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The streets of the capital city were full of life, as expected during the Queen's birthday celebrations. Most of the people were minding their own business and so didn't pay attention to the two Erebonian men leaving the Guild's building. They made quite a sight that would have made everybody stare had it been a less busy day. After all, a foreign military man dragging an equally foreign civilian down the street wasn't a common occurrence.

"Now, now, my dearest Mueller," the civilian, a blond man wearing a white coat, began to say. "You can release me now. I assure you, this is not necessary at all."

"That's where you're mistaken, dear Olivier. This is of the utmost importance," Mueller, the man wearing an Erebonian military uniform, answered with a firm voice, not loosening his grip on the blonde in the slightest. "I have to make you sure you go to tonight's banquet and don't cause an international conflict that results in war."

"You wound me. How can you betray your best friend so easily?" Olivier asked dramatically.

"Duty is more important than friendship," Mueller said with a hard voice, not paying attention to the other's complaints.

It seemed that Olivier had grown tired of being dragged across the city, because he made a move to free himself and succeeded. The civilian grabbed his friend's arm and took him in another direction.

"What are you doing?"

"You were guiding me in the wrong direction. No need to worry, I'll make sure that we get to the right place," the extravagant foreigner assured his friend.

"The Erebonian embassy is in the East block, Mr Human Compass," Mueller tried to resume his way, but found that Olivier wouldn't budge.

"Now it is you who is mistaken, my sweet yet misguided companion. We're going to a nice restaurant," Olivier explained with a smile on his face. "I was promised a nice date and you are going to be my beloved kitten for the next few hours. You said that I would like it, so I'm really looking forward to it."

Appearances deceive, or so they say, because none of the astonished pedestrians would have ever thought that such a delicate looking man was capable of dragging the screaming military down Grancel.