Survivor: Crazy Second Chance

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Episode 1

We Don't Get Fooled Again

Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop appears on a helicopter hovering over two speedboats.

"We are here outside Pokémon Island, home of the video game Pokémon Snap," Jet announces. "These boats are filled with 20 players who have played this game before and failed to win. They are out here for their second chance at winning this game. One of them will succeed and take home the million-dollar prize. 39 days, 20 people – 1 Survivor!"

The camera zooms in on the players, who are sitting in the boats.

"I was the first person ever voted out of Survivor," Ash Ketchum says. "Now I've come back here for redemption. Last time, I was doomed by bringing along my Pikachu, who caused too much trouble at camp and caused my tribe to lose its first challenge. This time, I've left Pikachu at home in the care of my friend Ritchie, and I'm determined this time around to play a much better game. It's all about making it past that first vote – I don't want to be the next Francesca."

"I came up one jury vote short of winning my first time playing – one vote!" Soi Fon says. "I was agonizingly close to being the Sole Survivor. It's so hard to get to the end, and to think I was there but I came up short – it's tough to take. This time around, I have to make sure I find a way to finish. Not just go far, not just get to the end, but go all out to win."

"When I first played, I did everything my queen Cynthia told me to do," Lucian says. "I'm back out here again, with the one purpose again being to please my queen. She is watching my every move, expecting me to come out here and win the million dollars so I can give it all to her. I have no other goal out here – not to make friends, not to play an honorable game. I'm out here only for the money, because everything I win belongs to my queen. And like Queen Cynthia, I will cheat and break the rules if necessary."

"Mr. Austria and Mr. Prussia have fought over me for years," Hungary says. "But I hope that I can show the both of them that I'm my own woman, and that I can succeed on my own. I've come out here to prove that I don't need Mr. Austria or Mr. Prussia to be able to do well; that instead I can perform well on my own. This is my big chance to do it."

"I know that rivalries were the theme of last season, but here I am out here with my rival Ash," Gary says. "And we all know that a friendly rivalry can blow up a season. I'm still not sure yet whether I'm going to try to work with Ash, or try to destroy him. Either way, it ought to be a lot of fun out here."

"Last time, I worked very hard with Temari," Tessa says. "We made it a long way together. Then she backstabbed me at the final six, and I was completely stunned. The goal is not to let that happen again. I'm not trusting anyone the way I trusted Temari. I'm going to be very wary of any alliances. I know that at any moment, I can be turned on and backstabbed, and my goal is to not let that happen again."

"Oh, my, am I out here again?" Grune says. "I made it a long way last time. I made it all the way to the end, but then I ended up one vote short of winning. I don't know why I'm out here again, but my hope is to go all the way once more."

"I've survived the Hunger Games twice," Katniss Everdeen says. "But winning Survivor is a totally different animal. I can hunt, I can survive, but making friends is something I'm not very good at. I have to hope that Peeta – and maybe Johanna – help me out at this game."

"I'll do anything to win," Clove says. "I'm going to play the most cutthroat game possible. I don't care who I offend or who I hurt. My goal out here is to finish first. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. And I'll lie and cheat all I need to in order to win."

"The last time I was out here, I met a young man named Light Yagami and fell in love with him," Erika says. "Of course, he backstabbed me and had faked the love stuff the whole way through. Now I'm a stable woman, with a husband back at home, and all the money I would ever need. I'm not playing this game for love; I'm not playing this game for money. I'm simply playing this game to prove that I can win."

"I'm playing this game fresh off being captured and tortured by the Capitol," Johanna Mason says. "My head is shaved bald, and I'm afraid of water. That's not going to stop me from winning, though. My job out here is to take advantage of any losers who feel bad for me. The minute someone gives me sympathy, I pounce on it, and I use that idiot to my own advantage."

"The last time I was out here, there was an unfair twist – the Incubator – that cost me my spot in the game," Olivier Mira Armstrong says. "This time around, I'm preparing for any twists such as that, and I'm going to use them to my own advantage. I'm not letting some stupid twist ruin my game again."

"I went pretty far the last time I was here," England says. "Now the goal is to make it even farther this time around. Some may argue that I'm decadent, but I would argue the opposite – that I'm civilized, and that I can still win my share of wars."

"Asuka screwed me over in my first game," Shinji says. "But I've grown up since then. I won't be so easily tricked. I'm going to try to play the game honorably, but at the same time, I want to prove that I can win. Finding a balance between the two is the key."

"Everyone thinks I'm invisible," Canada says. "I have one goal out here: make people notice me! I want people to see me, I want people to know who I am! I'm not just a hockey-crazed fan, I'm more than that, and I want everyone to know that."

"Playing in the Hunger Games twice is one thing," Peeta Mellark says. "This game requires a whole different set of skills. The first time I was out here, I wasn't cutthroat enough, I wasn't cunning enough. I have to try to find a way to adapt my game to this game of Survivor. Simply painting camouflage on my arms isn't going to win Survivor."

