After hours of a dancing landscape passing by Mari an obnoxious screech signals her to rouse Masayoshi from his slumber. "Ay. Masayoshi we're here" Masayoshi fumbles with the inside of his sweater pockets "pocky..." only to wake up disappointed and pocky-less. The passengers get up from their seats and file before the train's doors. At last, their feet meet the platform. *swoosh* Without a minute to lose Mari opens up her phone. Masayoshi looks quizically over her shoulder "ehh Mari-san what exactly are you doing?" "Searching for the location of Happy's Circus" "Oh! Is that the place across the riverwalk?" "Yes we should reach it if we follow this street down to RiverWalk St then cross over to the opposing side. It should be to our right by the S Mart parking lot." "Okay, sounds good." Masayoshi breaks into a run. "Hey! Wait up!" Mari follows. As they draw closer to the circus' tent they hear a deep rumbling from within. It's the vibrations within the tent spouting from a fervent drum roll. Mari increases her speed and eggs on Masayoshi to follow. By the tent's entrance stands severl bodyguards, embracing the red nose onto their nostrils. "We'll have to somehow make-" Masayoshi flies past her to the entrance. In a split second the two guards are down on their backs. "Oi! It's open!" The pair cautiously and slowly enter, and take their seats by the entrance. "The audience looks normal" "Yeah, and the clowns are pretty funny too! HAH-" Mari jabs him in the rib , "Shhhh...we can't sneak into their quarters with you laughing idiotically." "And for our next act!" "oi isn't that Goto-san!" "Why they made him look sooo..." Goto stands on the center of the stage with his hands held up high and his palms facing outwards. His face is upturned towards the ceiling while holding a glowing purple rod. His face is dabbed in white, red, and black paint. A red orb sits between his eyes. "Prepare to be amazed! For this rod will pull back the sky and reveal heaven!" "Ay Masayoshi I don't like the sound of that!" "On it. OI! Goto-san!" *Mari facepalms* Goto's left eye twiches, "Ma-masaa-"He abruptly shakes his head back and forth. Three men wearing black robes glide through the audience. "Great, you got the enemy's attention. Now what are we going to do?" "Justice kick!" One of the black robes are kicked into the audience. They now stare at Masayoshi as he kicks the other two into the audience. Now frightened, the audience rush out of the circus tent. Goto's shadow can be seen through the purple velvet curtains. His shadow glides back and forth in confusion. Mari jumps over the rows of benches and pulls back the curtains. "Goto!" Goto gives her a blank stare. Mari kicks rod out of his hands. His eyes follow the rod's descent. A deep voice rumbles towards them "Goto!" This snaps Goto out of his dumb amazement. By the time the rod is two centimeters from the floor; Goto's hands catches it. "Now Goto pull back the skies!" Mari looks frantically around but she can't find whoever is ordering Goto around. "Come on Goto don't tell me that you are going to listen to him?" Goto brandishes the glowing rod above his head. "Now op-" Goto doubles over. Masayoshi stands before him. He takes the rod out of his hands. As Goto grumbles in pain the number of shadows surrounding them increases. Without a cry they rush forward. Mari throws kicks on all sides, but in vain. The shadows surround. She finds herself encapsulated in a shell molded by shadows. "Mari-san!" As Masayoshi rushes towards her grabs hold of a crate filled with props. He throws this crate into the capsule. The shadows flee from Mari and disappear into the cracks of the floorboard. "W-what exactly was that?" Masayoshi shrugs his shoulders, "Don't really know" "Masa-yoshi.." Goto limps over to Mari. "Eh Goto, he's right here" She reluctantly pushes Masayoshi towards him. Masayoshi cries out then hugs him. "Where have you been! I was so worried!" "Nooooooo..." The rumblings die off into the furthest corner of backstage. It shrinks into a black sheathed wire that finds itself inserted into a loudspeaker. Mari sighs, "I guess he was never here to begin with."

On the ride back home Masayoshi threw questions relentlessly at Goto-san as Mari sat aloof by the window. Surprisingly, Goto began to notice Mari's melancholy. "Mari-san what's wrong?" Mari eyes lighted up. She looks into Goto's calm facial expression. "I really just wanted you to spend time with me." She blurts out. Obviously, her filter hadn't been screwed on all the way. Mari gasps in astonishment then desparately covers her mouth. Goto's face also flushes red. Masayoshi slaps them both on the back , "Don't worry guys! We'll have plenty of time to fight crime together!"