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Monoui Shadow Broken Hope


Eastern Pacific Ocean

An Unknown Island with only one sole occupant, and hordes of Animals, and exotic plants.

Time of Day: Noon, close to 2 PM. Cleared skies.

                Chilly winds swept the countryside, brushing along the thin grasses that cover it, yet it only affects the bristled spikes, outlined in red upon the sun's gleaming light. Thick shoes that was mostly white, yet with red bars going around the bottom soles, and right over an archway near the center bottom of both shoes. Standing there quietly as the breeze flowed right by him, trying to toy with his hair and what not, seemingly making Shadow look like he was moving while being still. He had not cared at all for anyone else after the destruction of the Bio-lizard that both he and Sonic, super forms of course, defeated in the end. Nonetheless, Shadow survived the onslaught, and came to earth to live in a solitude climate, upon an island in the far pacific, away from anyone's reach.

He had yet to learn of the way people upon this very planet acted like. Soon, he would attempt to be at least stay off and away from the solitude that this island he chose by himself, and occasionally explore the lands, villages, cities, and much more. Those onyx-black eyes roamed the far grassy side of the island, deserted some, but inhabited by animals, and plants of tropical lifestyles. The dark hedgehog remained there, vast amounts of time, particular with the hours per day he would take to stand there, and accept the peace that was given to him for being able to survive near death.

/ I have no meaning here. Why must I live if I have nothing more to do? ARK is abandoned once again. ………… Maria… You didn't want me to take revenge upon the people of this planet. I misunderstood what you said to me when you tried to save me. You wanted me to protect the planet, not destroy it……… Didn't you? I feel as if I'm lost, still. /

Shadow hadn't any doubts that this peace he was co-existing with would not last very long. Somehow, by instinct, it wouldn't. It just bothered him, but he would never show it externally. Keeping things to himself was more of a habit for Shadow, since he was very much a silent loner, as Sonic and the others took it when he went off by himself, after it appeared he died. The golden sun touched the edge of the water's line far away, creating a sight for anyone to awe at, but as usual, Shadow could care less. The sight of space was more relaxing, yet this grassy plain provided a replacement, of some sort. In an eerie silence, the black and red hedgehog suddenly, with a small jerk of movement, sped off in a rush that the human eye could never see… An orangey flash yet centered with black, traveling at somewhat impossible speeds across the plains part of the island. Shadow tore up some of the grass, as he ran, then the power beneath his feet kicked in, causing his shoes to act like hover shoes, from before, merely flattening grass, but not damaging them much.

Maybe, just this once, Shadow will explore the land known as the United States, in time.

North America The United States: Los Angeles, California

Time of Day: 3:45 PM, Partly cloudy skies

Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!!!!! Fa-wit! Screeeeeeech!!!!

The sounds of screeching metal upon the solid surface of asphalt could be heard, along with rubber tires following, going around corners upon street after street.

"I'm almost gonna beat you, Sonic!" Chirped a happy voice from the Cyclone's control seat. In it, sat a fox with two tails, whom is, more or less, known as Miles Prower, or Tails. He had decided to race the blue hedgehog down the streets of Los Angeles, in order to see who could get to a Chili stand faster at the end of the city limits. Changing the gears, and the acceleration, Tails looked at the way-ahead Sonic, who looked back, snickered, and dashed off even further. At this point, Tails would have to pay for the Chilidogs! Not giving up, and the smart fox he was, he designed a booster rocket to let him have a speed faster than Sonic's extra fast speed. Grinning to himself, he reaches to a button, and a lever next to it. Pushing the button, and jerking the lever back, the engine to the Cyclone's car mode began to run on overtime, so that the power jet in the back would function properly, and give Tails the edge in the race. The back began to glow a hot-red hue, before the engine set off Tails' speed really high, he hanging on to the controls for almost five seconds before he dashed by a surprised Sonic, and before the both of them knew it, tails hit the pedal for the brakes, and the car's tires began to smoke as Sonic was about half a mile behind and closing. Tails held onto the controls, until the Cyclone came to a full stop.

All was like slow motion as Tails dashed out of the seat compartment, and onto the pavement. He ran and ran until he got there… first. Sonic appeared out of nowhere, panting, and looking around. He put on a grin, and shouted, " YES!! I was here first Tai---… Aw man, shucks! Tails, you beat me! I don't believe it! I thought you wouldn't make it." Tails gave a thumbs up.

"Why don't we split the cost to call it even, Sonic?"

"You got yourself a deal, pal."

Just two seconds after they both had agreed on splitting the price of their lunch, a voice from out of nowhere popped up, making Sonic flinch immediately.

"Ssssooooonnnnniiiiiiiccccc!!! Wait for me!"

"Aw, no! Not again! Man, why does Amy always have to bother me whenever I'm trying to at least eat, even relax for a moment!" Mumbled Sonic, as he handed Tails part of his money at the counter.

A pink hedgehog, toting a huge mallet with one hand, was jogging as fast as she could over to where Sonic and tails were. Well, this is Amy Rose, the hedgehog with a passion for Sonic. Much more, a fan of Sonic, and she is willing to marry him, yet he persists in refusing. Still, she was going to continue to try, but it is going to be an unfortunate month for Amy, if she could see the amount of annoyance she was putting on him, and the future development of the outcome…

"There you are! I saw you race down the streets, so I decided to follow you," Amy spoke, with a smile towards Sonic, who was just eating away at his lunch, merely ignoring Amy, since he always considered Amy a friend, yet a pest in many ways.