"I can beat Aizen, I can beat anyone at a sword fight," Ichigo Kurosaki says. "Yet winning Survivor has been out of reach. The first time I played, I was on a horrible tribe that lost every single challenge. This time around, I'm going to win those challenges, and succeed at this game. Plus I'm going to prove that I'm not that unlikable of a person. I'm going to show a completely different side of me out here."

"The first time I played, I got kind of stuck, and there was no place for me to go," Peter Anderson says. "This time around, I've got to play harder, or else I'll end up stuck again, and I expect bigger and better things from myself."

"I got stuck on the worst tribe in Survivor history the last time I played," Renji Abarai says. "So obviously the goal has to be to play better in challenges and actually win a few this time around. It didn't help that I made one of the stupidest moves in Survivor history by giving up individual immunity. That's a move I won't make again."

"I'm a ninja," Janine says. "I'm going to play the stealth game. I'm going to fly under the radar, then make the big move that wins the game. The first time I played, I didn't make the big move, and it cost me. This time around, I'm going to make sure I pounce on the opportunity to take out the big threats. I'm going to show everyone that I'm not just an also-ran, but a very good player hiding in the bushes."

The two boats land at the beach, where the players exit them and stand on two mats. Jet Black greets the players.

"Welcome to Survivor: Crazy Second Chance," he says, and everyone cheers. "All of you have played this game just once before, and all of you failed to win your first time around. Ketchum, what does this game mean to you?"

"Everything," Ash replies. "I mean, I was voted out first. I never got a chance really to play this game, and now everyone looks at me as the biggest failure in Survivor history. I've come out here for redemption."

"Kurosaki, last time you were out here, your tribe utterly got manhandled."

"Tell me about it," Ichigo responds. "But it wasn't all my fault. You've got to blame Renji a bit too."

Renji laughs. "I'll admit it, I was part of that awful Ryoka tribe."

"Well, this is your big chance at redemption as well," Jet states. "Soi Fon, a different situation for you. You did great last time out here, but you came up one jury vote short of winning this game."

"And I haven't stopped thinking about that one vote ever since," Soi Fon replies. "That one vote haunts me. You can't put into words how much that tears me apart."

"Lucian, last time you were here, you were no more than Cynthia's slave throughout the game."

"And I have come out here for one reason – to bring the million dollars home for her to have," Lucian replies. "My entire goal is to serve her."

"All right, enough talk," Jet says. "It's time to get started. I'm going to pass out eggs to each player."

"Eggs?" Shinji wonders.

Jet hands out the eggs to the players. "You will smash open the eggs, which contain a color of paint. That color will determine which tribe you are on."

After receiving the eggs, Jet counts to three, and the players all smash their eggs open.

"Pink and blue!" Jet exclaims. "Those are the colors of the tribes. Those of you with pink on you, you are part of the Conka Tribe. Those of you with blue on you, you are part of the Lua Tribe. Find your new tribe members and step on the correct mat."

The players walk over to the colored mats, embracing their new tribe members.

"Our tribes are the following: the Conka Tribe is Soi Fon, Hungary, Shinji, Canada, Katniss, Clove, Ash, Ichigo, Janine and Peter! And the Lua Tribe is Tessa, Olivier, Lucian, England, Johanna, Peeta, Gary, Renji, Erika and Grune! Here are your buffs."

Jet tosses the buffs to the players, who put them on.

"And now for our immunity challenge."

"Immunity challenge?" Tessa wonders.

"That's right, we are having our first immunity challenge right here, right now," Jet states, as he reveals the immunity plushie Kon. "Immunity is up for grabs, as well as some flint. For today's challenge, you will compete in the very first challenge ever held back in Feudal Japan. I have a giant jar here, containing demons. Your job will be to defeat those demons and collect the jewel shards that come out of them. Ash Ketchum and Shinji Ikari were part of this very first challenge – both of them lost."

"Don't remind me," Ash says.

"Anyway, first tribe to collect three shards, wins immunity. Losers, Tribal Council, where someone will be the first person voted out of this game. I'll give you a minute to strategize, and then we'll get started."

The two tribes talk over their strategies for the challenge, then get ready to go.

"For immunity! Survivors ready? Go!"

Jet opens up the jar, and a bunch of demons fly out. Immediately Soi Fon of the Conka Tribe leaps up into the air to start attacking them with her zanpakuto. Ichigo for Conka and Renji for Lua also go all out attacking at the demons with their zanpakutos.

"Remember, you've got to get the jewel shards from these demons!"

Soi Fon knocks one of the demons down, and Ichigo finishes it off and knocks out a jewel shard, which Hungary runs over and scoops up.

"That's one jewel shard for the Conka Tribe!"

Gary Oak tries jumping to knock down one of the demons, but he cannot do anything to it.

"Get out of the way!" Renji yells. "Only us with swords can get these guys!"

Grune stumbles around, getting right in Renji's way. Renji pushes her aside, then slices into a demon. The jewel shard drops down, right into Johanna's hands.

"That's one for the Lua Tribe! It's 1-1!"

