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Sometimes, late at night, he liked to come up here with Harry's invisibility cloak. He had never told anyone, it was a private thing, you know? It was a place to think, to have all to yourself. To do whatever you wanted, to whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. When you had five brothers and one sister, you never had any private things. So he really wanted to keep this one. Until, of course, he caught a spy. Someone that had known all along about his private nightly visits. Someone who watched. Somehow, he felt violated. It was a raw, primal, instinctive, feeling and he wanted the spy to feel it worse than he did. That's what made him do it.

"Damnit! You stupid bastard. What gives you the right!" his angry voice echoed off the stone walls, making it sound almost menacing, the kind of voice that would freeze your soul, had it been coming from someone with black hair, dark eyes, a black cape, you know the deal. A diabolical fiend. Definitely not Ron Weasley.

Slap! "Unnhhh!" The shorter boy's cry of pain rang through the room, bringing, not help or relief, but more beating. Five and a half years of pent up anger and hate were exploding through each strike. He had only been discovered minutes ago, but he could already feel his whole body bruising, his face receiving the brunt of the attack. "Please, stop, please." He choked out the last part through a mouthful of his own blood.

As he looked at the bloodied and bruised blond cowering on the ground, Ron felt wonderful. He had the other boy completely under his control. He could feel the power racing through his veins; it was more than just adrenaline. It was intoxicating. And he couldn't stop now. He wanted the boy to be even more under his control. He wanted the boy to fear him, to be ashamed of himself, and be utterly humiliated. But how?

As he stared into the eyes of Draco Malfoy, the one he and his friends had almost feared for five years, he laughed out loud. Just to look at him now, bloody and crying in the corner, made him feel even more in power, if that was possible. And that train of thought was what brought on the final shaming of Draco. Ron was thinking of packs of wild animals, how some will kill an overthrown leader, yet others...

Ron picked up his wand from where it had fallen when he had first seen Draco. The blond boys eyes widened in fear as the wand was pointed at him. But suddenly, he felt himself being lifted, and pulled across the room. He landed kneeling in front of the only piece of furniture in the unused room, a large, soft, crimson, and armchair. He was facing it, but before he could turn around, the taller redhead was behind him. He could hear him breathing louder and faster than he had been before, and he was moving closer, and yet even closer. When he was right behind him, spooning his shaking body, he ripped the back of his robes, right down the middle. By the time Draco realized what was going to happen, it was too late.

Ron was completely intoxicated by the feeling of control he had, while ripping the other boys clothes off. He could almost taste the fear, and that was a powerful aphrodisiac. He grabbed the hem of his own robes and pulled them off, shoving Draco down onto the perfectly stuffed chair.

Draco's asshole was almost too tight for Ron to enter, be as he thrusted, he could feel himself going deeper. Draco's sobs were coming between gasps of pain, now. He could feel his flesh tearing as Ron thrusted. But now there were two other feelings, different from the fear and pain. One was utter and complete humiliation. The other was pleasure.

Ron was breathing in short, quick gasps now, groaning as he pushed himself deeper into Draco. Draco was rocking back and forth, as well, unconsciously increasing Ron's please along with his own. Ron could feel himself start to come only seconds before spasms wracked his body. In the throes of ecstasy, he released streams of warm cum into Draco, who could feel the hot liquids flowing into him. He came seconds after, onto the ruins of his best robes.

As Ron finally began to pull out, both boys could feel Draco's blood, now mixed with Ron's cum, run down their legs. The ecstasy gone completely, Draco could feel the pain return full force. He slid to the ground, sitting in a growing puddle of the warm red liquid. Ron pulled his robes back on, grabbed the cloak, and his wand, and left, confident in his supremacy.


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