Chapter 8

As it was, Legolas spent most of the time sleeping. On the third day of his recovery, he was able to get out of bed and take very short walks about the House, with the aid of Eowyn. She held onto his arm as he took weak steps and allowed him to lean against the wall when he grew too tired.

"You are doing wonderfully," She promised, once she brought him back to his bed. Thranduil, who had spent the past couple of nights there, came to see his son and noticed the woman with him. She stood and faced the Elven King, her eyes wide with slight embarassment. The human and the Elf continued to stare at each other until Eowyn cocked her head. "Would you like me to leave?" She asked quietly.


She looked at Legolas before turning and leaving the room. When she was gone, Thranduil took a seat beside his son's bed and held his hand. "I am very grateful to have you still with me." He began. "I wish I could take you back to Mirkwood, but I know you still have so much to conquer with your companions."

Legolas turned away, feeling a lump forming in his throat.

"Aragorn informs me that you feel you have failed us." Thranduil continued. "You know that is not true, Legolas. Lle naa belegohtar." He added in Elvish, and watched as his son slowly turned to face him again, looking a bit surprised by the comment. "Amin mela lle." Thranduil added, kissing the frail hand tenderly.

With all of the strength he could muster, Legolas threw his arms around his father, breaking down in tears. This was not something the Prince normally did, but he was so weak that emotions came over him very easily. "Diola lle, Ada." He whispered. "Amin mela lle."

When the embrace broke, Thranduil placed both hands upon his son's shoulders, and stroked the fair skin. "Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au." He wiped the tears from Legolas's cheeks and kissed him gently on the forehead. "I must leave tonight, my son. Quel kaima." He allowed Legolas to lay back against the pillows and pulled the comforter closer to his neck. As he stood, he said, "Ama poldora."

Legolas nodded as Thranduil left the room with one final smile. When his father was gone, Legolas turned over on his good side and gazed out of the large glass window in the bedroom. He still felt so tired and wondered how in the name of Quenya he was going to be able to last throughout the rest of the journey and not collapse.

It was not until supper time that Aragorn, Gimli, Eowyn and Theoden returned to the room. Legolas was fast asleep when they entered, and Aragorn turned to the others. "We shall leave the day after next," He began. Theoden nodded.

"Aie, Aragorn, that sounds like a good plan. I am so very glad that your friend is getting well."

The ranger nodded. "So am I. The fever was what I was most worried about and still am worried about. Though it is gone, I know the effects will be visible." He glanced down at Gimli who was watching his bedridden friend.

"Where is Gandalf?" The dwarf wanted to know.

"He has gone to check on Shadowfax." Aragorn replied.

Gimli looked relieved. "Oh good. I thought he had left us for the moment."

Legolas suddenly shifted and opened his eyes again, noticing his friends gathered about him. "How are you feeling?" Aragorn asked, walking over to check the Elf's forehead.

"I do not know, Aragorn, how I will last throughout the remainder of the journey. Even walking a few feet exhausts me."

The ranger nodded. "I know, Legolas. We will aid you as much as we can."

At that moment, Gandalf arrived, holding his staff and looking rather satisfied with himself. "Shadowfax is perfectly willing to carry the Elf for the rest of the way if it is needed to be that way." He turned to Legolas, who was lying down. "It is good to see you well, my friend."

Legolas smiled weakly. "Thank you, Gandalf."

"Now." The wizard turned to Aragorn and Gimli. "I am afraid," He began in a quiet voice, "That though the Battle of Helm's Deep has ended, the Battle of Middle-Earth has just begun."

"Our hope now rests in the hands of two little hobbits," said Aragorn with a sigh. "Frodo and Sam-I do hope they are all right."

Eowyn smiled. "What dark days these are. It will be wonderous when light returns again."

"Aie, Eowyn." Theoden agreed. "But we must place all of our focus on the great tasks ahead. Our duties are not over yet."

How correct he was.

(The End) A/N: Yes, this is the end, folks. Elvish phrases gallore in this chapter LOL. I knew it was not going to be a very long story from the beginning, but it was too long to make it a one part story. As for the Elvish phrases, I have decided to write the definitions for them here:

Lle naa belegohtar: You are a mighty warrior Amin mela lle: I love you Diola lle: Thank you Ada: father Cormamin niuve tenna ta elea lle au: My Heart shall weep until it sees thee again Quel Kaima: Sleep well Ama poldora: The spell that gives strength.

As for where I got the Elvish phrases, there is actually a site on the internet called "Elvish phrases". Here is the link in case any of you are interested to check it out. They do not have everything you will want, but they do have a good amount: http://www.grey- If for some reason this link is not correct, I would go under the "Yahoo" search engine and type in "Elvish Phrases" and this site does come up. Hope this helps!

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