Katniss takes out her bow, and fires a shot right at a demon. It drops to the ground in front of Clove, who uses her knife to cut out a jewel shard from it.

"Conka gets one! They lead 2-1! Only one more to win!"

Renji slashes a demon, and it collapses to the ground right in the middle of all the players. Contestants from both teams scramble to tear apart the demon in hopes of finding the jewel shard. Finally, one of the players finds it and pulls it out.

"Janine finds the shard, and that's it! Conka… wins immunity!"

Janine immediately jumps into Ichigo's arms, and all the other Conka Tribe members celebrate. Renji looks on with frustration, as do the other members of his tribe.

"Congratulations, Conka, this is for you."

Jet tosses the immunity plushie Kon over to Katniss.

"You also win flint, which is good for starting a fire."

He tosses the flint to Peter and a map to Clove.

"You can follow the map to your new tribe home. Head on out, have a nice night."

The Conka Tribe continues to celebrate as they leave.

"As for the Lua Tribe, I got nothing for you except for a date with me at Tribal Council. And… we are going to Tribal Council… right now."

"What?!" Johanna exclaims.

"That's right, we're headed to Tribal now. Someone will be voted out on Day 1."

The Lua players follow Jet out to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council


The ten contestants enter the Tribal Council area.

"Behind each of you is a torch. Grab a torch and approach the flame. Dip it in and get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game, fire represents life. Once it is gone, so are you."

The players get fire on their torches, then set them back in place.

"You guys lose the first immunity challenge, then you're brought here, with no time to prepare for this first vote," Jet says. "How do you approach this vote?"

"Honestly, Jet, we have no clue," Tessa replies. "We are completely confused as to what to do at this point."

"We're in a bad situation right off the bat," Olivier adds. "This is about as confusing as it gets."

"What do you base this vote off?" Jet asks.

"To be honest, I really don't know," Renji replies. "My vote is completely up in the air."

"You idiots running this game didn't think this out," Johanna adds. "Now we're going to vote someone out completely on a whim."

"Grune, you don't look like you really are into this," Jet comments.

"I'm fine," she says. "I'm as happy as can be."

"How about you, England?"

"I'm not sure how this vote is going to go," England says. "It's all up in the air. It's a very tough situation right now."

"Erika, last time you played this game, you got backstabbed quite badly. What do you do to make sure that doesn't happen again?"

"Well, at this point, I don't really think it's possible to be backstabbed!" Erika exclaims. "There hasn't been enough time to get close to anyone. But yes, I'm going to be on the lookout for a possible backstabbing."

"Lucian, last time you played, you were nothing but a tool for Cynthia to use throughout the game. Are you ready to play your own game this time around?"

"I am still Cynthia's tool," Lucian replies. "I am still here only for her benefit. My goal is simply to collect the money and bring it back to her. I have no other purpose but to serve her."

Johanna rolls her eyes, while Jet lets out a chuckle. "I guess I shouldn't expect anything less. Peeta, does that make you think about taking out Lucian early?"

"I can't make any rash decisions," Peeta says. "The goal is to play this game smart. You can't make a decision based on one statement or one comment. You've got to see the big picture; that's the only way to win this game."

"Gary, last time you were here, you picked a purple rock."

"And believe me, I'm not doing that again," Gary responds. "I only did that to save my girlfriend Melody. There's no one out here who is close to me enough that I would do that again."

"So, how is this vote going to go down, Johanna?"

"Why ask me?" Johanna replies. "You think I have an inside look on it? No, I know about as much as you do. I wish someone would just come out and quit, because that would save us a whole bunch of trouble."

Grune looks thoughtful. "I'll volunteer," she states.

"Wait, really?" Johanna responds. "You volunteer as tribute?"

"I'm willing to take the fall for my tribe," Grune states. "Vote me out."

"Whoa, whoa, let's not make rash decisions," Gary breaks in. "Let's not have someone quit."

"Why not?" Johanna asks. "You want me to vote you out instead?"

"Agreed," Lucian adds. "Just let her quit."

Jet breaks up the commotion. "Grune has volunteered to be voted out, but not quit, so we will have a vote. It is… time to vote. England, you're up first."

The Tribal Council theme "Tally the Vote" plays as the contestants go to vote.

England goes to vote.

Erika goes to vote.

Gary goes to vote.

Grune goes to vote.

"I'm not even sure why I'm here," Grune says, showing her vote for Johanna.

Johanna goes to vote.

"Hey, you wanted it," Johanna says, holding up her vote for Grune.

Lucian goes to vote.

Olivier goes to vote.

Peeta goes to vote.

Renji goes to vote.

Tessa goes to vote.

"I'll go tally the votes," Jet states.

Jet goes over to get the votes, grabs the voting urn, then returns to the players.

"Once the votes are read, the decision is final, and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes."




"Grune. Three votes Grune."

"Grune. That's four votes Grune, one vote Johanna."

"Grune. That's five votes Grune, one vote Johanna, four votes left."

"First person voted out of Survivor: Crazy Second Chance, Grune. That's six, it is enough, no need to reveal the other votes. You need to bring me your torch."

