A Prequel (Of sorts)
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"I'm bored" Amethyst whined.

"You're always bored, Amethyst" Rose says, chuckling and the purple gem.

"But I'm more bored than usual," Amethyst grymbled.
"How about some fusion practice?" Garnet says, coming from the beach.
"Are you sure that's wise? The last time this happened you and Rose got stuck in a fusion together for a week and did nothing but serve us. Not that I liked it but are you completely sure it's wise?" Pearl rambles, coming out of her room.
"I'll get the bottle!"Amethyst yells, heading for the shelf where all the food for Greg is kept, and grabbing a glass bottle that they use.
"Okay, it's Rose's turn to spin. She will spin both. And Amethyst, it is whoever the bottle chooses, okay, so don't hop in the way. Kapeesh?" Garnet says, relaying the rules.
"Fine," Amethyst mumbles, slouching into the floor. Rose spins the bottle and everyone gazes upon the bottle to see who it would choose.
Garnet and Amethyst.

"Okay, Amy, Ruby or Sapphire?" Garner asks, getting ready to unfuse.
"Garnet" Amethyst asks, a wicked smile on the face.
"Are you sure? I can be a lot to handle sometimes" Garnet replies, with an equally mischevious smile.
"Definitely, let's do this thang!" Amethyst shrieks, running over to the beach and stretching to get ready for fusing.
"Okay, wish us luck" Garnet says, following Amethyst to the beach.
Pearl looks over to Rose, and asks of they will be okay. Rose grabs Pearl and only looks on in fear.
The fusion before the was almost as tall as the cliff. It has long, black, voluminous hair and four arms. She wore Amethysts leggings and Garnets top. The fusion had no shoes and gloves that covered two of her your arms and one of her fingers. Pointed glasses covered two of her three eyes. A hole ripped out of her tank for Amethyst gem, and I couldn't see Garnets.
"So this is how it feels to be me" the fusion yells," I like it!" It roars with laughter, shaking the temple and much of the city.
"Oh my goodness, Rose what was that thing? Is it safe? Is it a fusion?" Greg comes running in leaps and bounds over to Rose.
"Hiya, Greg. I'm bigger than you now. I can finally get a bite out of ya. Come her you little bugger." it, presumably Amethyst yells. Pearl jumps over to protect Greg.
"Rose get Greg up to the cliffs. Get him and most of the city out of here!" Pearl commands. Rose grabs his hand and jumps into the cliffs.
"Hey, that's my lunch. Don't do that to my lunch" it yells, and grabs the purple gem to activate the whip and gauntlets, "You want a fight, well its a fight you'll get"

It charged into Amethyst and brings the flail down into the sand. It missed by a few inches. Pearl reaches for her spear and tried to jam it into the gem but only rips a part of the sleeve. It laughs.

"You thing you' ve got anything" she starts throwing the weapon. "You" slam "ain't " hits Pearl "got" barely misses Pearl "NOTHING" hits Pearl enough to almost break her gem.
Up at the cliffs Rose and Greg were watching the whole encounter.

"Rose, what are we going to do?" Greg panics. "We gotta help her. Rose how are we going to help her."

"I don't know but Pearl will figure something out" Rose hopes. An idea hits her like a rock to the head. She produces her sheild. She puts water and a rose petal in it and floats it down to the sand Pearl sees the petal float to the bottom and becoma a goldfish, the neweat thing Rose chose to love for the week. It gave her the courage to fight on. She runs backwards along the edge of the beach and to the rocky part of the shore. Watching her footing, she taunts the giant fusion, and has her trips over giant rocks. Sing her last taunt, the montrous fusion trips over a boulder and separates back into the two gems.

Roseand Greg jump back down to the sand and hug them. Rse also gives a hug but breaks a few bones and infuses Garnet.

"WAIT! Garnets a FUSION!"

AN-So it's says two shot but it just went in this direction. This is also in my other fic. Check it out it's called Fusion. So this might seem familiar, as some of the words were from an episode. And if mine of you get the golfish in the sheild than oh well, although I'm not entirely sure if it was a goldfish or not. I've got to look it up. Ohh and sorry about the weirdness. I did this in two different writing sessions. Okay see you at the next post.