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Safe in the bathrooms of Gryffindor tower, Ron stared at the blood on his hands. It was starting to dry now and was tacky and dark red, but in his mind's eye, it was bright red, and dripping all over everything. He couldn't believe what had just happened. But he did know one thing for sure. No one could ever know about this. Ever.


Draco stood jerkily from where he had been lying on the floor of the tower. He had heard Ron had run out nearly twenty minutes prior, but he hadn't really known what to do, so he had just collapsed to the floor, waiting for something. He hadn't even known what he was waiting for, but he knew he had to stay right there and wait or he'd miss it. It had finally come, and now it was time to get cleaned up to begin his revenge. It had to be slow and subtle, because no one could ever know about this. Ever.


The morning dawned bright and clear, the spring air wonderfully warm. Harry had risen early to go fly on the Quidditch pitch like he did every Saturday, but something had kept his feet on the ground that day. To an extent. Instead of his usual laps and loops, Harry had taken himself and his school bag to the very top of the stands, to sit and think and write and draw and whatever else he happened to want to do that morning.

He wasn't what you would call an excellent artist, but he had drawn a picture of the castle that morning that he knew was amazing. Sitting there adding extra features, like the crack that ran down the side of the Astronomy tower, and the ivy that grew up around the bottom, he had a feeling of contentment. He kept looking at the Astronomy tower to get that crack just right, when he saw movement in one of the rooms. Knowing that it wasn't a class, since it was Saturday morning, and that it wasn't a teacher since the Astronomy class room, the only used room in that tower, was at the very top and this was three floors below, he became rather curious. Putting his things back in his backpack, he pulled out his wand and summoned his Omnoculars from his trunk.

In the few minutes that it took them to arrive, Harry had decided that whoever was in that room was probably doing something of ill-intention. When they did arrive, he was certain. In the little unused room, Draco Malfoy was kneeling on the ground in what looked like muggle clothing doing something Harry had never *ever* expected to see. He was scrubbing the floor. And he had a pile of robes near by that Harry could tell were all ripped up. And he was talking to himself. Harry was just about to rise and fly over to the window when Draco stood.

Draco threw the scrub brush into the bucket and bent down to grab the robes. As Harry looked on, he couldn't help but notice how nice the view of Draco bending over was. Then he shook his head and was momentarily disgusted with himself for thinking that, and went back to watching whatever it was that Malfoy was doing. He was at the balcony window now, with his wand out. He pointed his wand, with his left hand, Harry noticed, and threw the robes over the edge. He shouted something, and a single golden spark leapt out of the end of his wand into the robes, which burst into flames. By the time they hit the ground, there was nothing but ashes, which blew away in the slight spring wind.

Draco continued to stand on the balcony for quite a while, just staring off into the horizon. Harry fidgeted, then decided to zoom in further. He hit the zoom button, and his view of Draco grew closer and closer. Then he had to stop and back it up because he was too close. Draco was life-sized now, as if he was standing right next to Harry, instead of three hundred yards away. His hair wasn't fixed, his clothes, that were very much muggle as they featured a soccer team, were grimy and wet and stained, his hands were raw and red from the labor they were unused to, and his face...Harry stopped there and took the Omnoculars down for a moment. Was Draco Malfoy, the heartless bastard...crying? Harry drew up the Omnoculars again. It was true. He was crying. And on top of that, he looked as if he had gotted the shit beat out of him. He had a black eye and a slpit lip, and dried blood all around his nose and mouth, save for streaked where his tears had fallen.

Harry again let hs hands drop the Omnoculars to his lap. He could no longer sit idly by. Malfoy was in some sort of trouble, and even though he was Malfoy, Harry knew he had to do something about it. He put the Omnoculars in his bag along with everything else, looped it's strap over his shoulder, and grapped his Firebolt. Knowing full well that Malfoy would run away from him if he flew in through the balcony, Harry dropped low and flew around to the backside of the tower. He would go in a different room, and simply walk up the stairs to Malfoy.

The first room Harry tried to land in, two floors below where he knew Malfoy would be, was slightly occupied with a few fifth years in a rather incriminating position. Harry, blushing slightly more than they were, flew up another floor. The room he was in now, besides being thankfully unoccupied, was perhaps the most interesting room he had ever been in, save Dumbledore's office. All around the room, on shelves of different shapes and sizes, were feathers. Not just any feathers, but Pheonix feathers, it looked like. Each was standing on end, and smoking slightly. Behind each shelf was some sort of mirror, that refused to reflect the smoke and slight flames given off by the feathers. They all also refused to reflect Harry's scar, his school bag, and the Gryffindor insignia on his unbuttoned robes. Some of them also were not reflecting different bits of the room as well. It was as if they were all picking and choosing what they would reflect, and what they wouldn't. Harry decided that he'd come back and get one some time. Bordering the doorway were more mirrors, those bearing some sort of symbols around the edges. He figured that they were words, or at least that they meant something, but he couldn't figure out what they were. He heard a door creak open and then back shut somewhere below him, and that snapped him out of his wonderment at the mirrors and feathers. He had to get to Draco before he left.


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