"Good luck everybody," Grune says as she gets up to grab her torch. She brings it over to Jet.

"Grune, the tribe has spoken," Jet states, snuffing out her torch. "It's time for you to go."

Grune waves, then heads on out.

"You will now get to head to your camp for the first time," Jet says. "Here's a map, as well as some flint."

Jet tosses the map to Tessa and the flint to Gary.

"Your game begins now, go ahead and take hold of it. Grab your torches, head to camp, good night."

The players take their torches toward their new camp site.

"Oh, my, I really am glad I was able to help my tribe," Grune says. "I only wanted to help them make their decision, so I chose to be sent home for them. Winning this game really was not all that important to me. It was fun to get a little time out here."

Who voted for whom:

England – Grune

Erika – Grune

Gary – Grune

Grune – Johanna

Johanna – Grune

Lucian – Grune

Olivier – Grune

Peeta – Grune

Renji – Grune

Tessa – Grune

Day 2

Conka Tribe

(Soi Fon, Hungary, Shinji, Canada, Katniss, Clove, Ash, Ichigo, Janine, Peter)

Ichigo and Peter continue to put together the shelter, which is still incomplete from the day before. The fire is burning bright on a cold morning, and Clove huddles close to it along with Janine.

"You were somewhat of a villain the first time you played, weren't you?" Clove asks her.

"I don't think of myself as such," Janine says with a chuckle. "But you're right, maybe I was a bit of a villain."

"Then you'd fit right in with me," Clove replies. "I'm planning on playing a very cutthroat game – again."

"Well, Miss Cutthroat, let's hear the first target you plan on slashing the throat of," Janine responds.

"Isn't it obvious?" Clove says.

Janine looks around the camp. She sees Shinji sitting all by himself, looking quite nervous. She quickly shakes her head. Then she sees Katniss coming back from the woods with a dead squirrel.

"Oh, okay, I got it," Janine says. "You want to hunt the hunter."

"Exactly," Clove states. "Katniss Everdeen is my first target."

"I didn't come out here to finish second," Clove says. "I'm playing aggressive right from the start. And that means going after the strongest person on our tribe, who is no doubt Katniss. She's my target – I'm going to get her."

"Clove might be insane, but I like her," Janine says. "I get the feeling that she's going to go down in flames, but that's fine with me as long as I escape unscathed. I'll use her for my own purposes – especially in taking out the strong early."

Meanwhile, Katniss brings over a squirrel that she shot with her bow over to the others.

"Come on, let's eat," she tells them.

Shinji and Canada join Katniss in eating the squirrel, while Clove looks suspicious.

"What's the matter, Clove?" Katniss wonders.

"Oh, nothing."

"No, I think you have a problem with my hunting."

"Why would I?"

"Don't give me that, I see the way you're looking at me."

Clove and Katniss confront each other face to face, before being split apart by Peter.

"Hey, let's not start a fight this early in the game," Peter says to them. "Let's all get along here."

Katniss and Clove back down from each other, as Peter pulls them apart.

"Clove gave me that look – the look that she's ready to slit my throat," Katniss says. "I know the way she plays. She wants me gone because I can hunt and that makes me likable to the rest of the tribe. I'm not going to let her do that all so easily. I'm going to fight back at her."

"It's so early, and I've already got to play peacemaker," Peter says. "These girls are at each other's throats, and we're only at Day 2. Imagine what will happen if they're allowed to continue."

Later in the day, Soi Fon is sitting in the shelter along with Hungary.

"I feel for you," Hungary tells Soi Fon. "You've come so close to winning this game twice, and both times lost by just one vote."

"Yeah, it's been tough," Soi Fon replies. "I know exactly how close I've come to winning, and I haven't managed to get that last vote. I'm trying to figure out exactly how to get over that hump."

"I'd love to work with you," Hungary says. "We could make a good alliance together."

"That sounds good," Soi Fon says. "But we need to bring in one more person – to make it a Final 3."

"I'm not sure who to ask," Hungary states.

"Leave it to me," Soi Fon replies. "I'll pick someone out."

"Soi Fon seems like a great individual, someone who I'd love to work with," Hungary says. "We made an alliance here that hopefully will last throughout the rest of the game."

"I know how close I've come to winning this game, and now I just want to make sure that I have that opportunity to win again," Soi Fon says. "So this time I'm taking Hungary along with me. She seems like a genuinely sweet woman who will be great to work with."

So Soi Fon meets up with both Ash Ketchum and Ichigo Kurosaki later that day.

"How's the game going for you?" Soi Fon asks.

"Better than the first time!" Ash replies. "Of course, anything is better, as long as I don't go home first."

"I'm having a better time too," Ichigo tells Soi Fon. "Last time, your tribe kicked my team's butt."

"Well, how about making the deal sweeter?" Soi Fon asks. "You two join Hungary and me, we make a Final Four together."

"Thanks but no thanks," Ichigo replies. "I'm a loner. Always have been, always will be. My fate will be in my own hands."

