At around 1:30 am, Baby Morty started crying. He had a pitiful little sob. It could break hearts. Of course, who else but Rick would be the one to be awake at that hour to hear?

Immediately he sprung up and ran to his cradle. Inside the little one squirmed sadly, his short legs kicking and fat arms waving. Well, Rick thought to himself, he doesn't smell any more like shit than usual. And this kid already had enough of my daughter's boob to be fine until the morning.

It had to be just fussiness. That's the Jerry gene in him.

Rick went to find the little guy's mom. God forbid he let the kid's father spend anymore time with him. That would be detrimental for his development. Much to Rick's irritation, she was passed-the-fuck-out on the sofa.

It was up to him to get everything done, as usual. He tried all the tricks he knew. Bouncing him up and down, singing, rocking, even putting him in his stroller and zooming around the house. None of it was any use. The baby cried on.

Tired, Rick brought him to the garage. If he had to watch the kid then the kid would have to watch him too. Up in his high chair, Morty saw through teary eyes all the science-stuff grandpa did. Blinking buttons, squealing specimens and glowing stones caught his attention. In no time at all he was silent. Focused, even, on Rick's project.

Rick noticed and smiled. The dumb kid was in awe. He picked him out of the chair and held him close. "Ya like this, dont'cha M-EUGGH-orty? Ya better, cuz you're gonna be seeing a lot of it. It's just m-EUGGH-e and you Morty. Rick and Morty. Morty and Rick. Ri-EUGGH-ck and Morty forever one hundred years Rick and Morty. . That's you and me, me and you Morty. Y-EUGGH-ou're my little buddy."

Baby Morty fell asleep in his arms while he went on. Rick and Morty, Morty and Rick, Rick and Morty, Morty and Rick...