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"Steven," Garnets calls from the main room. Steven, rolls off the loft, flipping in the air and landing on his feet. Woohooing, he raises his hands and runs around the main room. Amethyst laughs at his enthusiasm, and Pearl draws his attention back to the tasks at hand.

"Steven, I have Kookie Kats," she says, getting his direct attention.

"Where?" he asks, whipping his head around to see where his treat was.

"Steven, today we are going to learn about fusion. Do you know what it is?" Garnet asks.

"Giant woman," Steven gasps smiling.

"Ok, well I guess you have seen it and before we start I have something I want to show you" Garnet, says, and Pearl looks at her realizing what she wants to do.

Amethyst realizes what she is getting at, "this'll be fun" she mutters to herself.

Without another word, Garnet grimaces, and is surrounded by a dull maroon glow. The glow brightens and surrounds the entire room. When it diminished, two smaller gems appeared in front of the group. Both of the gems were half the size of Garnet. One was all red, and her hair gave Garnet her square component. Wearing a tank top and biker shorts, she gave the aura of being a hotheaded, like someone you wouldn't want to cross. The other was the same height of the first, but all blue. Her long hair was sky blue along with the rest of her body. Her quiet air made it seem like she bore all the intelligent in the world or was just quiet by nature.

"Whoa Garnet, you're a fusion. All the time. This is so cool" Steven gasps, a huge smile on his face.

"Yes, I am Sapphire, its nice to see you Pearl, you to Amethyst, you've grown since I last saw you, hello Ruby" the blue one said, identifying herself and the red gem.

" Hey Steven nice to finally meet you, its good to see you Pearl, you to Amethyst, and you have changed since I last saw you. I've missed seeing you face, Sapphire" Ruby said, bringing Sapphire in for a long PG kiss.

"Ruby Sapphire, there are children here," Pearl said, talking about Steven, but Amethyst thought she was talking about her so she whined a bit.

"Fine I think were done here anyways," Ruby huffed, muttering under her breath. She pulled Sapphires arm, twirled her around and Garnet was back again.

"So Steven how did you like that?" She asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"That was amazing," Steven beamed, "What do I get to see next?"

"Well, to do a fusion, you need to incorporate a dance, like so, Garnet," Pearl says. Taking Garnets hand. They twirl around each other and become fused. The figure standing before them, was of Garnet's mud red skin tone. She wore a suit and gloves, and, moccasins on her feet. The hair was a triangle, much like Peridots, but more rounded. Their four eyes were slightly covered by glasses, with Pearls gem above the eyes and Garnets gem on her hands. Steven gasped at the sight of her and muttered, 'Giant woman' much to Amethysts delight.

"Steven this is Sardonyx, Pearl and Garnet fusion," she says, introducing the gem.

"My stars if it isn't the one and only Steven Universe? How are y'all doing today?" She asks, obviously having a good time.

"Whoa so cool this is amazing. When is it my turn I want to fuse with Garnet?" Steven exclaims.

"Okay okay," Pearl says as they unfuse. "she's all yours. And Steven make it your own dance." Steven took Garnets hand and as they danced a dull rose color surrounded them and they fused

"This is so weird," Steven screamed, giggling.

"Whoa you to look cool," Amethyst says, and the gem walks over to a mirror. They were a head taller than Garnet. Her hair was still square but had a little curl at the end. They wore Steven's shirt black leggings, and black slippers; the body was a shade of dull red.

"Whoa you look amazing," Pearl said, speechless for once.

"I know right," Amethyst said.

"Okay I think I've had enough for one day," Steven says, unfusing with Garnet, "That was so much fun. Who's up for pizza?"

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