"How about you, Ash?"

"Sure, I'm in!" Ash replies. "I'll join your alliance."

"Good to hear. Ichigo, not sure why you don't want to be part of my alliance, but all I can say is: your strategy won't work."

"We'll see about that," Ichigo replies.

"Ichigo actually had the nerve to turn down a Final Four deal," Soi Fon says. "I know he's a tough guy, but this is ridiculous. Is he really going to give up a free shot at making it very far into this game? That makes no sense at all."

"I want to work with Soi Fon – I'll work with anyone," Ash says. "My first goal out here is to make it past Day 3. If I can do that – and I think I will – then everything else is a cherry on top. But I want that cherry to be a really, really big cherry."

Lua Tribe

(Tessa, Olivier, Lucian, England, Johanna, Peeta, Gary, Renji, Erika)

The tribe is hard at work putting together their shelter, as they had no time the previous night to build it.

"This is old-school Survivor, working to build a shelter like this," Erika says. "I'm an old-school player. I want to build a fire, build a shelter, get food. I know there are more new-school players out here who want to make alliances right off the bat, but that's not me."

Olivier and Peeta start putting up parts of the shelter, using their physical strength to lift large portions of it with ease.

"Olivier and Peeta are so strong, they're immediate threats," Gary says. "I'm more of a new-school player. I don't care much about the physical needs. I'm more into making alliances and deals – and I know exactly who I want to make deals with."

Gary talks with Tessa around the fire, as they watch the others putting things together.

"Not much of a builder?" Gary asks her.

"No," Tessa replies. "I am a submarine captain, but I don't do well with physical labor."

"I hear you," Gary says. "So, how about joining an alliance with me?"

"That sounds good," Tessa responds. "Who else are we going to bring in?"

"I'm not sure, but I was thinking Johanna, Renji… maybe Erika."

"Good thinking."

"I'm not sure exactly if I should Gary, he seems like the type of guy who can backstab you," Tessa says. "Last time I screwed up by aligning with Temari, who ended up backstabbing me in the end. I've got to be careful that Gary doesn't do the same thing to me."

A little later, Gary talks with Renji and Erika.

"So, Tessa and I want you guys in with us," he says.

"Hey, I'm all about alliances," Renji replies. "You want it, you got it."

"I like it too," Erika responds. "Tessa seems like a very thoughtful person."

"Good," Gary says. "Just got to pull in one more person."

Erika goes over to talk with Tessa, while Gary looks for Johanna.

"Hi," Erika says to Tessa, blushing.

"Hi," Tessa replies. "No need to feel ashamed, I'm willing to talk to you."

"Okay," Erika says, still blushing. "I'm kind of nervous – the last time I played, I got backstabbed badly."

"I had the same thing happen to me with Temari," Tessa responds. "So I know exactly how you feel."

"You do?" Erika says. "I'm glad to have someone who can sympathize with me."

"I'd love to work with you throughout this game," Tessa states. "And that way, we can both make sure that we don't get fooled again."

Gary, meanwhile, cannot find Johanna.

"Johanna must be off looking for the idol, because she's nowhere near camp," Gary says. "If so, I'm not sure I want to work with someone who's already being devious."

Johanna is deep in the jungle, turning over every rock she sees.

"Last time I was in this game, I kept on finding those immunity mockingjay pins, and it really boosted my game," Johanna says. "The goal is to find those idols again."

After much searching, Johanna finds a rock at the bottom of a tree. She picks it up, then finds something underneath it.

"Ah-ha! I found it!" Johanna says. "Now I'm unbeatable at this game – no one's going to be able to go after me!"

But when she opens it up, she is surprised at what she reads.

" 'This is a clue to the hidden immunity idol, which will be hidden at the next challenge,'" Johanna reads. "Crap! It's only a clue! And more than that, I have to find this idol in front of all these people. This is a joke! This game is utterly rigged against me. What a waste of time!"

Meanwhile, England is talking with Peeta.

"I'd like to make an alliance with you," England tells him.

"Sure, no problem," Peeta replies. "Who else are we going to bring in?"

"I was thinking Olivier and Lucian," England responds. "They seem to be getting close to each other."

"And I'll bring in Johanna, since I know her," Peeta says. "Good plan."

"I've made an alliance with Peeta, which I hope will hold up," England says. "If we can form a strong alliance together early on, then it can carry us far into the game."

England goes over to talk to Lucian and Olivier, but he quickly backs off when he notices the two of them acting weird.

"You remind me of my queen Cynthia," Lucian says to her. "You look exactly like her… long blonde hair – right over her eye…"

He trembles, falling to his knees.

"I think I'm falling in love with you."

"I have no use for you, boy," Olivier states. "Unless you are here to vow to vote with me, I have no need of your reverence."

"You're strict and cruel too, just like her. I can't resist you."

"Very well then, boy," Olivier says. "Just promise to vote with me, and I'll let you be my little slave."

"Yes, mistress."

Olivier chuckles. "Now go get me some food, slave."

"Sure thing, my mistress."

