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"So does this person have a name?" Lily asked Malfoy.

"No, I call her IT woman." He told her, his voice positively dripping with sarcasm.

"Oh so it is a woman then?" She returned equally as sarcastic.

"Ha ha. And in answer to your question, I would like to leave her name out of this, I'm sure she wouldn't want to be known by a…."

"Lucius, if I were you I would watch your mouth." She told him sternly.

"Look, what does it matter if I am in a relationship?" He asked her.

"Well, it actually matters a lot as it refers to your mood each time I see you. Obviously you and your IT woman must have had an argument, because today you are in an even fouler mood then normal." She told him in a brisk manner.

"Evans I think you need to get into the real world, not all relationships are simple and rosy you know, but then I suppose you wouldn't know would you." He smirked.

"Lucius, could you kindly tell me what you mean by the first bit of your last comment." She asked him, ignoring the last part.

"Are you completely stupid woman. I mean that my relationship, is well more complicated that a normal one." He spat at her.

"What makes yours special?" She asked him, knowing it would provoke him into talking about his partner.

"Because she is currently engaged to someone else." He shouted angrily, his face turning an ugly shade of red.

Lily pretended to look through his port folio, giving him and herself time to calm down. Ok, so now she knew, he was having an affair with someone, but was it Narcissa? Of course it is she told her self, with a horrible feeling of sadness for James.

"Ok, well Lucius, thank you. Erm, have we finished here, or do you want to continue?" She asked him trying to return to her usual tone.

"If you're offering me to leave early, I'd happily oblige, what makes you think I'd spend a minute longer with you then I have to." He snarled, picked him self up off the long sofa and walked to the door.

"Same time Monday then." She told him as he walked out of the office.

She heaved a great sigh. How was she going to tell James. But then her thoughts suddenly reverted back to Dumbledore's warning.

Lily made her way into her apartment and found James sitting in his usual spot with a cup of tea.

"Hey." He said to her. "Did you get my message?"

"Yes, yes I did. James." She started as she removed her shoes, let down her hair and threw her self on a sofa.

"James…" She heaved a great sigh. "It's um, about the whole Narcissa thing." She said looking wearily. She removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes. She was feeling so tired.

"Is she?" He came straight out and asked her.

"Well, he never mentioned any names but well, he said he was seeing someone who was currently engaged to another person." She said looking at him with nothing but care and kindness.

"The bitch." James muttered.

"Well it might be a co-incidence. We've no proof and I don't think he'll tell me what her name is." She told him. "So are we going to forget the plan now? She asked hopefully. But the look on his face didn't seem promising.

"No! We're going to catch them at it." He told her with a sense of mischief, but also determination.

"James! What good will that do?" She asked him incredulously while conjuring 2 glasses and a large bottle of fire whiskey. She poured both of them one each and knocked hers back.

"Lil. I need proof. I can't risk just finishing it. I was speaking to my dad and he's really happy that his sons marrying a Malfoy, not because he particularly likes them, or trusts them, but there good for business. He and Narcissa's dad have a business deal going on, I couldn't just finish it. I need a valid reason and proof." James looked at her pleadingly.

"No. No. James, I, I. No. I'm not helping you on this one."

"But Lil, I need you."

"No James, you need to get over it and just finish it with her."

"Lily I've just told you why that's impossible."

She sighed deeply for probably the 100th time that day and knocked back another drink.

"James! Why me?" She moaned looking thoroughly infuriated.

"Because your just…..perfect." He told her seriously.

"How many drinks have you had?" She asked sarcastically.

"It doesn't matter. Will you help me?" He asked her irritated.

"James, oh fine whatever." She said grumpily and then remembered she hadn't asked James about what Dumbledore had said.

He was beaming at her. "Thank you!" He told her.

"James, Dumbledore gave me a really weird warning earlier. He said…"

"I know he told me." James said gravely.

"Well what does it mean? Well, I know what it means. But why?"

"Why what?"

"Why would Lucius want any of my details?"

"Lil, Dumbledore will have his reasons for not telling us so I'm not going to make any assumptions. Just don't worry. We're all here for you." James said making Lily laugh as he tensed his muscles.

"Are you staying here tonight?" Lily asked him.

"Yeah if you don't mind. I'll crash on the sofa."

"Don't be silly. We've shared a bed before. Where does Narcissa think you are?" She asked him.

"At Sirius's. I don't care what she thinks any more any way." He told her.

They continued to drink into the night, neither of them realising just how much they had knocked back.

"James, Narcissa doesn't deserve you!" Lily told him after sharing a whole bottle of fire whiskey. They both were positively drunk!

"I know! But maybe I don't deserve her!" James slurred.

"You deserve better!" Lily told him stupidly.

"Lily why don't you get a boyfriend?" James asked, and Lily burst out laughing.

"Because my heart belongs to you, Sirius and Remus! Your all my boyfriends!" She told him as she went over the her music player and put a slow song on.

"We love you too!" He told her as he got up out of the chair he was in.

"Lily dance with me." He requested as he grabbed her hand and twirled her around. She was giggling uncontrollably. They were both too drunk to realise how stupid they looked but they were too happy to care how stupid they looked anyway.

The music stopped and so did James. He pulled her closer to him and ran his hand down her face. She giggled stupidly again.

"Are you going to kiss me now?" She asked like a child.

"Do you want me to?" He whispered.

"Maybe." She laughed again, but was interrupted as his lips pressed against hers and they kissed.

Lily's alarm clock sounded in her ears. She was awake but was contemplating whether to open her eyes. She tried desperately to remember what had happened the night before and was dreading confirming what she thought had. All she knew was that her head felt like it would split in two and she was extremely nauseous. She opened her eyes slowly and looked to the side of her. She could see James, he had no clothes on and was sleeping with a lopsided grin on is face. She realised that his hand was lying on her stomach and then realised that she too had no clothes on. She cringed and slowly moved his hand off her. Wrapping her self up in the bed clothes she ran to the bathroom and threw up. What have I done? She thought just before being sick again.

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