the scaffold to the door. But as Ash and Nate got off one of the men who came off ran to the wall near the scaffold and threw up while his wife came over to comfort him. The leader also came over as well.

"I cannot believe it, if we waited a minute later we'd all be..." he tried to say but the leader stopped him.

"No, no. Don't get caught up thinking that. You're safe now."

Ash just ignored them at that point as she and her husband walked up the scaffold and through the door. They were greeted by powerful floodlights to the entrance which seemed to be like a checkpoint of some kind with a biometric scanner. This was odd but then again she shouldn't be so surprised it's likely they needed to check the health of all residents. As the three of them moved a mechanical voice came over the speaker.

"Vault-Tec is here for you. All new Vault residents, please proceed in an orderly fashion. Welcome home." it said

'Welcome home'. Ashley thought as the three of them walked through the checkpoint with the man saying something she didn't catch. 'That's something I never thought of hearing from a Vault.'

"Good." said the man who was operating the biometric scanner.

"Please step over to the table and pick up a suit." the man in front of them said.

The three of them then followed a line around to where a dark skinned woman was handing out blue jumpsuits with the number's 111 on. Nate and Ash took one each before looking at the woman.

"What now?" Ash asked.

"Just follow the doctor here, he'll show you where to go." she said.

"Alright, you three, follow me." said a man in white.

"See, this is our new home..." Nate said to Shaun in his arms as the three followed the doctor down the hall.

"Hon you're going to love it here. This is one of our most advanced facilities... not that the others aren't great, mind you..." the doctor said as they walked passed a guard and three people talking about what had happened top-side.

It made Ash wonder though, did America launch first? Or the Chinese? Maybe the Europeans or someone else. She shook her head ridding herself of those thought's. She and her family were here now... that's all that matters.

"How... how long will we be down here?" Nate asked as they approached a room with white boxes inside.

"We'll be going through all that in orientation. Just a few medical items we have to get through first." he said as they moved into a large room where at least thirty people were waiting in pods for something.

The doctor led them down to the end of the room before turning to them.

"Please put on your jumpsuits and set into the decontamination chamber." he said.

Ash and Nate then went behind their respective pods and undressed before getting their jumpsuits on. While Nate didn't like it as much it didn't bother his wife who had worn similar outfits when she was working in the army and Red rocket. It fit them both like a glove and was quite comfortable for the both of them.

"Just step inside please." he said.

She looked at the decontamination chamber as her some began to cry a bit. She turned to him gave him a kiss before climbing into her pod. She watched as Nate and Shaun's pod began to close as well as her own.

"The pod will decontaminate and depressurize you before we move before we move deeper into the Vault. Just relax." the doctor said as he came up to her pod before walking away.

"Time for a whole new life." she muttered.

"Resident secured." a robotic voice then said. "Occupant vitals normal, Procedure complete in.."

But as it said that, it began to get cold and she became drowsy. She looked over to Nate who hand his eyes on their son.


Mist began to fill the pod and something sounded like ice cracking.


Her eyes became heavy she couldn't hold them open anymore.


The voice became harder to hear as her vision became black.


It was cold, so cold she needed to sleep.


That was the last thing she had ever heard before succumbing to sleep. She slept a dreamless sleep for what seemed like moments before something began to happen. Waking up her vision was foggy but she could hear clearly.

"Manual override engaged." the voice said. "Cryogenic stasis suspended."

"What? Cryogenic stasis?" she muttered as her vision became clearer.

The inside of her pod looked like her freezer back home which ice flakes all along the glass in front of her. Her breathing became regulated, as she looked around.

"Cryogenic suspension? What kind of sick joke is this?" she said as someone came into sight who looked like a woman.

"This is the one here." she said as another person came round.

Unlike the woman who was dressed in what looked like a hazmat suit, this one was bald with a leather suit and make-shift armour. Both of them moved up to it, but the bald man kept his distance.

"Open it." he ordered.

Ash then slammed her fist on the glass of her pod trying to get their attention but either they didn't hear her or they didn't care about her. The woman then pulled the lever on the console next to the pod. Alarms then sounded as Nate's pod began to open. The door then moved and he leaned forward a bit as Shaun began to cry.

"*cough* is it over? Are we ok?" he asked.

"Almost." the man said. "Every thing's going to be fine."

As he said that the woman moved up to the pod reaching out for Shaun.

"Come now, give me the baby." she said.

Ashley's eyes widened in almost horror as she began to slam on the door even more.

"No, don't take him!" she said but once again they ignored her.

"No wait. No... I got him." Nate said as Shaun began to cry even more.

"Let the boy go!" the man said as he pointed a pistol at Nate.

"No..." Ash whispered. "NO! DON'T HURT THEM!" she cried out.

"I'm only going to tell you once." the man continued as the woman held onto Shaun.

The two then began to struggle over him violently.

"I'M NOT GIVING YOU SHAUN!" Nate declared.

A shot then rang out Making Shaun cry even more. Ash just stopped slamming her hands against the door as tears flowed down her face. Nate slumped in his pod... dead with blood coming down from a hole was. The woman took a hold of Shaun and just looked at the man who tried to keep the baby from her.

"Goddamn it! Get the kid out of here. Let's go." the man said before coming Ashley's pod.

The woman moved away fast as the man looked into her pod. She could see a scar down the left side of his face and a small bard on.

"Least we still have the backup." he said walking away as Nate's pod closed.

"Cryogenic sequence initialized." the robotic voice said and a moment later Ashley was frozen once again.

Suddenly her vision became clear but it felt like she couldn't breathe. Coughing she looked around to see she was still in her pod. The slammed against the door as an alarm went off.

"Failure in the cryogenic array. All Vault residents must vacate immediately." the robotic voice said as her door opened.