Lucian walks away to get some beans for Olivier, who simply smirks.

"If this Lucian character wants to be my slave, I'm not going to stop him," Olivier says. "As long as he's voting with me, then that's all I care about. I'll use him every which way I wish."

Day 3

Conka Tribe

(Soi Fon, Hungary, Shinji, Canada, Katniss, Clove, Ash, Ichigo, Janine, Peter)

That morning, Ash reflects on his previous appearance in the game.

"Last time I was here, this was my last day here, Day 3," Ash says. "I came out here with my main goal to make it past Day 3. But that may not happen if my tribe loses the challenge today, so it's paramount for me to make sure I win this challenge."

But no one has noticed that Soi Fon has snuck off earlier in the morning to look for the idol.

"I want to win this game so bad," Soi Fon says. "I'll do anything to win. Last time I played, I had an idol, but I didn't need it. Still, it makes sense to go all out looking for that idol, just in case I do need it."

However, Soi Fon is unable to find even a clue.

"What a waste of time," Soi Fon says. "I went all out looking for the idol this morning, but came up with nothing. I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me."

Meanwhile, Peter is seen talking with Shinji and Canada.

"We need to vote together," Peter says. "I'm not exactly sure how the alliances are forming in this tribe, but we've got to make sure we have one ourselves."

"Good thinking," Canada replies.

"I think we need more people," Shinji says. "Obviously we need six to carry out a vote, but I think a core four would be the best way to go."

"I'll try to bring in Ichigo," Peter replies. "He should be a good fourth member."

But again, Ichigo wants nothing to do with Peter's alliance.

"I'm a loner," Ichigo tells Peter, after Peter has made his pitch. "I'm on my own. I don't really need an alliance."

"You're crazy if you think you can win this game on your own," Peter says. "You're just digging your own grave."

"That's fine if you think that way, but I'm staying on my own," Ichigo states.

"I don't need any alliances," Ichigo says. "I'm playing this game my own way, no matter what anyone else may think. I want to win this game on my own terms, not having to play by anyone else's rules."

"Ichigo is just plain crazy if he thinks he can win this game without any alliances," Peter says. "Perhaps he will be safe early on, as he's not a threat to anyone. But no one wins the game of Survivor without an alliance. That's just foolish."

Katniss talks with Hungary that afternoon, trying to get her to vote for Clove.

"Clove is dangerous," Katniss tells Hungary. "She played a cutthroat game back in Panem, and she's going to do it again."

"I understand," Hungary replies. "We'll work on getting her out of here early."

"She's already causing problems in camp, the sooner she's out, the better."


"I don't want to be a piece in Clove's games," Katniss says. "If I can get her out of here first, then I won't have to worry about her cunning ways anymore."

Lua Tribe

(Tessa, Olivier, Lucian, England, Johanna, Peeta, Gary, Renji, Erika)

Gary talks with Renji, Erika and Tessa about who to eliminate.

"I say we go after Johanna," Gary tells them. "She's a real threat. Smart, cunning, and physically strong. We need her out of the game."

Renji shakes his head. "Why would we want to get rid of one of our strongest players? England's clearly the weakest on the tribe. Let's vote him off."

"Renji's right," Erika says. "We need to keep our tribe strong."

"No, no, see, that's old-school thinking," Gary states. "You've got to adapt your thinking to new-school Survivor, and we've got to go after the strong early."

"The old-school thinking seems to make more sense, though," Tessa says. "If we can stay strong early, we can go into a merge strong."

"I just don't get the old-school way of thinking," Gary says. "All you're doing is setting yourselves up to being blindsided later in the game."

"These old-school players, they don't think about the long-term," Gary says. "If all they're thinking about is winning challenges, or worse, providing food and building shelter, then they've got another thing coming. Survivor is a hard game. It's not one you just go after the weak players and then allow yourself to be beaten at the end. Old-school thinking is a thing of the past."

Immunity Challenge

"Come on in, guys!"

The two tribes march into the immunity challenge area.

"Conka, getting your first look at the new Lua Tribe, Grune voted out in the first Tribal Council."

No one seems to care about Grune's elimination.

"First things first, I will take it back."

Hungary tosses Kon, the immunity plushie, over to Jet.

"Thank you. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. Let's get to today's challenge. On my go, two players from each tribe will rush out onto the beach and push one of your five boxes back to the starting line. Once you have all five boxes back, you will flip them and maneuver them to create the Survivor: Crazy Second Chance logo. First tribe to make the logo wins immunity. Losers, Tribal Council, where someone will be the second person voted out of this game. This challenge first was played back in Xing, where Olivier won it, and Tessa lost it. A chance for redemption on the way. Conka, you have one extra member, someone's got to sit out, who's it gonna be?"

"It looks like we're even in players," Peter says.

"No, you're forgetting Canada," Ash states.

"Oh! Then we'll sit out Canada," Peter says.

"Very well then, Canada, take a spot on the bench. I'll give you a moment to strategize, and then we'll get started."

Canada walks over to the bench, and the contestants prepare for the challenge.

