Number one: countless clouds of violet

I felt strange.

I felt as if something was calling me, drawing me closer with frightening persistence and tightening it's hold on me, desperately trying to keep me and my attention.

And I felt as if this place wasn't for me, not anymore.

It had all started with the locker... or did it end there? I wasn't sure.

After that fateful day in January, the day I came so close to the border of death as a human could without dying, I felt like I was not one of these people that surrounded me anymore. Like it wasn't proper for me to even interact with them, at least not in a completely friendly and honest way.

My body was buzzing with energy and my mind was ablaze, practically a high-traffic zone with all the thoughts swirling around. All the ideas I had...

But I supposed none of them were achievable.

The day of the locker marked the beginning.

It had been a horrible time; nobody helped me, most shunned me either out of blind spite or out of fear of being targeted themselves.

I had been isolated from my peers and family.

Nobody at school, or out of school, for that matter, wanted anything to do with me and my father had not been the same ever since my mother died; our family had slowly disconnected.

Hence I did not even call him 'dad' anymore. He really hadn't been for the last years.

If somebody would ask me now, what I thought about the world and it's problems; about the Endbringers and the Slaughterhouse; about my opinions...

I would have one simple sentence as answer for them:

'I really don't care.'

Never in my life had I felt so disconnected.

And neither had I ever felt quite so powerful.

I did not know what it was, but something was calling me. It felt like it was near me, like it followed me; almost like it was me and I was it.

And my thoughts ran wild during day and night, thinking about this feeling.

It called to me and I knew that I would not be a whole being until I found it.

And it plagued me to know that I was lesser and greater than before.

I was stronger, sure, but I felt truly incomplete.

Until it happened.

Walking through the streets of the city I was born in, I noticed the gangs' influence everywhere.

Spray painted walls and gang members scattered about.

I was living in a shithole, no doubt.

I wanted, needed a place of happiness in my life. A paradise of some sort.

There was always the option of writing stories, of thinking about and creating a universe, a paradise, in my mind.

But that wouldn't be real enough for me; that would just be an illusion... an illusionary paradise.

As I thought about it wandered the streets of a more deserted part of town, I suddenly felt hands on my back and was shoved into an alley.

I really should have observed my surroundings better.

"Now you little slut, you better give us your money or we're gonna fuck you up hard", my attacker stated while I was trying to stand up again, only to be shoved down by the second one.

"Eh, we could leave her addicted, couldn't we? Or take her with us; the other's would appreciate it", the second one was most likely either drunk or high... maybe both. These seemed to be 'merchants', after all.

I was frightened, at least a little bit, and I was not sure what to do.

But I was also angry.

How dared these lowlifes try something like that. Did they not know who they were talking to?!

I felt the heat and power within my body swirl angrily, conflicting with my fear and fighting for dominance.

In the end, anger won.

At that moment I was sure I had finally snapped.

"Listen up, insects. There won't be anything for you tonight..."

My grin was positively, or negatively, depends on who you ask, savage and something dark swirled around me. It felt like limbs to me, like my own; they were a part of me.

And my attackers suddenly looked afraid.

"Shit! It's a cape. Run!", the one not frozen in fear turned around and swiftly made his way towards the exit of the alley.

"No escape for you!", I grinned and I was sure that I must have looked, at least slightly, insane at that moment.

I swung my arm down hard and felt my new 'limbs' for. In the air before the running thug, a deep crevice, a gap in the world, opened.

The thug noticed right in time and stopped before he could run into it.

It did not matter, though.

He was so close to the border of the gap; so close to it that a little flex of power moved the gap towards him.

He was swallowed by darkness soon after, his screams filling the alley and the air beyond.

Once he was out of sight, once the darkness had completely devoured him, a slight glow of some sort seemed to form within the gap; or was it the space the gap led to?

And like that, a white eye with a red iris opened itself, staring straight at the second thug which promptly screamed like Satan himself was after him.

"Not so confident now, huh?", my grin had diminished to a sadistic smile.

The gap widened and encompassed the entire entrance to the valley; the second one was not going to live through this, neither would he escape.

I smelled something and as I looked at the, still screaming, thug again, I realized that he had wet himself.

"Well then, time to say your last words...", with that the dark tear in space started moving into the alley, the eye still watching, eerily and unblinking.

And just a second later the second thug was removed from the world, another eye joining the first.

At my command the gap shrunk down to a much smaller size, still hovering before me.

I realized that this was what had called me. The part that would make me greater than before.

...And my chance to build my paradise.

At least once the time would be right.

I smiled to myself and thought about getting something else to wear; these clothes weren't really fitting me anymore.

With a small laugh, the gap widened and I stepped into my domain.

The alley was empty again, nothing except the slight smell of urine hinting that anything unusual had just transpired.

A/N: So... yeah. Not sure if I'll make this a snippet or something else... maybe a bigger story. I really like this one; it practically wrote itself. Anyway, let me know if you like it so far. I still have some ( or a lot of ) ideas. See (?) you soon.