"Yeah, yeah, what do you want, Amy?" Sonic dulled his tone of voice, to a more formally bored one.

"Sonic, would you please go out on a date with me? Or marry me? Please???" Her eyes spoke with innocence, and girlishness she usually shown.

/NOT AGAIN! / Sonic mentally shouted, retaining his anger for a moment.

"No, Amy. I won't do anything with you. Geeze. That's like probably the billionth time you've said that to me."

"Nuh-uh! I haven't said that a billion times………"

"It's a figure of speech, Amy," Tails stepped in, not wanting a small argument to happen.

"Oh, okay. Come on, Sonic! Please? Pretty please??"

At that point, Amy was testing Sonic's nerves. Tails could see the anger rising in Sonic, and he went to go tell Sonic to attempt to ignore Amy, but hasn't he done that for the past times Amy has done this? Sonic had just had enough of Amy doing this to him. It was like he was something to chain down, and for her to control, or so he thought in his opinion. Both of his gloved hands were clenching, and Tails was going to see sonic blow up, with a confused Amy in front of him. He was shaking to the point he might turn red like knuckles and blow his top like an exploding volcano.

And, indeed, Sonic exploded with anger and frustration.

"AMY! GOOD GOSH! Can't you get it through your thick head?!?! I mean, you're my friend and all, but you don't have to freaking bother me twenty-four/seven for the likes of going out with you or marrying you! Frankly I don't even want to go out with you because you don't have any idea why I don't want to go out with you………. Oh wait, yes……… But you could never get it… You're ANNOYING! A BOTHERSOME IDIOT! A Hopeless case! You bother me so much to the point I want to tear you to shreds! Go and get away from me, now! I don't even want to see your face ever again!! And I don't love you! Argh! Stupid bitch." With that having said, Sonic watched Amy's reaction, and then is when he realized he made a tiny critical mistake………


"Sonic!" Cried Tails. Tails couldn't believe what just ran right out of Sonic's mouth. Sure, Sonic ignored Amy, but that wasn't a way to treat Amy.

Amy stood there with a partially shocked face. Inside, her heart felt like cracking into pieces as Sonic just kicked it away with those words. Sonic……. Doesn't love her? She just thought he ignored her because he didn't want to say anything to her about his love. Maybe it is true. Maybe she is annoying, and the fact that Amy was no more than a degrading figure in Sonic's way… a roadblock, more or less. She didn't deserve the beat-down of that harsh talk, because now Amy started to back away slowly, mallet dragging along the cement, and onto the asphalt. Her lips were trembling, as the bottom of her eyes welled up with tears. Amy bit her lip, and looked towards Sonic, who had just now went into a small shock. Welling up the courage, she knew Sonic never liked her, now from what she heard. She stood still for a moment, almost to the point of crying.

Her conscience was trying to hold her words back, which her mouth was blowing up like a small balloon. Her eyes closed tightly, tears leaking down the sides of her face.

"I……… I………"

"No, Amy!" Shouted Tails, but that too, was ignored by Amy, when her hate rose.

" I hate you, Sonic the Hedgehog! I didn't deserve that! I liked you because you're funny, and sweet. And you also love adventure. I didn't wanna marry you for your fame, you blue dumbo!" She let out her crying, bursting into full-blown tears. Amy knew Sonic would probably not care. So, she turned around and ran away, as fast as she could, sparkling tears glittering the air at her sides, back turned to both Sonic and Tails as she ran, trying to run as far as possible.

/ I'll never ever go near Sonic again! He's so mean and a jerk! I can't believe I liked him in the first place! /

"Amy! Wait! I………" Sonic's words weren't heard by Amy as she now did what Sonic used to do to her; the use of the ignore.

Tails looked at Sonic in disbelief. " Sonic……… Geeze! You didn't have to be way mean to Amy! Now she hates you! She was your friend, and you just blew her off like a bug. I think you should go find her now, and apologize while you can. Remember, she's our friend, not someone to yell at just because she was someone who liked you. I bet tons of people love you! Are you going to tell them that they are all annoying, and the fact that they are just idiots? Huh, Sonic? It may look like I'm standing up for Amy, but I'm only telling the truth. What you did was wrong!"

Sonic was still standing there. What did he just do?……… Did he shout at one of his friends? He was lost in his anger to even know.

"Sonic? Hello? Anyone in there?" Tails waved his hand in front of Sonic's dazed eyes, before he snapped out of it.

" Gwuh…? Ack! Urh…….. I can't. Not now. Tails, let's just calm down now. I have to go somewhere, and find some way of figuring out how to apologize to Amy, because you heard her, she hates me now. Like I still hate the way she always wants to marry me and try to go out on dates with me………"


"Okayokayokay! Geeze."

"But, if we don't go after her now, she'll be gone!"

Little did both of them know, some tiny thing carrying what seems to be a lens was hiding near them, watching their every movements.

Unknown Location inside a heavily armed fortress within a mountainous region.

"Oh ho. What do we have here? I see poor Amy Rose has finally realized that the dim-witted scumbag hedgehog hates her? Well, she is no matter, or concern for me because there is one less person in my way of world domination. I will succeed this time, and that blue hedgehog will not get in my way this time."

The Doctor laughed evilly, as usual. But he had something up his sleeve he discovered since he released Shadow.

" Nothing will stand in my way, not even that blue hedgehog! Hahahaha!! " The loud laughter of evil rang throughout the fortress' compounds.

This doesn't look very good in the future, as Shadow did detect that something will break the peace soon enough.