"For immunity! Survivors ready? Go!"

It's Peter and Ash out first for Conka, while Olivier and Peeta are out for Lua. Both pairs are pretty even with each other as they push their first crates back to start.

"Next pairs, go!"

With a slight lead, Tessa and Gary head out for Lua, while it's Shinji and Katniss for Conka. Again, the two pairs are almost dead even with each other as they come back to start.

"Next pairs, go ahead!"

This time it's Soi Fon and Hungary for Conka, gaining back a slight advantage over Lucian and Renji for Lua. They get about a five-second lead for the next pair.

"Next ones, go out!"

Clove and Janine go out for Conka, while it's Johanna and Erika for Lua.

"Both tribes are neck and neck as they come back to the starting line!"

For the final pair, one person is allowed to go out a second time. That's Olivier for Lua, going out with England, while it's Peter for Conka going out a second time along with Ichigo.

"Conka saved their strongest for last! England really struggling out here for Lua!"

Conka gets their final box back with plenty of time to spare, and the tribe immediately begins work on the puzzle. Lua gets held up by England having a hard time keeping up with Olivier.

"England really stinking it up out here!"

England and Olivier finally get the box back, and Lua goes to work on the puzzle.

"You're looking to form the logo of this season! It will appear on the top and the sides of the boxes when complete!"

Janine takes control at the Conka Tribe, standing back and ordering around her tribemates. The strategy works, as Conka starts to make some headway. Johanna, meanwhile, tries looking around to see if she can see the idol.

"These are heavy boxes! Going to take a lot of work to move them!"

Olivier is doing most of the heavy pushing for Lua, while it's Ichigo and Peter doing a lot of the pushing for Conka. Peter finds himself to be exhausted, and Soi Fon takes over for him. Johanna notices a clump in the sand that may be the idol, but she decides not to take the chance of going after it.

"This challenge will take a lot out of you!"

Conka meets a roadblock as Janine realizes that they are all off. Lua starts to make some headway themselves.

"This is not an easy puzzle!"

Janine figures out how the puzzle should go, and she starts directing Ichigo and Soi Fon. Lua tries to catch up, as Gary starts making motions. In the end…

"Conka solves the puzzle! Conka wins immunity!"

"Yes!" Janine shouts, and the Conka Tribe begins to celebrate with each other. They give high fives to each other, as well as a few hugs.

"Congratulations, Conka, this is for you."

Jet tosses Kon over to Janine, who squeezes him across her chest, making the plushie very happy.

"You are safe once again, head on out, have a nice night."

Conka continues to cheer as they leave.

"As for you, Lua, I got nothing for you but a date with me at Tribal Council."

The Lua Tribe heads out disappointedly.

"I think it's kind of clear that the old-school way is the way to go here," Renji says. "England didn't pull his weight – he's got to go, plain and simple."

Lua Tribe

(Tessa, Olivier, Lucian, England, Johanna, Peeta, Gary, Renji, Erika)

Gary goes over who he wants to vote off with his alliance members Renji, Erika and Tessa.

"We've got to go with Johanna," Gary states.

"No, no," Renji replies. "The weak link is definitely England. We should vote him out to make us stronger."

"Renji's right, Gary," Erika states. "We can't afford to lose any more challenges."

"No, see, you guys are thinking old-school," Gary says. "We can't stick with that old-fashioned thinking. Johanna's a real threat. Did you see her? She's going around looking for an idol. Who even knows if she has one already."

"But if she has one, wouldn't it be dangerous to vote for her?" Tessa asks.

"There's no way she'd think she's in danger!" Gary exclaims. "Believe me, this is the perfect time to blindside her!"

"I just don't think so," Renji responds.

"All these people in my alliance are afraid to make a big move," Gary says. "They don't want to blindside Johanna; they want to 'play it safe' and vote out England. Problem is, that's not the safe move. You're setting yourself up for danger by keeping around a big threat like Johanna."

Later, Johanna is talking with England about the vote.

"Who you voting for?" she asks him.

"Me? I'm not even sure," England replies.

"That's stupid."

"What, that I don't know yet?"

"No, that you're lying to me. Come on and spit it out, who are you voting for?"

"I'm telling you the truth, I don't know!"

"Loser. Only a real loser would not know who they're voting for. You're a moron."

"Thank you for that."

"England is lying to me, saying he doesn't know who he's voting for," Johanna says. "That kind of behavior makes me want to vote him out myself."

"Johanna's pressing on me to find out who I'm voting for, when I haven't even gotten word from Peeta yet," England says. "I need to be absolutely sure who I am voting for before I just go ahead and tell someone else."

As England confers with Peeta, Lucian kneels before Olivier.

"Who am I voting for, my mistress?" he asks.

"I shall make a determination at Tribal Council tonight," Olivier replies. "Then I will signal with my fingers. My right thumb is Renji, my right index finger is Erika…"

Lucian takes note of Olivier's hand signals.

"I'm falling in love with Olivier," Lucian says. "She looks exactly like my queen Cynthia, and she behaves exactly like her too. I'm afraid that I'll fall so much in love that I won't be able to go back to Cynthia."

