The Twins

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Chapter 1: Meet some old friends.

"Lady Kaede! Lady Kaede!" Yelled a golden brown haired girl as she ran to the hut of (you guessed it!) Lady Kaede.

Kaede rushed out of the door at the sound of the cries. Shippou was right behind her as well. What they saw was a teenage looking girl with golden brown hair, dog ears and violet eyes wearing a purple duplicate of Inu- Yasha's Kimono carrying another girl wearing a blue kimono of the same kind with dog ears, only this girl was half covered in blood. Blood matted the fallen girls own golden brown hair as she hung limply in her carriers arms.

"My God child, what happened?!" Kaede asked as the violet eyed girl rushed past her and into the hut, Kaede followed and Shippou just looked on confused.

" It was a demon that tried to kill me, sh-she was protecting me from it!" the girl said as she fought to hold back tears.

"Zuzuko, set her down here and calm down." Kaede said as she placed a hand on the hanyou's shoulder.

"But Avaria has lost so much blood, will she survive Lady Kaede?!" Zuzuko asked anxiously.

"She will be fine child. Let me tend to her wounds in silence, now go wait outside." Kaede said as she pushed the girl outside to sit with Shippou.

"Hello Zuzuko. What happened to Avaria? Is she going to make it?!" the little fox kit asked nearly as anxious as Zuzuko was herself.

"W-well, L-Lady Kaede said she should be fine and I trust Lady Kaede with my life so I guess she'll be fine." Zuzuko said wearily as she plopped down beside Shippou and rested her chin in one of her clawed hands.

"That's good, but how did she get so beat up?"

"Well, she was protecting me from some big wolf type demon that had ambushed my by the stream. He was a rogue by the looks of him, and he had gone crazy, he was even foaming at the mouth." Shippou listened Intently as she continued on. " Any way, he jumped out of the bushes and I got hit in the back of my head, hard. I could feel the blood slowly start to trickle down the back of my neck. I got back up but before I could even reach for my sword, I was puched in the gut, then the jaw, but I managed to get in a few slashes and punches in myself. Then he punched me in the stomach again and my vision got all blurry. Suddenly Avaria was in front of me, I only knew it cuase of the sent though, I really couldn't see all that well anymore. All I know is that she started fighting it, trying to protect me, but I lost consouness. When I woke up, the wolf thing was dead, sliced and shredded and Avaria lay unconcous in a poll of her own blood. I immediately picked her up and ran here. All I know is she lost a lot of blood." Zuzuko finished, and yes she did take a couple breathes during that long explanation.

"A rougue wolf demon you say, well that seems plausible considering most of her wounds were made by teeth and claws. But the wounds that caused such a loss of blood appeared to be dagger wounds." Kaede said as she walked over to them form the doorway where she had been listening. Zuzuko looked up at her.

"Well he did have two daggers hooked to hid belt, he slashed my arm with one of them, see?" Zuzuko explained as she lifted her arm where there was a deep gash still bleeding slightly, in fact half the arm of the Kimono was damp with blood.

"Why didn't you let me see that before dear?! Its still bleeding." Kaede said as she dragged Zuzuko back into the hut to dress the gash on her arm and look her over. Zuzuko's wounds weren't really that serious.

"My wounds didn't matter to me, Avaria mattered to me more." Zuzuko replied as Kaede applied some kind of herb thing to cleanse the the wound. "YOUCH! That Stings!" She screeched.

"Well that only means it is working to cleanse the wounds, you have more bruises than cuts and scratches but that gash on your forearm will take some time. Its extremely deep." Kaede replied. Just then Miroku, Kagome and Inu-Yasha entered the hut.

"Zuzuko?!" Inu-Yasha yelled in surprise and noticed the gash and the multiple black and purple bruises and sscrathes on the ripped Kimono.

"Inu-Yasha! I didn't know you knew Lady Kaede!" she replied and yelped again as Kaede applied more herbal balm to another smaller gash on her side. "Ouch!" Then Inu-Yasha noticed Avaria laying on a mat on the floor, the smell of blood was potent. A shredded blue Kimono lay next to her unconsouse form.

"Zuzuko what happened to your sister?!" he asked, again, another anxious person.

"Well I was at the stream and-," she was cut off by Kagome.

"Umm.not to be rude or anything but who are they Inu-Yasha." She asked and looked over the two hanyou's being taken care of by her friend.

"Oh! I am so sorry for being rude but as you can see, I am a bit preoccupied. My name is Zuzuko and that uncousous girl lying under the blanket is my twin, Avaria. Inu-Yasha is an old friend I we haven't seen for ages, Kaede is an old friend of ours. We are just like Inu-Yasha, we have been on out own since out mother died, she was human. Who is our dad? We have no ideal but Kaede said we could stay with her, we grew up in this village but we live in the forrest now, have been for years now. Kaede still cares for us and we visit."

"Oh, Well, I'm Kagome, the monk is named Miroku but watch out for him and his hands." Kagome introduced herself, then she told them about the quest for the jewel shards etc etch.

15 minutes later after Kagome explained everything. Avaria moaned a bit and moved her arms a little but she didn't wake up.

"So Zuzuko, are you goint to explain to us how you and Avaria got so beat up now?" Inu-Yasha asked as he sat down between her and the unconsous one.

"Oh right. Well to make a long story short. I was at that stream alone, some crazy rogue wolf demon jumped me and managed to knock me out, Avaria jumped in right before I lost consionous and when I woke up the demon was in shreads and Avaria was unconsous I a pool of her own blood so I came here as quikly as I could and Kaede says she will be fine." Zuzuko took a big breath after saying all of -that- in one breath.

"okay then." Inu-Yasha replied as he glanced over to the sleeping hanyou. Suddenly Avaria's eye's flutterd open and she sat up, and winced as a bolt of pain shot through her side.

"AVARIA!" Zuzuko yelled as she rushed over to her sister. "Your Awake! I thought you would never wake up!" she hugged her sister tightly.

"Okay okay, Zuzuko hun? I.Can't.Breathe! She said loudly. Zuzuko blushed and let go.

"Heh heh, sorry sis." She said and then she looked at her sister again. "Hey! Guess what Avaria, Inu-Yasha is here!" she squeled as her sister smiled wide.

"Really! I haven't seen him in ages." She looked around and then notice him right next to her.

"I Missed You you Stupid Boy!" she said and hugged him, he blushed. Then she noticed all the other people around her. "Umm.Inu-Yasha, who are all these people?" she asked looking form face to face, blanket clasped tightly to the bandage covering her chest.

"Well, that's Miroku" he said pointing at the monk, "And that's kagome" he said pointing at her, then Zuzuko told her about the search for the Shards.

"No Way! I wanna go to!" Avaria exclaimed to her sister.

"Its up to them Avaria, but I wanna go to!" Zuzuko replied, pulling the puppy eyes on Inu-Yasha and Kagome. It worked.

"Okay, you can come." Kagome caved.

"But only after your healed." Inu-yasha insisted. It was not like him unless the fact that these girls were like sisters to him was taken into consideration.

"K!" The two hanyou's squealed in unison, Avaria's orange eyes shining with the visions of all the adventures sure to come.

"That gives us a few days to catch up and become friends with the newcomers." Avaria said with a happy tone. "Oh we have so many stories about Inu-yasha you'll be laughing for weeks!" she added and Inu-Yasha got a scared look on his face, maybe coming back to Kaede's for supplies at this time wasn't such a good idea, he didn't want everyone to hear about his follies as a pup.

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