Mari Mari Mari!

The crime rate within Shibiru has been gradually increasing since the defeat of the Prime Minister. So, wherever there is evil hiding within the alleys, the rooftops, or the subway stations a group led by Mari is always prepared to take them down in an instant. This time however, Mari went solo since her partners were busy with other things. *Kaploom**kapow*"Hiyah!" *ca-ching* "AAWWWHHH!" "Mari, you really should take it easy on them. That's their future." "Ahahaha don't give me that! I'll do as I please Goto"
A couple steps away from Mari stood the mellow cop known for his relationship to the former Samurai Flamenco, Masayoshi. Although, he retired from his hero duties Flamenco girl refused to abandon hers. Whether she considered it her duty or as a means to release stress is debatable. After wiping off the blood stains from her canary yellow boots, Mari glares at Goto who is hunching over his cellphone. He is still not coming in terms with the loss of his former girlfriend, and this is the only thing gnawing the insides of Mari. "Goto!" *click**click**click**beep* *sigh* "She thinks I should stay away from you Mari" What a response, thought Mari. In the past, Mari tried to confront Goto about this unhealthy obsession. One notable incident happened a month ago at Masayoshi's apartment. Masayoshi just landed a six month long gig with producers of a drama to play as the male lead. The drama was based on a woman who leaves her husband to pursue a career as journalist. Heart trodden, the husband decides to travel across the globe to forget about her.
But along his journey he is constantly reminded of her presence through global newscasts. Along his trip in Italy he meets a studio artist who paints murals within the slums of Italy during his spare time. The two hit it off and develop a life lasting friendship together. When Mari heard "life lasting friendship"she bit her tongue, but blamed it on her irregular chewing habits. Goto,being dense as ever, congratulated him then texted his girlfriend the news. Seeing this Masayoshi and Mari sighed simultaneously. Across the table Mari glared over the pot of steamed vegetables and diced meat languidly sitting in a hot sea of beef broth. "If Goto doesn't stop texting his girlfriend the stew will grow cold" "EH?! Masayoshi you better watch that tongue of yours. My girlfriend is way more important than a mediocre serving of stew" "M-m-medIOCRE?! Do you know how long it took me to even LEARN how to cook this stew?!" There they go again, thought Mari. "You guys should just shut up and eat" and to emphasize she jabbed her chopsticks into the largest serving of meat found in the midst of the stew. "eh no fair," mumbled Goto. Mari glanced at him, blushed, then sheepishly drove her chopstick into his mouth. "MMFGHGR" "Eh M-mari he might choke if you push that any further." While Goto struggled to chew such a large piece Mari sadly gazed at him. "When will you accept what is in front of you, and let go of what's behind you. That girl might never come back so why don't you accept someone who's here, here right now." She quickly glared at Masayoshi "Just don't pick him of all people" then returned her fixation on Goto's eyes. His looked over her shoulders towards the crisply laid wallpaper. The line of his jaw was set, his shoulder blades were locked, and his eyes were glazing over from reminiscing. Tears of anger leaked past Mari's lids. Masayoshi's remained dry and stoic. He knew there was nothing that he could do, not even marrying Goto would work. "Masayoshi!" "huh?" Mari sprang onto Masayoshi from across the table, grabbed his collar, and pressed her lips against his. This startled Masayoshi yet to Mari's disappointment Goto just raised his brows in surprise then resumed texting his girlfriend. "Blech!" Mari spat out in disgust and left Masayoshi's apartment. Since then she hasn't spoken with Masayoshi. Goto already forgot about the incident. Only Mari kept replaying it in her head hoping to find a glimpse of jealousy in Goto's eyes, but not a speck was found.

Mari is now in her studio glaring at the ceiling, naked and angry at Goto. After stomping evil out in the alleys Goto reprimanded her yet didn't bother to walk her home, giving the excuse that he had to stay around his station. "Goto, you idiot" and with that Mari fell asleep.