Tribal Council


The nine Lua Tribe members carry their torches into Tribal Council.

"Sorry to see you guys here," Jet taunts the tribe. "Renji, why do you think you guys lost again?"

"I think there are some weaker members who aren't pulling their weight."

"Give me a name."

"England, for one."

"England, Renji just called you out."

"I don't think it's fair," England says. "My performance in the challenges was really not that much worse than anyone else's."

"England's right," Peeta says. "Renji should look at himself before blaming anyone else."

"Hey, I'm just calling it as I see it," Renji states.

"Johanna, how do you see it?"

"It's obvious that England is worthless," Johanna says. "But Renji is a loudmouth too, so there's that."

"What are you talking about?" Renji asks.

"England and Renji looking like the big targets out there tonight. Olivier, does that make it easier, with these two becoming the targets?"

"Hold on a second!" Renji exclaims. "I wasn't a target until you started saying this crap, Jet. You're the one who's made me a target!"

"Sometimes that's how it goes," Jet replies.

"Indeed," Olivier states. "I think Renji's making it plain and obvious why he's a problem in this camp."

"I don't get this," Renji says. "What did I do wrong?"

"Renji, just shut up," Tessa says.

"No, I don't understand this," Renji says. "What's everyone going after me for?"

"Renji, you're the problem," Peeta says. "How can you not see it?'

"Renji, you're better off just being quiet," Erika states.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" Renji shouts. "This isn't my fault!"

"You're digging a grave for yourself," England states.

"What did I do?!" Renji stammers.

Jet sits back, laughing. "I don't think I've ever seen a meltdown at Tribal Council like this before."

"Yet that doesn't change our alliances," Gary states. "I stand with Renji, and I'm willing to support him, even if he doesn't know when to be quiet."

"Thank you, Gary," Renji says.

"Interesting," Jet says. "Gary willing to stick his neck out on the line for Renji. Johanna, can you envision yourself doing the same?"

"Hey, I did it for Finnick back in Panem, even though he acted like an idiot at times," Johanna says. "So yes, I can do that."

"Interesting hair style you've got there, going bald for this adventure," Jet says.

"It's not my fault!" Johanna yells back. "I was captured and tortured by the Capitol!"

"Hey, I wasn't criticizing it," Jet replies. "In fact, I'm a big fan of it. Someone else knows what it's like to be bald."

"Are we really going to talk about hair?" England asks.

"Would you rather us talk about how weak you are?" Renji wonders.

"How about we go back to talking about how annoying you are, Renji?" Olivier breaks in.

"Whoa, whoa! This tribe is out of control!" Jet shouts. "The only thing that's possibly going to settle that is a vote. Let's get to it. It is time to vote. England, you're up first."

The Tribal Council theme "Tally the Vote" from Fiji plays as the players go to vote.

England goes to vote.

Erika goes to vote.

Gary goes to vote.

"Nothing's changed," Gary says. "We're still making the same vote as before this happened with Renji."

Johanna goes to vote.

Lucian goes to vote.

Olivier goes to vote.

Peeta goes to vote.

"Renji, I feel bad for you," Peeta says. "You're simply not cut out for this game. But you've earned this early exit with your behavior tonight."

Renji goes to vote.

Tessa goes to vote.

"I'll go tally the votes."

Jet gathers the votes, then returns to the players.

"If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so."

No one makes a move.

"Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final, and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes."


"Renji. Two votes Renji."

"Renji. That's three votes Renji."

Renji simply shakes his head.

"Renji. That's four votes Renji."


England nods his head.


"England. That's four votes Renji, three votes England."

"England. We're tied. Four votes England, four votes Renji, one vote left."

"Second person voted out of Survivor: Crazy Second Chance…"


England shakes his head.

"You are going to bloody suffer by keeping Renji around," he says, as he goes to get his torch.

"England, the tribe has spoken," Jet states, snuffing out England's torch. "It's time for you to go."

England heads on out in a huff.

"Well, my hope for this tribe is that this vote somehow is able to patch things up and calm things down, because this tribe has reached its boiling point," Jet states. "Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night."

The players take their torches and head on out.

"I can't see how those bloody idiots think that Renji is somehow better than me," England says. "I guess it just goes to show how stupid some people can be sometimes. I definitely deserved a better fate than this, and it's just a shame that I won't get to continue on in the game."

Who voted for whom:

England – Renji

Erika – England

Gary – England

Johanna – England

Lucian – Renji

Olivier – Renji

Peeta – Renji

Renji – England

Tessa – England

Scenes from our next episode:

A strong bond is formed in the Conka Tribe:

"We're an alliance, five strong," Ash says. "We're going to easily cruise into the merge."

While the Lua Tribe is in shambles:

"You know what, maybe I will burn the camp to the ground!" Johanna shouts. "Is that what you want?"

But it's all meaningless, because Jet is interrupting this party for a special announcement:

"It's a perfect time to switch things up," Jet says. "We are going from two tribes… to three."

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