The Twins

Chapter 4: BUGS!

(This chapter is dedicated to Kagome who gave me the idea for it. THANK YOU KAGOME! )

"Lets go to the river!" A now healed Avaria squealed in delight as she could finally move without pain. Her sister rolled her eyes deeply.


"Uh…Because I am very stiff and need to take a bath?" Avaria replied, fixing to use the cutest puppy face ever.

Zuzuko sniffed slightly and scrunched up her nose. "Well, can't argue with that. Fine, lets go."

The brown haired twin jumped up and down in a VERY hyper fashion. Even if the two hanyou's were the same age, Avaria didn't seem to know the meaning of the word "mature"

"Kagome?" The more blonde and mature one yelled.

"Yes Zuzuko?" Kagome walked into the hut from outside, wiping her hands on a cloth and smiling.

"Avaria and I are going down to the River, she needs a bath and it's a nice day any how. Please keep that lecherous monk away lest you wish to be dragging his carcass once we begin our trip." She replied calmly as Avaria rushed about behind her, grabbing various items like spare clothes, towels, etc.

"I'll do my best!" Kagome replied and walked outside once more. Sounds of her talking with Miroku about helping her find some rare herbs permeated the walls and Zuzuko smiled.

"Alright Avaria lets go!"

The twins then walked out of the hut and ran to the river where Zuzuko pretty much lounged on a rock in the middle of it, dipping her feet into the cool water. She changed from her Inu-yasha-esque outfit into something a little girlier, and little more summer worthy. It was a short (About knee length) lavender outer robe with a light blue obi. Her chest was wrapped and she had no qualms about the wrapping peaking out slightly where the robe came together. Avaria on the other hand, had stripped completely out of the dark blue thing she'd been stuck in while healing and waded into the cold water. She then submerged herself in the lazy current and swam around in a happy, jolly manner.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((The moment the twins left for the river.))))))))))))))))))))))))

Inuyasha sat up in his signature tree. He was still really peeved off at the twins for embarrassing him like that and he wanted to make them pay. He racked his brain for some scheme he could pull. Not that the boy was stupid or anything but he'd not seen the girls for years upon years and anyone would have trouble remembering when pissed off as he was. A rather malicious smile found it's way onto his face as his inner librarian hit a footnote on the hanyou's. But how was he going to do it? How could he possible do something like that? He grinned again and then hid it, listening to Kagome and the girls talking. Absolutely perfect, they were giving him the perfect opportunity and they didn't even know it.

He jumped down as Kagome led Miroku AWAY from the river and grabbed Shippo by the back of his shirt. "Come here ya little fox. We have some work to do."

"What! Hey! Put me down Inuyasha! Put me down!" The little kit struggled to no avail until Inuyasha dropped him squarely on his nose. Shippo sat up and rubbed his nose teary eyes and sniffled. " Meany!" He yelled and Inuyasha rolled his eyes, he then produced 5 candy bars he'd stolen from Kagome's pack last week and Shippo's eyes tripled. The kid practically started drooling!

"You get all of these," The half inu smirked. "IF you help me get those twins back." He finished.

Shippo looked doubtful for a moment but the lure of the candy was just too much for the child. He nodded sporadically and as a down payment, Inu-yasha handed him one of the bars. Said bar was promptly devoured as Inuyasha laid down the plan.

"The one thing these blasted girls have ALWAYS been afraid of is big flying bugs. So Shippo…your job is to transform into that big pink thing you do so well and fly over and hover behind them than you have to ask them if you can suck there blood!" Inuyasha smirked. " After that, you can have the rest of these. Got it?"

"Uh huh!" The kit nodded rapidly again and grabbed a leaf.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Returning to the river.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Avaria had recently exited the river. Inuyasha blushed slightly as he got a full frontal of the very immature, yet mature looking female. She then donned her red short robe with a dark purple obi and went to join her sister on the rock. So now both twins were sitting on the rock in the middle of the River. The two girls were chatting away, unaware of the hanyou and kit about to play a lovely little revenge prank on them, their backs to the shore where the hanyou and kit were hiding.

"Alright kit, go!" Inuyasha hissed in a hushed whisper and pushed Shippo out of the bush roughly. The kit glared slightly but transformed and floated over the girls.

"Can I suck your blood?" He asked in his creepiest voice.

The girls stopped dead, turned there heads slowly and as they got sight of the big pink thing floating they both looked at each other with widened eyes…. and screamed.

"BUG! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The girls were so freaked that they fell off the rock, getting soaked and as they came up, there was no sign of the bug but a sheepish looking Shippo and hanyou laughing his butt off. As the girls struggled to fix there clothing, Inu-yasha grabbed Shippo and ran back to the hut and into his tree. Of course he dumped Shippo un ceremoniously onto the dirt in front of the doorway.

The girls themselves came stomping back, soaked and with shoulders hanging out of the robes. Of course just as Miroku and Kagome returned with armfuls of herbs. Miroku got a nosebleed, Kagome's expression was: O.O as she tried not to snigger but the girls, oh they had their sights set one person.

"INUYASHA!" They screamed so loudly the dog boy in question fell out of the tree to land in front of them. The girls looked at Kagome with a look that told her all she needed to no.

Inuyasha was promptly sat about 20 times while the girls watched, still glaring. They then left him there and went inside to have some tea and help sort herbs.

(I hope you guys enjoyed that. I know that I've been really REALLY late in updating and I'm so sorry! So here ya go!)