She fell out her pod onto her hands and knees finally getting air into her lungs. Looking up at her husband's pod she moved to the controls next to it and pulled the lever. Making it open.

"Come on, come on." she said as the pod opened and she stood fully.

Once opened she had hoped that what she saw was a dream but it wasn't. The ice all over his body told her that he was not getting back up. Wiping her tears away she looked at him and got up onto his pod before leaning in to kiss him one last time.

"I'll find who did this, and make them pay. And I'll get Shaun back." she said as she removed his ring and climbed off the pod.

Looking down the row of pods she had expected other people to come out but no one did. Moving to the next one down she pulled the lever but nothing happened.

"Failure in cryopod release override." the robotic voice said.

Not wanting to wait around as the place was way too cold Ashley moved down the pods looking at each one. No one was moving something must have happened for this to happen but what? She had no idea. Walking up the small flight of stairs she came down on the door opened allowing her to move down to the end of the corridor where someone had left a few tools laying there. But as she approached the door in front of her didn't open.

"Ugh, broken." she said before looking to the side where there was another door.

She approached it and it opened, figuring that it was better than standing around she walked down flight of stairs that lead to a corridor where she could hear electrical discharge. There was a door at the far end of the hall. Looking up the stairs for a moment she walked over to the door which opened for her. The corridor then curved which she followed. The hall then led her to what looked like a refectory, feeling a little hungry she walked up to the place. But as she entered something large jumped at her.

She ducked fast and looked to where the creature landed. It was a few feet in front of her. She moved up fast and crushed it with her heel killing it. Taking a deep breath, she then removed her foot from the creature to get a good look it at. It seemed to be a cockroach but a big one.

"Giant roaches? What the hell?" she muttered.

Looking at the refectory she noticed that the tables had degraded due to use. While she was asleep some people must have been awake. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out that there was more than likely no food in there. Sighing she turned to the generator room door and pressed a button on the side opening it up. Almost instantly a giant roach jumped up at her. On instinct she punched it hard causing it to slam into the floor before she stepped on it like the other one.

Moving around one of the generators two ore then jumped at her. This time was she was knocked over by one causing her to hit a few crates behind her. Grunting she found a hammer next to where she landed picking it up one of the roaches jumped again at her. Gritting her teeth, she swung the hammer at the roach slamming the iron end of the hammer on the roach causing it to split in half. As for the other one she slammed her heel onto the roach's head making it run around like a headless chicken. She then stood before and took a deep breath. She was scared but she had taught herself to get used to it.

Moving over to the consoles she noticed a skeleton in a jumpsuit.

"What happened? Is anyone alive?" she asked taking a moment to look at the skeleton.

Sighing she stepped over him and walked over to the door which opened allowing her to continue. She walked up a flight of stairs before she was attacked again by a roach. Thankfully it missed her and landed on the foot of the stairs. She threw the hammer at it which crushed it she smiled with a satisfactory smile as she continued on through the door at the top. She entered an office-sized room with a skeleton on the floor next to a chair and behind a desk with a computer on. But what caught her eye was a 10mm pistol with three mags next to it. Smiling, she walked over to it and picked it up. Pulling the slide back she could see a 10mm round in the chamber making her smile. She didn't like melee weapons at all. Firearms were more her style, she picked up the three mags and pocketed them. The door in front of the desk was closed and she needed to get through it. Assuming that it was like the other she walked over it and pressed the side button on it but a bleeping sound.

"Shit, terminal controlled." she muttered turning back to the computer.

Walking back over to it, she noticed a storage section with the door already open. Moving over it, she had found another 10mm pistol with two more mags. She took them both ammo was important and if anyone was alive outside she could sell it. A cryo box then caught her eyes making her smile but it was locked baking her lose said smile.

"I'm coming back for you." she said.

Turning around she then walked over to the computer an activated it. It turned on and she went down all the way to the open door option. The door open allowing her to go through it. The hall curved but as she entered the sound of roaches met her ears she looked to see 4 roaches further down the hall. Taking a deep breath, she raised her pistol and aimed down the sights. She got the first one and she fired, it hit killing the cockroach. But that alerted them to her presence. Aiming again she fire at the nearest one. But the shot missed, she fired again but this time it hit and killed the other roach leaving only two left.

The final two then jump up at her. Now she had a bigger target taking aim one again she shot one of them out of the air. As for the other it landed on her arm, before it could do anything Ashley slammed the bug against the wall crushing it. It fell off her arm, breathing in she then followed the corridor down and round until she came to the door it opened leading her to the airlock where she, Nate and Shaun came in first. It seemed only like this morning she came here but now things had change.

As she walked in she only spotted at least 2 roaches. Taking aim, she fired two rounds at the closest one, killing it before doing the same for the other killing it as well. She then walked over to the yellow console. But as she did she noticed a Pip Boy on the floor. She got down and picked it up and turned it over. Turing it to the right side she placed it on her left wrist before locking it on and turning it on. It activated but dust covered the screen. She rubbed her thumb on the screen taking some of the dust off. It ran through it's programs for a moment before settling on her health status. Looking to the console there was a plug required, turning the Pip Boy she noticed a white plug/ taking the plug out she then placed it into the socket on the console and a plastic cover opened. After placing the plug back then hit the red button. As she did the alarms went off and lights dimmed.

She looked to the vault door as an arm slid into a hole and pulled it out of where it was. It then moved allowing floodlights to blind her and causing her to back up. The light died down a bit and the ram she came in on fell.

"Time to go." she said walking over to the ramp and walking across it.

The lift came into sight. Steeling her resolve, she walked down the metal steeps and moved onto the lift. The door behind her closed as the robotic voice said something but she didn't pay attention as she looked up.

"I'm coming Shaun, wait for me, please." she said as the lift began to move.